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Whats more important in science?
Hard work/persistence or Intelligence
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Putnam Problem of the Day

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“There is a biochemical link between exposure to sunlight and sexual urges.. that’s why you have Latin lovers”

What's the science on this? If I move to the tropics, can I finally get a gf?
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Hi /sci/

I am a NEET who is willing to dump a lot of time into studying a subject by myself, and I have a lot of time. However, I don't know what to study, but I wanna do something that leans towards mechanical engineering, sorta like cars and stuff you feel me, or maybe something math-ish, but not pure maths because I am not autistic enough.

What do you recommend?
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The fall of the Soviet Union has been an incalculable loss to science and has placed it's fate in the profiteering hands of americans, dooming us to a future of basedjack-pop-sci enthusiasts worshipping elon musk and jeff bezos, while PhD associates are paid peanuts and professors fight to market their research as profitable as plausible in order to get breadcrumb grants. All the while the private industry hurls billions into anything that might churn a profit, even shitshows like theranos
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I've always liked plants, and I've studied them a fair bit and i do enjoy it but my friend in biomed is trying to convince me to come study human biology with him and it does seem extremely interested and I'm torn.
Anyone that went from botany to biomed got any experience in this type of decision?
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There are so many useful organic chemistry reactions, reagents, and mechanisms. How do you keep them all in your head?
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Let's see what's on /sci/ today!
>Uni blogging
>More uni blogging
>Even more fucking uni blogging
>/pol/ garbage
>Dumb question not even /sci/-related that could be solved with two seconds on Google
>Off-topic shitpost blog pretending to be board related
>What is the evolutionary purpose of
>Major circlejerking
>Dumb question not even /sci/-related that could be solved with two seconds on Google
>IQ thread
>Even more god damn fucking uni blogging
>Thinly veiled /pol/ garbage
>Uni blogging
>IQ thread
>Dumb question not even /sci/-related that could be solved with two seconds on Google
>Meta thread about IQ threads

Somehow a large majority of the pepe threads aren't shitposts which is what I really don't understand
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>only women care about grades
>Heh look at the entry requirements on my current course of study, I'm such a genius with my grades to get in
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