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Do subatomic particles really exist?

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Having the wrong explanation for what actual phenomena in a way that kinda works some of the time is perhaps the very definition superstition. My food went bad, maybe there is some kind of kitchen god gremlin like creature that looks down upon me, like my mother probably physically abused me when I was little. When you 'smash apart' nuclei weird things happen, maybe it is possible to 'break apart' atoms like a billiard ball, even though the very definition 'atom' is, well, something 'atomic'.

Is it possible that the 'subatomic particles' we see in particle accelerators are actually short-lived heavy atomic nuclei, with atomic numbers as high as 1000?
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Wut's this galaxy?

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Name pls
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Why haven't we gone back to the Moon or beyond for almost a half century?
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Why haven't scientists and engineers thought of this before?
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So I'm currently taking a class on Environmental Sciences 101 and it's pretty fascinating stuff. I was wondering if anyone knows what software I could use to create a basic simulation of the temperatures at the ground level of a planet factoring only basic stuff like insolation, eccentricity, axial tilt, albedo and greenhouse gasses.
Or if software specifically made for this already exist, that would be pretty mental.
Basically what I'm interested in is how planets similar to our own but with very eccentric axial tilts (35° - 90°) would behave.
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The modern polymath

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A polymath is one who is known for a wide range of knowlege and can draw a wide range of abstract conclusions and wariety based on ones imagination and conclusions. He is one with a huge capacity of various subjects. Polymath is often used to describe our histories greatest thinkers from Da Vinci to Galileo Galilei and Nikola Tesla. Which are all of them great geniuses. They were all selfmade polymaths. They had a great appetite for knowlege and contributed to many different fields of inventions. They contributed to science far greater than anyone else. With groundbreaking new ideas and visions nobody else could grasp or even think of. They were the real pioneers of their time.

Today we never even hear of polymaths. They only belong to history. So where are they. There should be far more now than then based on stayistics in population increase. There are most likely many more now than then. But it can evidently look like that they are hiding and showing low profile. But do we know someone bold enough like e.g Tesla today? No we actually don't. Great things died with him and science has never gone any further than his visions and inventions. That's abit sad. Because think what a guy like Tesla could do today. With all the knowlege and info we have now easily accessable. We would expect a quantun leap greater than ever before. He would have been pretty badass. So what I wanted to say is where are the polymaths today? Why do they hide. Or did they just die with Tesla or Neuman?
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My theory on why we laugh

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If im correct this could eventually lead to AI easily making jokes

Why do most people laugh, i think its because we find things absurd
absurdity is defined as being something being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable.(key on wildly)
Think of most of the jokes you know or have laughed at, they all fit this bill.

so here somes the kicker
what defines something as unreasonable or ridiculous

does what you see or hear follow logically consistent framework
if it sets up or breaks an established logic framework youve likely created a joke

now your brain could have two choices to think endlessly about the ridiculous setup like a math problem and go mad or break from that "for loop/do while"

basically what im saying is that laughter is a failsafe mechanism when an illogical /ridiculous premise gets introduced to language logic processing side of the "circuitry" of the brain and breaks from it to protect itsself from devoting precious processing power.

basically a logic breaker fuse
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is it real?
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Elysium Basis Supplement

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What's /sci/'s opinion on Basis?

>"The first-in-humans, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study assessed the safety and efficacy of taking repeat doses of Basis — a combination of nicotinamide riboside (NR) and pterostilbene — in a population of 120 healthy adults ages 60-80. The results? Regular doses of Basis increased NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent."
>35 scientists on the board of development and testing, including 7 nobel prize winners

I've been taking this for 5 months now (24 years old), and every dosing I'll feel a boost in energy and mood for the entire day. If I take a nap during the day after dosing, my dreams will be wildly vivid.

Anyone else have any experience or knowledge about this product? It seems beneficial to me despite it being intended for elderly people
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