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Disillusioned With Grad School

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Physics PhD student here, I was wondering if anyone here has felt unhappy with their grad school experience?

I initially pursued this degree out of a simple love of physics and some general idealistic sense of helping humanity. However, as time went by, these feelings faded, worn away by an ever growing list of things that bothered me:

>Environment is hostile/cuthroat
There isn't just rivalries between different groups at varying universities, which is its own disappoint, but people in different subfields in our own university treat each other like shit. I've seen AMO profs argue against CM labs getting more funding, for no defined reason.

>Work overtakes life
I know people who work 12 hours a day minimum, and come in on Saturday. Its not even a matter of profs imposing it on their students, it's so ingrained in the culture that if you don't work like this then others will assume you're lazy and mock you.

>No/few relationships to make
People don't even want to talk to you unless you can help advance their career or help them in making a paper. That's not even to mention how it's deeply implied that you shouldn't try to get married or start a family (as it'd be a "waste of time")

>No love of research
This one hurts me the most. People don't seem to give a shit about the physics or anything besides getting published. It all seems like a career game.
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>tfw you realise days aren't real, just the revolution of one precarious little rock around a brief candle
>tfw this means time itself isn't real as earth is not the objective centre of the universe by which all things are measured
>tfw numbers aren't real
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/mg/ - math general

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Previously: >>10795697

2^69 dimensional tic-tac-toe edition
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Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

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In ten hours, the launch of Apollo 11 will have taken place exactly fifty years ago.
Follow along with the mission as it happened:
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2spooky4me split-brain phenomena

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"In the vast majority of people, the left hemisphere is responsible for the expression of language through speech and writing, leaving the right hemisphere mute; however, the right hemisphere is able to communicate through nodding and gestures of the left hand (and singing, in some cases). If a subject is given a coin to hold in her left hand without being able to see it, only the right hemisphere will be aware of it. When asked what she is holding, she will respond that she has no idea, because the left hemisphere (which maintains the ability to communicate verbally) has no awareness of the coin. But if asked to point to a picture of the object she was given, her left hand (controlled by her right hemisphere, the one that knows about the coin) will correctly point to the picture of a coin." - Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind
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Anyone have any experience with the "Dovers books on Math and Science"?

These are the three I'm considering grabbing, but I'm not sure they're worth the time.
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>post a thread saying that relativity is false and quantum physics will prove me right
>mods delete thread
Why the fuck are /sci/ mods such fascist faggot cucks?
Relativity is false. Prove me wrong.
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How do you you save everyone from suffering using science?
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