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Why do all the conspiracy theory crackpots and neo-nazis (i.e. /pol/ and the like) idolize this man so much /sci/?
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Good morning /sci/, who feels like flexing their inorganic chemistry muscles a little?

I am a non-chemist trying to make uranyl nitrate () by dissolving uraninite () in nitric acid. The dissolution was successful, now I need to isolate my desired compound. In case you're wondering, I want it because it's fluorescent.

Here's what I have done so far:

- Dissolved the ore in 65% nitric acid
- Removed insoluble minerals
- Precipitated alkaline earths using sulfate (This concentrated a lot of the radioactivity in the precipitate)
- Precipitated the uranium using ammonia (forming insoluble ammonium diuranate)
- Filtered and washed the precipitate
- Redissolved the uranium using nitric acid
- Let the solution dry in air for months, losing interest in it for a while

The solution crystallized partially, which is where I got pic related. Both the solution and the crystals are emitting a considerable amount of beta-radiation, indicating the presence of .

I have access to mineral acids, hardware store grade solvents and very little glassware. Does anyone want to suggest a next step? Thank you very much!
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/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread

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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread / QTDDTOT
For book recommendations, check the sticky and/or the /sci/ wiki. To download free books, check
For learning how to use the inboard latex, check the sticky. You can also test your latex before you post by clicking the "TEX" button in your reply box.
If your latex isn't working, it's because your adblocker is blocking it.
If you ask any question, remember that there is almost no universal notation:
>what constitutes a BAD question
If p divides |G|, show that there exists an element of order p.
>what constitutes a GOOD question
Suppose p is a prime that divides the order of a finite group G. Show that there exists an element of order p.
Grug think hard about problem. Grug show this much but grug can't make connection. What grug do?
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>taking exam, 30 seconds left
>last question is about efficiency of something
>calculate -5467% efficiency
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>just memorizes positions and engine moves
>considered the greatest chess player of all time
This championship is pretty bad. Maybe Fischer was right, chess is dying. Is 960 the future?
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How do we save the gateway station? Could a lunar space station make sense in a BFR world?
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Commercial Gene Therapy

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I got back into Bioshock recently, which begs an interesting question:
Will gene therapy and similar medical treatments be commercialized in the future?
I mean, we could pretty plausibly develop the tech to make a person stronger, have clearer skin, smarter, live longer, etc.
I'm not talking full-on superpowers, but does it not make sense? I think this would be a really profitable business. Maybe we could even have custom-made children.
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Give it to me straight

Are we really snacking on cloned aborted foetus cells?

If anything, knowing the unborn were sacrificed for my libation would make me thirstier, but I'd like to know
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Uni Thread

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What Uni does sci go to/graduated from?

Your degree? And your overall thoughts?
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Salary in STEM

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What's the highest paying job in STEM? Besides becoming the CEO of a dumb startup
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