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How can we expect AI to have free will, when we don't have free will?
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What is a good way to serve the US Military for someone studying math/computer science?
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>computer "science"
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why can't we literally just use a bunch of computers to calculate what sqrt(2) is? If we pooled together all the supercomputers and quantum computers why can't we just let them run for like 5 years straight to calculate it, it can't be that long ffs
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SpaceX VS Blueorigin

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What's your thought? who will accomplish what first?
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What does everyone use to take notes? I keep seeing people using remarkable tablets (pic related). They look and feel really nice, but are expensive as fuck. I've just been taking notes on paper, but between classes, research, going to talks, etc, things just get too cluttered.
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Are high IQ black people just as likely to have high IQ children as high IQ white or Asian people?
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Motivate me to study
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Is there anyone smarter?
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What do you use to look up facts mid debate?
I go for google scholar and arxiv. Google usually directs me to dogshit articles.