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Are German universities good?

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I'm considering a Master in Mathematics. The offers from German universities are attractive, but I heard some horror stories and German friends in my non-German university told me not to go there, but of course they are biased so I don't know.
Any personal experiences with the system there?
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Still waiting for an explanation
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Who here/brainlet/?

>tfw struggling with Linear Algebra for Engineers
>unironically looking for ways to kill myself
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>physics professor starts ranting again and says stupid people should kill themselves because the earth is overpopulated
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When should I use a hypothesis test to choose a value for a parameter in a statistical model versus parameter likelihood optimization?
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Just finished drafting my Statement of Purpose for PhD apps. Essays are the bane of my existence, but it feels good to be done with it.

How are you working for your future, /sci/bros?
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Hello. I have a genuine question.
As I understand it, insect limbs are neatly categorized into general types according to function.
> Raptorial: Adapted for grasping.
> Cursorial: Adapted for running.
> Fossorial: Adapted for digging.
> Saltatorial: Adapted for jumping.
> Natatorial: Adapted for swimming.

Do mammals, avians, and reptiles have separate, equally succinct categories their limbs? Would it be accurate to describe a human arm as raptorial, or is there a more specific term?
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What's the worst way to kill yourself?

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Scientifically speaking
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Uni Thread

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What Uni does sci go to/graduated from?

Your degree? And your overall thoughts?
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