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What do you use to look up facts mid debate?
I go for google scholar and arxiv. Google usually directs me to dogshit articles.
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could someone explain to me how 3D printers work?
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> applied mathematician
> Doesn't know difference between group and set

When did you realize that applied math is the Codemonkey studies of math
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How much damage can a hurricane do to New York City? Would it have any effect on the big buildings?
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Why is a berezin integral defined the way it is.

I understand that but I lack a good physical understanding of why this should be or even of what this represents physically. I hasten to add that I understand how it follows from certain formal requirements of an integral of grassmann variables, but I have no physical sense for any of this.
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Somebody give me the basic gestalt on /nofap/. I heard this was the board to go to for concrete answers.
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Creating A Dyson Sphere?

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About how far off in the future could we start making a Dyson Sphere?
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what caused the big bang?

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