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Are you ready for singularity, /sci/?
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>wahh wahhh give me electrons
God damn will this nigga ever shut up
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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Feel free to ask your stupid questions here.
Last thread: >>10634898
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What's you're excuse? I deadlift 600 pondes and my IQ he's 150.
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Anki is a fucking superpower. Spaced repetition is like alien secret technology and humanity doesn't deserve it. I personally went from being an average student at university to an academic superstar overnight. It was amazing. The funny part is the dejected looks on my peers' faces whelst during class I know all the answers and on the exams I score near perfectly. Even on the tricky stuff, since I've filled my skull with all manner of memorable insight and I've made flashcards from every angle of a subject.
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I thought of this, but I know nothing of mathematics or programming.
I just had a gut feeling that noticing patterns in base 2 is far more easy.

Could you make a cool function to see what happens? It should take you 5 mins if you know python right? It's fairly easy.
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Most lethal molecule

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Paracelsus said:
>the dose alone decides that something is no poison

Could he have been wrong? Could there be a molecule that would manage to kill an organism even if there was just one of it administered?

pic very related
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/mg/ - maths general

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Previously >>10637606
I've been thinking about getting into algebraic surfaces edition.
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Parapsychological Experiences

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Hi everyone, the purpose of this thread is to ask you a question I have regarding a unique phenomena which I personally experience, and which I am unsure of how to properly navigate. I have divided this post into several, involving an exposition, inquiry, and afterword - hopefully making for an easier reading.

A) Exposition
Essentially, in the recent past of my life, I spontaneously began to perceive visual phenomena around me that I could not before.

1. It began as what resembled "particles" in the sky, moving in a cyclonic fashion.
2. Then progressed to a perception of faint white glows emanating around any physical object.
3. Evolved further to a static perceived clearest on a surface, such as a wall, but found everywhere in my visual field.
4. The static thickened into a "mist", albeit one that "pulsed" like static does.
5. I began to perceive colors emanating around some people, and a very noticible "electricity" hovering a few inches behind their head.
6. I can perceive large clouds of the earlier "mist" shifting in the space around me, kind of like an activated blowdryer's steam resembles, but metres wide and moving through the air. (1/?)
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Have you ever considered how similar a brain is to a computer?
Fundamentally, humans use simple algorithmic processes all of the time (e.g. to-do lists).
However, popularly, computers seem to be considered to be completely separate from brains.
The analogies are made all of the time that brains:humans::hardware:computers and mind:humans::software:computers, but their not really taken too seriously.
What if we work under the assumption that brains aren't living computers, but that computers are unliving brains?
In other words, if we understood the relationship between the computer and the human mind better, could we more quickly approach everyday computers being an ideal brain?
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