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/mg/ - maths general

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Geometric Langlands Edition

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In the future, will sex robots replace women?
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For the entomologists

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Im having a really bad snail, spider, grasshopper and generic bug infestation in my house.
I do have an idea of what it's needed to get rid of them, however that is not what im longing to do, I want to ask you, how can you torture the bugs?
Not just killing them, making them suffer as much as possible before their death, for example pouring salt on snails, but for the other insects.
Thank you beforehand and have a good afternoon.
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how would I be able to punch the ground and the normal force would launch me up?
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If you're so smart anon, why don't you have a girlfriend?
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Transgender kids' brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex!

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Evolution is not a scientific theory - problem of falsifiability (Catch 22)

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>x has y because its a trait acquired by evolution
>what is the proof that it is aquired by evolutioin and not full blown Kent Hovind YECrationist?
>because it has y

"Evolution is not scientific theory but a metaphisical research programme."

K. Popper
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>tfw no S2 homeomorphic gf
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Inbreeding depression

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Just found out my mother's parents are 2nd cousins and that inbreeding lowers IQ, does this mean I'm retarded?
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Is a Bsc. CS a meme?

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Honestly just want to work with data analysis, machine learning, algorithms and such. Especially interested in the financial markets e.g. algorithmic trading but I also find the theories behind self-driving technology and simulations interesting.

Honestly I find software engineering such as creating operating systems and UI's very boring. Programming in or itself is not attractive only the computer science theories and applications that surround it.

If I do decide to study a Bsc. In CS I will very likely also do a Msc. as it is standard in my country but the area of study is free to pick so I don't have to study a Msc. In CS but can choose computational mathematics or something similar.

Furthermore I plan on taking some math classes on the side as I enjoy it and might even do another Bsc. in mathematical statistics in parallel to CS.

Mods don't delete this is clearly related to science.
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