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how is studying in germany? is it hard to get DAAD scholarship if you are a white cis male? is student community full of sjw pc cuck queer feminist socialists?
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If a penny that doubled in size every day was shot into space, how long would it take to reach a size that could block the sun from the point of view of someone standing on Earth, and how much would it be worth at that point?
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What's the actual science on transgenderism and gender dysphoria?
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Scientifically speaking are there any ways to treat adhd without being reliant on stimulants? If not, in aprox how many years will adhd be cured?
I want to feel normal for 24 hours every day. Is that too much to ask?
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Were there environmental pressures in East Asia that selected for short limbs or was it simply coincidence?
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CO2 is a poor greenhouse gas

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So why do the green lobby think its the cause of (the small) amount of warming experienced.
It may be the story has been dumbed down for public consumption.

BUT Have they got any actual good reasons to not want us to burn petroleum products ?
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What percentage, if any, of brain activity is ionic? What comprises the leftover 100%? Does this innernetwork of things affect the outter world?
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I'm enjoying math but I'm afraid it'll make me autistic. It feels like it's reprogramming my brain to function on logic like some vulcan level sperg. Is it possible to ruin your brain with math?
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According to these studies black women have superior pussies

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>PFM (pelvic floor muscle) of black women were stronger than that of white (p=0.02) or mixed-race (p<0.01) women

>The pelvic inlet was wider among 178 white women than 56 African-American women (10.70.7 cm compared with cm, P<.001). The outlet was also wider (mean intertuberous diameter 12.31.0 cm compared with 11.80.9 cm, P<.001).
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Guys I discovered the vaccine to pedophelia

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Just make sure your kids don't know what sex is and just teach them not to trust strangers, so they don't try sex early and develop an ideal for an underage partner.
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