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Oumuamua was a warning shot.

discuss, prove me wrong, etc...
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Let's see how smart /sci/ is...

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Which of the following hold
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Oxford Lecture Notes and Problem Sheets

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Hi, I am posting a google drive containing all materials from the first term at Oxford for Computer Science.

It has lecture notes and slides, problem sheets and my solutions with revisions after tutorials. The subjects it covers are: Functional Programming, Linear Algebra, Probability and Discrete Mathematics.

Here is the link: goo (space) . (space) gl (space) / (space) jhp5sg
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New Worlds

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What ideas do you have for alternate ecospheres?
Its always the same shit
Planet sized expansions of Biospheres on Earth or recolors of planets we already know
>Desert Planets
>Ice Planets
>Swamp planets
>Ocean Planet
>Skyworlds/Gas Giants etc.

What do you guys have any other ideas?
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Why dont you work for google?
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Lysergic acid diethylamide

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Does LSD have any long term side effects?
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Dum dum containment

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Studying again!

I found an algebra book, on page 13 now!

Will be asking
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Assume A to be true

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0.00000000000000~1 = ?
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Orbital "billboards"

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This particular guy doesn't sound like he's going to be able to do it, but somebody will. Not to soon to start thinking of ways to fight back.
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