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pic not related

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Hello. I have a question about higher dimensions. I don't really know the best way to phrase this so please bear with me.
So, dimension x y is 2 d and xyz is 3 d. If the graph got rid of the x coordinates and had just the y and zed values, then it would look like the xy graph. If we had a xyzr (where r is the 4 dimension), and we got rid of zed, then would the xyr graph look like the xyz graph? only turned in towards the 4th dimension such as the zy graph is turned towards to zed dimension?
I hope I am making sense, though I lack the proper vocabulary.
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hai i have a question
do i have to stand next to my poster during whole poster session? it lasts 2h...
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Where do you find accurate information? In particular, climate change data seems highly polluted with false reports and misinformation. Even reviewed research papers seem to be misleading, somehow pushing seperate agendas rather than delivering facts. Where do you find honest research?
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HALP MEH ! ! !

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ok the inetrnet was being dumb and i was looking for info in semi conductors and the repulsion of a magnet when super cooled. i cannot find proper references to indicate if it makes a magnetic field or if at the very least the phenomena can be used in place of a magnetic field in applications that use one such as in a sort of rf ferrite antenna like system meant to concentrate the radio waves by exploiting the magnetic component of the radio light spectrum

and if so which pole will a semi conductor operate as

lives are at stake /sci/ ! mine...can you live with that if you dont help?
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ITT: We take an IQ test and circlejerk about our results

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Prove you're not a brainlet
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just got a master's CE degree. What's the next field I should go get degrees in?
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is inteligence related to attractivness?

I think there is a common misconception, especially in school, that if you're ugly you must be smart but from my expierence it's the opposite given that also attractive people are treated better which also correlates to them having better opportunities and mental health.
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/eng/ - Engineering General

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Undergraduates pretending to be $150,000 managers edition.

Engineering Science

Engineering Practice
>The Making of an Expert Engineer - J. Trevelyan
>Firm Handshake

Last thread hit bump limit.
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Lost motivation to study

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it's been a month since i've lost my motivation to study. I'm a 5th year student (from EU, so it's the last year before university). I really love what i study, e.g. maths or IT, but i've totally lost motivation. I spend the most of the day doing nothing in front of the pc. I just wanna do nothing. I do not want to go outside instead of studying. Just want to laze around and to sleep. What can I do? I'm lost and I do not want it. No, the "just do it" thing does not work
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After space travel becomes easier, states should encourage Orthodox and Catholic churches to establish monasteries on desolate planets and moons, preparing them for actual colonization. Since monks ar fond of hostile environments they won't mind.