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OCD is one of the only mental illnneses with benefits
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wtf is this and what causes it?
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can you solve this?

is it possible?
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Where do you go for intellectual peers/stimulation?

What social/hobbies clubs etc?

I am postgraduate in the University of London STEM and still it seems that 80-90% of the people I meet are on the lower end of the spectrum.

My main place that I go is the library, where I socialise with some neuroscientists, philosophers, comp sci/AI math guys, but the library is quite anti social...


Where does sci go to socialize with other 130 iq + intellectual types ?
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/lit/ here, where do I start?
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High IQ people prefer instrumental music (eg classical and jazz)

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>ib4 "muh IQ is 130 and I like rap" brainlets
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Wow, climate "scientists" have been trying to scam grant money for over a hundred years!
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Females being physically larger than males is a common trait of sexual dimorphism in many classes of the animal kingdom. In Insects, fish and even some kinds of mammals, males are significantly smaller than their female counterparts.

Why isn’t this the case in humans?

What would human society look like if females were the ones who were taller and more physically powerful? Pic related is an exaggeration, I’m talking like if the average male was 155cm and the average female was 175cm.
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Greeting /sci/
I am preparing for a very competitive exam and am therefore in requirement of some studying techniques that will allow me competitive edge over my competitor

The exam I am preparing for is objective type(MCQs) and will contain Physics,Chemistry Mathematics
Any tips or advice will be appreciated
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