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I want to fossilize myself in honey. For two reasons. 1) to show people in the future what I looked like, and 2) so they can maybe bring me back to life.

It will require explicit instructions to my handlers and I must be buried. A cat of honey with something to keep me stable. And I will write a note too. Maybe include a 4chan post.
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whats the best bioweapon for destroying crops?specifically rice
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How hard was it for you guys to get into med school in the US my parents want me to do it so bad.

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Any advice would be great
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What did uncle Ted mean by this?
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Online grad school

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Are online engineering Masters programs worth it? I'm a working mechanical engineer who would like to get into the aerospace industry. I feel like a master's in aerospace engineering would help significantly in this goal. My grades were bad in undergrad so I'm going to have to be realistic about my prospects, but a more and more respected schools have online Masters programs now. Has anyone done one and gotten a solid job with it?
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>The study also identified regional differences with intelligence. For example, 84 percent of gray-matter regions and 86 percent of white-matter regions involved with intellectual performance in women were found in the brain’s frontal lobes, compared to 45 percent and zero percent for males, respectively.

What does this mean?
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Anyone here from Harvard or MIT?

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How is it like to study at those places? How hard is it? How much do you have to read or study daily? What are the level of the other students? Are the professors good at teaching? Thanks for reading, I always wanted to know how is the reality for the average student at Harvard.
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>the monkey can__
>control a computer with his brain. He can.
Why wasn't Elon supposed to talk about this?
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