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Why Don't We Have Hair and/or Skin Of Unusual Colors Naturally?

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Unusual hair colors in people and fur colors in animals, blue, green, pink, blood-red, etc, are fairly common in fiction, particularly fantasy. But why don’t we see people with naturally green, or blue, or pink, silver, etc, hair in reality? What would be needed for such colors to exist? How could they evolve or be created by genetic engineering? What terminology would they use? What about people with blue, red, or green skin?
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Is data science a meme? Is it a science?
Isn't it just stats?
Am I better off with a masters in stats or a masters in data science?
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string worldsheet theory

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so, the theory that describes a string worldsheet is conformally invariant. haha, that sounds like Weyl, right?

anyhow, let's talk string theory. you know, normal topics:
Swampland Conjecture
KKLT mechanism
BPS states

i'll start.
KKLT and the string multiverse are a Kachru/Kallosh/Linde/Trivedi/Susskind/Stanford clownsquad meme. stanford idiots need to be rejected by all the major journals from now on. lenny's club proven to be a bunch of publicity-craving shills. no more.

/sci/ is a Vafa board, fuck those stanford fucks
only harvard, IAS, MIT, Princeton, etc. can be trusted. west coasters like JH Schwarz can go eat a dick.
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What books should I read to be able to understand Vsauce videos?
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Probability calculations or statistics?

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Which one is more boring?
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Does /sci/ think science and technology is advancing at a pace too fast for society to keep up, or notice the negative effects far after its implementation
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"What the fuck is wrong with teddy?" edition

Last thread reached bump limit.
old: >>10645251

We discuss research, offer advice (Just see your family physician), make fun of premeds, discuss residency and different specialities but we mostly shitpost

If you want to discuss vaccines, please make your own thread because it takes a lot of replies and the discussion degenerates.

>What's the best speciality for research?
Path, clinical lab, onc, rad/onc, anaesthesia

>What are the best specialities lifestyle wise?
Optho, derm, psych and rads
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Doppler shift

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I'm a physics major first year. We were discussing doppler shift, so I started putting it in terms of limits (limit as vsource -> 0 is unshifted, obviously). But then i tried when vsource -> v or when vsource -> c and things got weird. When it approaches the speed of sound it approaches an infinite pitch shift, ie, when the source of sound moves towards you at the speed of sound it sounds really high pitch until it cannot be heard. But as vsource approaches the speed of light, the frequency is multipled by a shift that goes to 0.

So, the frequency goes very high towards the speed of sound, then past the speed of sound the frenquency is negative (traveling in opposite direction?), gradually slowing as it approaches the speed of light? Am I missing something here? Graph and reasoning attached
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Which Great Filter hypothesis do you find most compelling?
Personally, I like Rare Earth. What a twist that would be, after centuries of demolishing anthropocentrism...
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If E_k is equals to (1/2)mv^2 and delta E_k is equals to force times distance, then F*s is equals to (1/2)mv^2. But m*(1/2)v^2 is nothing else but mass times the integral of v, which is equals to s (the distance). That means m is equals to F. But F=ma.

So can someone explain to me this retarded ass formula immediately?
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