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How come African nations have low average IQs compared to the rest of the world?
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Are there any advantages to having an average or low IQ?
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Red pill bestows you with photographic memory and allows you to perform all mental mathematics at 100 times your current speed.

Blue pill makes your ding dong 2 inches longer

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>take adderall
>everything is easy

why is this allowed
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My friend died I'm having an existential crisis. I want to believe that I'll see him again in some sort of afterlife but when I think about it, it seems more likely that humans, being the only species cognizant of our mortality, created religion (which all have some form of afterlife/rebirth/spirt realm/etc) as a coping mechanism for the fear of death and knowing you'll never see your friends and loved ones again.

So, based on our current scientific understanding, is there any physically possible way someone's consciousness could be transported in another part of the universe or different realm of existence?
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread / QTDDTOT
For book recommendations, check the sticky and/or the /sci/ wiki. To download free books, check
For learning how to use the inboard latex, check the sticky. You can also test your latex before you post by clicking the "TEX" button in your reply box.
If your latex isn't working, it's because your adblocker is blocking it.
If you ask any question, remember that there is almost no universal notation:
>what constitutes a BAD question
If p divides |G|, show that there exists an element of order p.
>what constitutes a GOOD question
Suppose p is a prime that divides the order of a finite group G. Show that there exists an element of order p.
Grug think hard about problem. Grug show this much but grug can't make connection. What grug do?
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What can I physically do to drive myself insane? I want to stop being depressed, bros
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Does Armodafinil help you stay focused and sharp for study sessions?

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Hello everyone, i never tried Modafinil but reading online seems it's getting popular as a study aid.

Did any of you try it and which are the effects?

I linked the site above cause it seems to have good prices.

Any idea?
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Is there any evidence that IQ differences between races is not due to a mix of nutrition, fluoride intake, iodine levels and culture?
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worst subfield

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What is the worst phys/chem/bio subfield of all?
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