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Double Slit Experiment

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Is the double slit experiment a meme? Is this proof that the world was created for us? Can other life forms affect the behavior of these particles such as a cat? Does this mean the world was made for the cat as well?
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Colonization of the Venusian atmosphere

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Let's have an open discussion about the colonization of Venus's atmosphere. At 50 km up it would be a beautiful 27 degrees celsius. How sweet would it be to make a domed tropical paradise surrounded by fluffy yellow clouds?
Some methods include:

-Free-floating cities that go where the winds go using acid protected coatings

-Artificial mountains ascending 50 kilometers, which could become possible in the future with redirecting asteroids and leaving automated machinery on the surface to move and pile rock

Anyone have any other ideas? (Proposed acid resistant coating as building material)
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Pyramid power and psychotronics

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Let me start by saying, I’m a skeptic. I’m in Hungary investigating some old tests done in the 1970s, in the Soviet Union, of a man named Pavlita and his devices, which could magnetize copper, plastics and glass for a short time. The researcher, a nuclear scientist, gave me 30 minutes of unpublished footage of these tests, and when I asked for clarification that “this isn’t a scam like pyramid power,” he directed me to another researcher, Zoltan.

I traveled the next day, two hours south to Paks, a town with a nuclear power plant. Zoltan, who was a chief safety advisor at the plant, started showing me his own pyramids in his backyard, which had wires and sensors inside them.

He demonstrated an instant 15 degree drop in temperature when the object was grounded, and told me about his theories. He says they’re not some sacred shape, but simply interact with radiation coming up from the ground and create a sort of heat from this.

His most convincing show was an anti-magnet. I saw it working there in person. He flipped a switch, and a steel gasket was pushed away from the coil, no matter which direction it was pointing, always repelling. He said this had to do with a focusing of this ground radiation coming upwards, directing it to push the metal.

I’m no /sci/entist, but is this even possible with normal coils of wire?

Pls no bully, I’m an independent journalist not a scientist
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Cube Roots with Napier’s Bones

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So I can find how to use the bones for square roots, but I literally cannot find any information on using the cube root stick.
If I learn Latin, I could look at the few original pages of Rabdology that I can find that cover the subject, or I could shell out several hundred for an out-of-print translation.
My question is whether or not anybody here knows the method? Or is my meager budget taking one for the team?
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Why do flat earthers so badly want our world to be... well, flat? Isn’t the earth cooler as a spherical object?
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How do you get accepted into these schools? High IQ?
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How much does scientific PROGRESS suffer under BLUMPF'S tyranny, /sci/?
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What are the most underrated branches of physics?
I'm tired of hearing about string theory.
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could you use the chemical released in the brain during regrowth peroids or during newborn babies shedding/regrowth?

A 95 year old can be an Olympian with a 8 pack
Maybe hair follicles are the same as muscles in a way
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