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How Did They Do It?

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How did they livestream the Moon Landing in 1969? Could we even do that today? A live broadcast beyond the Van Allen Belt, 380,000 km away?
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Are you a verbal or visual thinker? Which type of thinking is better for studying science?
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Club /sci/ - how do you get in?

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Toby Hendy talking about race intelligence gap

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Why is China surpassing the US in space?

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And why is NASA not doing anything about it?
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Robots and AI will replace all of you so why study?

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Why do people spend decades studying something they don't even enjoy when robots are just around the corner to automate everything?
Robots don't have to memorize. They just save and apply.

Hard mode: Name a game robots can't beat humans at.
You can't
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What is the best method for collecting and storing blood? I want to collect enough so that it looks as if nobody could survive losing the collected volume. Additionally, what is the best way of spreading it to confuse forensics and convince them that looking for me is pointless
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I always liked bookedshelf threads, whatever happend to them?

These are maily books i had ti buybfor my undergrad, nothing fancy but i like most of them.
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do you know any polish scientists?
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Too late for med?

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I'm 18 and I've fallen for the CS meme. I've been doing college for 2 months and while my gpa is quite good CS makes me want to kill myself.

Is it too late for me to switch to medicine? I'd much rather do neurology or psychiatry.
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