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/math/ humor thread
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As a CompSci 2nd year student and a brainlet in Maths and Physics, but always interested in it (but really hate the way it was taught, been miserable in high school).

Been debating to do a second degree after my BSc, or Masters of CompSci, or both. Location: Eastern Europe

What do you guys think ?
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Ketamine: the breakthrough antidepressant

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Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen has submitted a new drug application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seeking to market esketamine, an isomer of ketamine, as a quick-acting antidepressant for patients who have not been helped by existing antidepressant treatments.

Esketamine has already been on market since 1997 as an anesthetic, but it was only available as an injection. The new J&J formulation is a nasal spray.

How do you feel about this?
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what's the most /sci/ programming language

and i mean actual /sci/, not data """"science""""
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Is this the future of farming?

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Farming wind and solar energy while also grow wheat or breed cattle?
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How do we save the gateway station? Could a lunar space station make sense in a BFR world?
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Designer Babies in 2019.

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SOON TWO biotechnology firms will begin to offer couples undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) the chance to screen embryos before they are implanted in the mother’s womb. This kind of preimplantation genetic diagnosis has, for nearly 30 years, been widely used to test for chromosomal abnormalities or specific genetic disorders that affect only a single gene, such as cystic fibrosis. MyOme, based in Menlo Park, California, and launching in 2019, and Genomic Prediction, based in North Brunswick, New Jersey, have something more revolutionary in mind.

The two companies hope to reconstruct the important parts of an embryo’s genome using just a few cells from a biopsy and genetic sequences of both parents. With the resulting genomic data in hand, the firms can then, in theory, calculate the risk of the embryo developing a wide range of different diseases in later life. Crucially, the ailments in question may be extraordinarily complicated, involving thousands of genetic variants (common mutations) in different parts of the genome.
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caesarian sections

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hey /sci/ just wanted to know your thoughts on caesarian sections and its implications on babies' encephalitic development

>born normally
>brain gets crushed and squished and deformed by mom's vaginal walls

>born via c-section
>peacefully extracted from the uterus with no stress on the brain

fine, we were evolved to come from the "birth canal", but then again, many people over the last couple thousand of years came from c-sections and they were fine. even more than fine; one was the emperor of rome
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