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Univeristy of Oxford

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Any other students from Oxford that lurk /sci/ ?

Just finished my first year in CS was quite a bit underwhelming. What do you think?
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T booster vs Estrogen Blocker

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Which would have more benefits for a male?
Also, is it easier to block estrogen than it is to boost Testostorone?
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Hair loss treatment

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Discussion about hair loss treatment, new research about novel substances which improve hair growth etc...
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Drown or implode?

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If I were to do the old sleep with the fishes. Give my self a pair of concrete shoes made with 5 gallons of concrete. And drop my self of a boat where the ocean is a mile deep. Will I drown or implode assuming I could hold my breath for 2 mins?
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Mum's on Drugs.

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Those mummies in Egypt with those big pineal glands that got tasted and found for cocaine? Well that stuff it's called CHRISTos (operating system) which is an oil in it's natural state, people called it the sacred, therefor holy oil basically.

So my wonder is if anyone has taken the time to recreate the situation in a test subject. They would have to basically find someone who's third eye has been awakened/opened, and mummify them, and then wait for the decay to set it. Once that natural oil is all dried out and the molecule converging with other hormones and body fluids maybe it breaks down to the same basic element?

lol, well like on of the saints (as if we need more proof somehow that the Catholic Church is hiding useful information that could benefit this planet but prefers instead to keep a tight grip on it and personally I hope it gets burned to the ground so someone can rebuild it brick by brick from the ground up after how much it's been corrupted) that could be one way to tell probably, because my bet is those glows over their heads in paintings started as a sign to show who had been... ready cause it's another word for anointed... chosen, isn't that funny cause kings used to say they'd been chosen by god and stuff too... huh, oh well glad we have capitalism been working for us so far right? ROFL
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Why is it taking us so long to study and fully understand the brain?

How long will it take...
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what do modern scientists claim that human races don't exist?

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What ever happened to the field of holography? Has there been any recent advancements? Why should one study holography?

I am asking because I've always found holography fascinating, and I am considering pursuing optics/electromagnetics.
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Hypothetical babuaka mirror light

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Assume a perfect mirror ball, inside of it another smaller perfect ball lightbulb, we leav it there for a second and remove it. What would happen? How long would the photons bounce until completely absorbed into the mirrors?
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Why not just create a 1:1 simulation of a human brain?
AI isn't that fucking hard...