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From a scientific view...

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Whats the Maximum amount of hours one can learn, say university level math, effectively?
What can one do to increase that amount of hours?
How many hours does it take to refresh ones brain to full Energy again after a long study Session?
Are rest days needed?

Say you had a full 16 hours starting at 6am, how would you structure the day for optimal Learning Performance?
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How do you write number seven?
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Is software engineering a bubble? Or is it as future-proof as most people claim? Talking about both research (R&D) and industry here.
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Is being able to read/write/speak Japanese useful in STEM? (Particularly in a science field)? I figure Europeans already speak/write in English, so lI imagine earning an Asian language will open more doors. China itself is way too insular and guanxi-driven, so it's a bad time investment.
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>he thinks this thing has intercepts in an imaginary world
>the parabola is too high so it has magical solutions

Let's face it, Wildberger is on to something
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MWI is correct, I think

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if many worlds is correct then your conscious experience exists in a superposition of states. What does that mean for your mental perception?
It seems like this almost necessarily implies quantum immortality.
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/sqt/ /qtddtot/ - stupid questions thread

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Formerly >>10946298
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Freshman Physics Major here, thought this problem was a bit interesting. Well /sci/ , this should be easy for you, right?
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What's your favorite integer?
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Can someone explain to me what the fUCK is LaTeX and how can i use it?

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i just want to write cool math symbols and do my hw on my computer. All the "latex editors" i find are rando programmable fucking interfaces. I just want to be able to click or choose my symbol of choice and do my fucking homework.
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