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>More and more evidence indicates that your personality, intelligence, ect is based on your biology and has only a little to do with environment/culture
>Get's systematically ignored
>Ay the same time the push to say that everything is based on culture is tougher now than ever before
How much longer can this charade hold up?
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What does /sci/ think would be the best way to storm area 51?

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Neuralink to provide Human-Computer Interface

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Neuralink unveiled for the first time. They will thread into the brain to read information and input signals.

Everything is information so they can input visual stimuli directly instead of needing you to see something in the physical world.

This is full Mind-hacking to create total merger of computer and human brain. The steps towards full matrix like interfacing with machines directly instead of via external interfaces.
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Cervical fracture epidemic

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Will you break your neck for a chance to get a neuralink, anon? I'm sure a basement dweller like you can see the pros.
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dissociation with consent

it is now very much in my opinion that if you want to converse vast expanses between universe(s) it may be possible to do so

such a task would probably require that the beings on both sides of the communication let that which is above light communicate through them freely, as well as the being in question doing so
this must be done with consent and knowledge of the event transcending space and time may happen at any moment

you have to be open to what is faster than light you have to consent to free use of your mind and body

then you have to deviate your own consciousness to let another in with the foreknowledge of the event being open as well as the knowledge thereafter

do no harm
be open to any

any being of true good will not harm you and if they had to the pain may be alleviated

some restrictions apply pending state and local law, but you need to be open to appending what state law and local law mean

sometimes events can happen independent of their time, their place, their individuals involved, you've heard of the who, the what, the when, the where, the why, and the how.

today i had a firsthand experience of "the wow"
a totally different thing from what i expected interesting and now that things seem normal for the moment im ready to just be

if you want anything to happen, you need to be ready for anything, forever
i know i am and we can be
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Wtf is this bull shit. There is a 10000$ scholarship at my uni just for being a female/poc studying "STEM" which includes psychology, sociology, cognitive science on top of the other stem fields.

>tfw have to take out student loans.
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toilet paper math

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can /sci/ solve this f(x)?
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>Von Neumann liked to eat and drink; his wife, Klara, said that he could count everything except calories. He enjoyed Yiddish and "off-color" humor (especially limericks).[18] He was a non-smoker.[54] In Princeton, he received complaints for regularly playing extremely loud German march music on his gramophone, which distracted those in neighboring offices, including Albert Einstein, from their work.[55] Von Neumann did some of his best work in noisy, chaotic environments, and once admonished his wife for preparing a quiet study for him to work in. He never used it, preferring the couple's living room with its television playing loudly.[56] Despite being a notoriously bad driver, he nonetheless enjoyed driving—frequently while reading a book—occasioning numerous arrests as well as accidents.
Yeah, I'm thinking he's based.
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has /sci/ ever made any memes?
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Which games are the most G-loaded?

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Since chess is only middleweight brainlet tier pattern recognition, which is the most G-factor/IQ responsive game?
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