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How would a fire breathing dragon realistically cause structural damage like the impact of awrecking ball ?
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Daily reminder.
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Can anybody advanced in methamatics explain to me what way both encirced outcomes in this picture are (potentially) involved in a mathemtical formula trough the respective numbers relevant to one another.
And what formula or equation or whatever exactly that is in what branch of mathematics
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Daily reminder that you CAN make it. And science has proven this.
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I derived this system of differentialequations for a project at work, but I can't solve it.

Can you help me?
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Really dumb question but, suppose I have three charges in a line, an -8.0 microcoulomb charge, a 3.0 microcoulomb charge, and a -4.0 microcoulomb charge. The first is .3 m from the second, and the second is .2 m from the third. The book says that the net force on the third is about 1.5 N to the left, and I got this myself. I'm not satisfied though, because I know that the negative charge on the left would be attracted toward the middle positive charge and other such interactions. How would this system evolve over time? Is there an equation for this?
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Why does sticking a fork in an electrical outlet kill you? Wouldn't the path of least resistance always be to the negative ground in the outlet? Why would the current ever go through your body?
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Why are maths so weird and hard to understand?

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Everything is like
>Now to make the diptongo of a quarterback we simply do ?(?)= ?/(??) and to solve it we simply take ? and say it in front of a mirror 3 times then we calculate how many fistings does it take for a shit hole to prolapse (or ??) and divide it by the area of the asshole then remove the car in the ship area in pokemon yellow where mewtree will be and he will tell you how to solve ??

Anyone has any tips on how to digest maths easier?
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Are the reals actually uncountable?

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Every time I look up this question I get a billion answers just showing Cantor's diagonal argument, or occasionally his nested-intervals argument.
But I don't think that actually proves that the reals are uncountable.
It just proves that if you have a recursively enumerable set , and you arrange it into a sequence, then you can construct a real number in any given interval which is not a member of .

So you can show that the reals are not recursively enumerable. But that doesn't mean that they're uncountable.
The set of computable numbers, for example, is countable, but not recursively enumerable.

Are there any more detailed proofs about the cardinality of the reals being greater than ?
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Solar System Reshuffled?

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What would happen if the material making the various objects orbiting our sun was all reshuffled? In this new arrangement, Earth would be more-or-less unchanged, but it would now be a moon of a gas giant. In addition, all the other planets and moons (along with the asteroids and comets) would now be making up a Earth-like moons as well. How many gas giants could fit into the Goldilocks Zone, and how many moons would there be?
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