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could you use the chemical released in the brain during regrowth peroids or during newborn babies shedding/regrowth?

A 95 year old can be an Olympian with a 8 pack
Maybe hair follicles are the same as muscles in a way
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>/x/ is filled with people with literal Schizophrenia
>/his/ is filled with Young Earth Creationists
>/pol/ couldn't check a source if their life depended on it
Is there was one other board on this site that you would say was remotely scientifically inclined what would you say it would be?
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Autism and Aspergers during the stone age.

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What would have happened to autistic genious' during the stone age? I presume they would have been the member of their tribe that makes all the tools for the chads to hunt with, but I may be wrong. Anyone here who actually studies this kind of thing please let me know.
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125 IQ Average, Society Stats

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Embryo Selection for Intelligence will revolutionize society as more accurate polygenic scores and easy PGD become mainstream in ? 20 or so years as estimated by Hank Greely. A 1000 embryo selection yields a 24.3 IQ increase~Gwern. Research on the topic provided by Steve Hsu & Robert Plomin.
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>potential energy
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/mg/ maths general: Corollary 3.12 edition

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Talk maths, formerly >>10289246

Mochizuki proceeds to update IUT, re-writing step (xi) in Corollary 3.12 which is a major point of contention for Scholze and Stix
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Will drinking a glass of whiskey everyday turn me into pic related

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Underappreciation of Engineering

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Why do engineers get alot of hate in this cucked board? At the end of the day it is they who directly advance society by using the work of scientists. Many great mathematicians and physicists throughout history were infact also engineers. You have accessible electricity thanks to an engineer. I understand that the work of engineers is fundamentally dependent on previous work of physicists and mathematicians, and I am not undermining the importance of science. The way I see it, scientists lay out the foundations and principles and the engineers then utilise their works to solve real world problems. All the machines and devices you operate, every bit of technology you use in your daily lives, from your phones and precious little computers to the engines in your automobile, are all the products and innovations of engineering. Also, remember this mathcucks, the average engineer in his lifetime will contribute more to the world than you will to your field, which is also why they make double your salary
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/sci/ humor thread

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/sci/ humor thread
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Assume is not empty. Is the statement true? With proof or counterexample, of course.