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House spending bill fires warning shot at JWST

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A new appropriations bill the House plans to vote on next week would provide $21.5 billion for NASA in 2019 but warns that any further problems with the James Webb Space Telescope could lead to its cancellation.
That bill includes the full $304.6 million requested for JWST in 2019, but the report accompanying the bill offered harsh language, and a warning, regarding the space telescope given the cost overruns and schedule delays announced last year.
“There is profound disappointment with both NASA and its contractors regarding mismanagement, complete lack of careful oversight, and overall poor basic workmanship on JWST,” the report states. “NASA and its commercial partners seem to believe that congressional funding for this project and other development efforts is an entitlement, unaffected by failures to stay on schedule or within budget.”
The bill does increase the cost cap for JWST by about $800 million, to a little more than $8.8 billion, to address the latest overruns. “NASA should strictly adhere to this cap or, under this agreement, JWST will have to find cost savings or cancel the mission,” the report states.
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Is it true there is no cure for bad eyesight? Or is it a lie to keep optometrists from sleeping on the street?
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could we use genetic engineering to make catboys real or would that be impossible
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Physics majors are better at engineering than engineering majors

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My company has been experimenting a lot lately with hiring physics majors for engineering positions and the results have been astounding.

Many physics programs in the US require physics majors to take an intensive course on electronics which features all the material an electrical engineering major would learn in 4 classes.

Because of that, many physics majors are more than qualified for entry level positions that focus on basic circuit analysis and design.

But that's not the main reason physics majors do so well in engineering positions. Physics majors have incredible analytical and quantitative skills that are above and beyond the requirements for engineering. They can learn to do new things in a short amount of time as well. Their ability to deliver the goods at a moment's notice is shocking. They really are quick learners and it takes them hours to get efficient at a task that would require the average engineer days or even weeks.

I guess it's no surprise since a physics degree requires a much higher IQ than an EE degree.
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Switch to Math?

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I just realized our curriculum in CS is shit, the faculty is also shitty. Meanwhile, the Mathematics department actually possessed competent people.
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>finally become studious
>lose all my friends because I became boring and realized friends are distractions
th-thanks /sci/
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Statistics of Harvard Asian Discrimination

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I argued on this subject with a Harvard Jew who had recently graduated.

I had no idea why he was defending this discrimination, and it seemed like he didn't really have much of an argument for it. I believe I have found a rational explanation.

I asked myself "who benefits from this?" I began under the assumption that these Asians would be replaced by an equal mixture of White, Black, etc. students. This is likely incorrect. The school cannot trade high-qual, high-IQ Asians for even more black affirmative action students without further watering down its academic credentials. They are burdened enough as it is.

So, if similarly high-IQ students are going to be needed to replace the Asians who are being discriminated against, then who will take their place?

IQ bell curves show a black mean IQ of 85, white mean IQ of 100, Asian mean IQ of 107, and Ashkenazi Jew mean IQ of 112. With Asians out of the picture, we see that the replacement students are nearly all going to be Jews, with the very small remainder being Whites.

This makes sense. Jewish faculty and admissions officers at a university at which Jews are extremely highly overrepresented are working together to exclude Asians who are the main competition for further Jewification of Harvard.

The Asians aren't going down without a fight, however, filing lawsuits left and right, but none of that matters. Not one bit.

You see, this is a brilliant no-lose plan by the Jews at Harvard. Now that they are in power there, this Asian discrimination only serves to consolidate that power further.

No matter how these lawsuits go, the Jews win.

If the Asians lose the lawsuits, the Jews can continue discriminating against their main competition and will continue to be in control of Harvard.

If the Asians win the lawsuit, and discrimination based on "overrepresentation" and "non-tangibles" is no longer allowed, Jews are protected by law in their overrepresentation and control of Harvard, permanently.
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Why are so many computer scientists jewish ?

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So i know that Intel is in Israel. But while researching many things with computational complexity, algorithms, cryptography etc... Ive noticed that there is a very big number on Jewish names something like 30%.
Im not antisemitic or anything, Im just genuinely interested.
Does Israel have some program to support jewish computer scientists ?

Btw. That guy on the picture is Adi Shamir co-designer of RSA encryption.
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Took an official IQ test
>tfw VIQ = 134
>tfw PIQ = 96

I wanna kill myself. I'm interested in high IQ stuff but I can't do the work to actually get anywhere because muh ADD. I feel like a hack. Fuck, I'm gonna be stuck like this forever, there is literally nothing I can do about it. What even is the point anymore?
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