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Why can't planes fly straight ahead until they are in space? I know this is stupid, and I know they can't but I want to understand why and don't know how to google it.
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Didn’t think people like this actually exhausted until I found this ladies twitter.

Are flat earthers real too?! What on earth makes someone think being an anti vaxer is a good idea? And how is it that all the anti vaxers say they don’t want the government telling them what to do wit their bodies but they’re ok with the government restricting abortions?
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So how did you excel in Linear Algebra? I whizzed past Calculus II and it came super easy (as it should, as I've been told here) but Linear Algebra has been giving me struggles. My quiz average right now is 83% whereas my Calculus 2 quizzes averaged 98%.

I feel like I'm playing mental gymnastics but keep tripping up
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So it turns out we just need 1 billion hectares to solve global warming.

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The fastest growing trees in the world are the Paulownia, Empress or Kiri Trees. Same tree, different name.
They sequester about 35-40 tons of CO2 per ha (1050 trees per ha), which is higher than the sequioa plantations which I estimate to sequester about 15 - 20 tons per ha (in their trunk, not counting accumulation in the soil)
So with a global production of 37 billion tons of CO2, we need about 1 billion ha of Kiri tree plantations to sequester all of that.
>inb4 but that's the size of Canada!
Yes but the world counts 15 Canada's, 5 of which are already used by man (mostly for grazing animals).
So yeah, seems a feasible thing to do if the alternative is death.
I'd prefer to just genetic engineer redwoods and have giant trees over 100m tall decorating our landscapes than these stupid kiri trees, but wood plantations seem to be the way to go.
The advantage with the sequoia is also that the tree stores it by itself, the kiri tree needs to be chopped after 10 years and then we need to store it somewhere.
Some german startup already started with planting 400 ha, with the purpose of making money, not saving the world.
So only 999,999,600 ha to go.
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>here let me debunk creationism again for the 6th million time
>look how smart I am.

Why do these obnoxious internet fedoras still think it's a relevant topic?
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Reading Snowden's new book has got me thinking.

I bought a portable gps device, a Garmin ETrex20, lightly used, slightly older (2011 vintage).

I know the government can intercept your cell phone but let's say you are in the wilderness, as I will be next week, which is actually in the radio quiet zone, so there's no cell towers or other things around.

If I didn't have my cell phone, let's say, could the government track me just from the Garmin GPS device alone. Could they know my location from that if they wanted to?

Can they know my location from my cell phone alone, even in the wilderness, if I have that? Just asking out of curiosity.

Could they simply pick up my location on some sort of satellite or infrared even if I had no electronics with me?
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How accurate would you all say this image is?
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the existence of planck length is proof that we live in a simulation
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Is nuclear fusion currently doable or still a very remote possibility?
If it will be accomplished wouldn't that fuck up the whole energy industry?
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Vision Enhancement

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I cant stop wondering about personally practical advances in technology. I'd really like to know more about vision enhancement, and what possibilities could engage it? Vision enhancement being any, likely external, improvement in definition quality, speed of light uptake, available light uptake, enhancement / augmentation of light uptake (in amount, AKA seeing brighter), or like the dragonflies and birds of prey do, fps enhancement. Intriguing too are other bodily enhancements. How will we lose evolution to upgrades, board? And how can I start today?