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Lost motivation to study

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it's been a month since i've lost my motivation to study. I'm a 5th year student (from EU, so it's the last year before university). I really love what i study, e.g. maths or IT, but i've totally lost motivation. I spend the most of the day doing nothing in front of the pc. I just wanna do nothing. I do not want to go outside instead of studying. Just want to laze around and to sleep. What can I do? I'm lost and I do not want it. No, the "just do it" thing does not work
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After space travel becomes easier, states should encourage Orthodox and Catholic churches to establish monasteries on desolate planets and moons, preparing them for actual colonization. Since monks ar fond of hostile environments they won't mind.
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Why is Symbolic Logic(The class) a philosophy class rather than a math class?
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/mg/ - mathematics general

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Official curriculum edition.
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What books do you recommend to get into chemistry and physics?
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sqt - qtddtot

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I can't find a SQT or a QTDDTOT, so let me start one for you because I have a pretty stupid question. How do you prove that a strictly increasing function on {1,2,...,k} for a fixed finite k is necessarily the identity function? I can see very easily that it is true but I can't for the life of me find a neat proof.
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How does science explain extra sensory perception?
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An Idea

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Ok so I smoked a lot of weed an came up with something and I wanted to know if somebody knows this already.

When you write down a Decimal number like n=1337 you're actually writing n=1*10^3+3*10^2+3*10^1+7*10^0

now let's re-write this like that:
f(x,y,z) = x*y^z;

let's write this in a more general Way (too lazy for latex):

now the cool think is that we can define any function as f(x,y,z), f.e.:
d(x,y,z) = 7x+3y+z or
k(x,y,z) = x+y+z-1

Now we can draw a 3 Dimensional Z-order Curve on Both functions to enumerate each result and where d == k you have a "wormhole".You can use this wormhole to move from one function space into the other. F.e. when d(1,2,3) = 16 and its Z-Curve enumeration position is 5 and k(4,6,7) = 16 but it's Z-Curve enumeration positon is 19 you could translate the function from k at pos 19 to to d at pos 5, essentialy "drawing an arrow from the point k(4,6,7) to the point d(1,2,3) ". You can use this to "chain" different functions together to prove stuff
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Med question.
How to make a toenail fall off?
I don’t want to pull it out in regular way, I tried it few days ago and the pain was too much even tho I was after 1L of vodka.
>just be yourself and go to doctor bro!
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pseuds you hate

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ITT post pseudoscientists or former scientists who are now pseuds, and why they suck monkeyballs.

i start with pic related. fucking newage cunts are the worst, even worse than godtards
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