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Elysium Basis Supplement

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What's /sci/'s opinion on Basis?

>"The first-in-humans, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study assessed the safety and efficacy of taking repeat doses of Basis — a combination of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene — in a population of 120 healthy adults ages 60-80. The results? Regular doses of Basis increased NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent."
>35 scientists on the board of development and testing, including 7 nobel prize winners

I've been taking this for 5 months now (24 years old), and every dosing I'll feel a boost in energy and mood for the entire day. If I take a nap during the day after dosing, my dreams will be wildly vivid.

Anyone else have any experience or knowledge about this product? It seems beneficial to me despite it being intended for elderly people
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Post results.
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What are the Implication of Computing begin able to represent infinity?

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Will Ray Tracing finally be able to render parallel mirrors?
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"the Paranormal has disproved Science"

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Is this true? If the paranormal disproved science, why are you here?
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Training times in Machine Learning over time

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First training time example is from 2016
Latest lowest training time example is recent

30 hours -> 3.7 minutes
~500x faster

Machine learning is still delivering results

from a person I follow
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why isn't regeneration a common trait of most animals? especially humans. even if its not, is it possible for humans to "regenerate" artificially? Biological systems are so efficient and require less energy than mankind's alternatives. However, the biggest failing of biology seems to be that faulty parts cannot be replaced.
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How do you falsify climate change?

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It's literally unfalsifiable pseudoscience
>temperature goes up
That's climate change
>temperature goes down
That's climate change
>More rain
That's climate change
>less rain
That's climate change
>girlfriend forces me to get a vasectomy
That's climate change
That's climate change

I could go on forever, 'climate change' is a giant pseudo scientific term that gets thrown around like it means something, but all it means is that the climate changes AND CLIMATE IS A FUCKING COMPLEX MULTI-VARIABLE PROCESS, OF COURSE IT CHANGES.
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Getting a job that will pay your masters? How feasible is this? I'm a recent CS grad with a good career ahead of me making some nice dosh right now, but one of my pothead friends just got a gig at a place that pays for your masters. Needless to say, I've already applied and have an interview soon. How feasible is it to do a master's and work full time? Ive done it before with a CS Bach, but is it harder at the masters level?

Also, what would be the best masters programme to do? Im thinking of doing statistics to land in jobs where we collect and analyze user analytics
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Are engineers just glorified tradesmen?
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