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Human Sexual Dimorphism?

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Why are male and female humans so different from each other, especially considering a lot of other mammals whose males and females are a lot more difficult to distinguish from a casual glance? For that matter, why is it that men are usually (not always, obviously) taller and more muscular than women are, and not the other way around?
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Daily reminder that relativity is pseudoscience and quantum physics will one day prove me right.
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Elon Musk hate

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Why do you hate him so much?
I don't understand at all. Some people have a deep visceral hatred for this guy and I don't know why. He seems innately likeable to me, but obviously the kids who threw him down the stairs and almost beat him to death were not alone in their intense hatred.
Somebody please explain.
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Is there a type of theory out there, where it'd go something like:

Nobody but you actually 'exists'/the world you're living in specialized for /you/
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Can someone help me understand Quantum Information?

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For example: wikipedia article on planck area says that when a black hole absorbs one bit of information, the surface area increases by one planck area. I cannot reconcile the fact that matter could be regarded as information and if yes, what kind of information? What is the substrate of this information? How does the universe keep track of this information and on what? For example matter has a gravitational signature. So is information just another form of entity with a gravitational presence?
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>More and more evidence indicates that your personality, intelligence, ect is based on your biology and has only a little to do with environment/culture
>Get's systematically ignored
>Ay the same time the push to say that everything is based on culture is tougher now than ever before
How much longer can this charade hold up?
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What does /sci/ think would be the best way to storm area 51?

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Neuralink to provide Human-Computer Interface

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Neuralink unveiled for the first time. They will thread into the brain to read information and input signals.

Everything is information so they can input visual stimuli directly instead of needing you to see something in the physical world.

This is full Mind-hacking to create total merger of computer and human brain. The steps towards full matrix like interfacing with machines directly instead of via external interfaces.
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