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Just make the suit already!
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CS Graduate Students?

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Any CS Grad Students here?
How was the process of getting accepted? What GPA and stuff did you have?
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Use of scutoid in construction.

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What potential lay there for this shape to be used in construction in the future? Seems like an efficient solution for creating stronger brick walls that pack more closely together. I’m not sure I entirely understand the exact geometry of trying to make joints with this. However.
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What is going on with the concept of gender right now in our society? I think it’s great that it’s being talked about more and people (hopefully) aren’t as discriminatory as in the past. At the same time, there is a weird phenomenon where science and biology are sort of being attacked or ignored.

For example, I’ve had people tell me that gender is completely a social concept, that it isn’t driven by biology, which is an absurd statement. I’ve also had people tell me there are no differences between male and female brains, which is of course not accurate.

Why is it so popular right now to downplay any biological differences between men and women, and attribute them to society? Is it because if you can find a biological basis between genders, then people are afraid that it gives power to stereotypes? Because it’s not the biological differences that reinforce stereotypes, it’s sexism itself.
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Are you a Platonist or an Aristotelian? Why is the other guy wrong?
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He predicted string theory.
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I suspect that I may have tetrachromacy. How would I go about getting this diagnosed? Are there any scientist interested in human tetrachromats?

I work with graphical design and have often commented on collegues work where they've only slightly adjusted hue/saturation on something and I pick up on it.

Also I've always thought I can make out a weird color beyond the violet band in rainbows.
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Is it possible the universe was created because of entropy?
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What do /sci/ think of it?
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