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There is no escape from capitalism! Musk wants to embed chips in the neurons of brain injured people so they can contribute to the economy. There is literally no hiding place.

Picture related, its what you'll look like in a few years time.
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scientifically illiterate retard here, I was thinking about something.
Wouldn't the peak of intelligent life and civilization be some type of Borg like being?
I imagine some sort of stellar engine eating materials in its path to beef up its CPU.
Discuss, sorry if this is off topic, I can't into maths n shiet.
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>procrastinated and didn't do any work for the last 2 months
>PhD advisor asks to see work
>Google some random datasets and write out some bullshit within an hour
>he is impressed with my work and says I've been clearly working hard
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Disillusioned With Grad School

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Physics PhD student here, I was wondering if anyone here has felt unhappy with their grad school experience?

I initially pursued this degree out of a simple love of physics and some general idealistic sense of helping humanity. However, as time went by, these feelings faded, worn away by an ever growing list of things that bothered me:

>Environment is hostile/cuthroat
There isn't just rivalries between different groups at varying universities, which is its own disappoint, but people in different subfields in our own university treat each other like shit. I've seen AMO profs argue against CM labs getting more funding, for no defined reason.

>Work overtakes life
I know people who work 12 hours a day minimum, and come in on Saturday. Its not even a matter of profs imposing it on their students, it's so ingrained in the culture that if you don't work like this then others will assume you're lazy and mock you.

>No/few relationships to make
People don't even want to talk to you unless you can help advance their career or help them in making a paper. That's not even to mention how it's deeply implied that you shouldn't try to get married or start a family (as it'd be a "waste of time")

>No love of research
This one hurts me the most. People don't seem to give a shit about the physics or anything besides getting published. It all seems like a career game.
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/MLG/ - Machine Learning General

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Studying, trying and discussing everything related to machine learning, neuronal networks and AGI.

Old thread >>10769848

Ongoing projects:
Different DeepNude implementations with czechcasting dataset (!IKwxXAgI!YpI648jsxvPdyfKwlAyypVEm_jnUgWXde8MJmjNgSBI )
Pepe generation with StyleGAN

Related links:
> - recreates an image in the style of another image (made pic related using this)
> - same as above but it takes longer
> - generates portraits of people
> - generates portraits of anime girls
> - generates (mostly terrible) pictures of cats
> - generates images of certain "topics"
> - doubles the size of images and helps with noise reduction
> - generates several paragraphs of text from a prompt
> - another anime character generator
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Does /sci/ believe in climate change?

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How would you transfer qualia from the brain to a machine?

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>Replace each neuron one by one?
>Just use more advanced lace technology to stimulate existing neurons in specific ways to build new desired pathways within the brain?

All machines will do is stimulate neurons, they can't cut/paste qualia.

I don't see how it's even possible "I" can experience a machine when "I" am the feeling of neurons being stimulated not transistors or other material combinations. The substrate would be different, the "I" that is the feeling of thoughts which is the feeling of neurons being stimulated would slowly die if you replace neurons with the same informational equivalent using a different substrate, if you destroy the neurons the "I" wouldn't even realize it was dying any more than an Alzheimers or patient feels their neurons dying.

Wouldn't we have already seen some informational "bleed" when these previous bmi's were hooked up? Wouldn't we already have noticed that some of the persons conscious experience "bleeds" over to the computer chip that is stimulating the brain? It doesn't feel like anything to be a transistor from a human experince. If consciousness is only information, wouldn't any transfer of information be consciousness? Instead what we find is that all we can really do is use very precise stimulation but nothing using transistors "plugs in" to the brain.

Thoughts? I hope I'm wrong.
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do Neandertals still live and fight with homo sapiens? Or they kinda melted and adapted
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Why are we still having the nature vs nurture debate?

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It's clearly both. One will never be a Mozart without BOTH the necessary brain wiring at birth AND the necessary skill development. Nature (talent) = how high the ladder goes; nurture (skill) = how high one has climbed the ladder. The consequence of more talent usually results in climbing the ladder faster and easier, but the climb still must be made. Why is there a debate about this subject?
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So explain magnetic monopoles to me, /sci/
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