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What traits in humans are inherited exclusively from one's mother or one's father? Is there anything more to that then the traits being on the X or Y chromosome?
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/tv/ is having a huge /sci/ debate

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Why are there suddenly so many goddamn schizo threads on /sci/? Is it a new meme to just post word salad or "cool new functions" randomly generated with desmos or is an entire support group for the mentally ill for some reason posting on this board?
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A day in the life of a phaggot ^w^

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This time, I'm trying to discover the heat equation, so far the curve that best fits is something around and , so I was wondering if you could give me any hints into it. I understand that this is just the expressed form of the actual equation that might involve differential equations (though I don't know much about that kind of maths but still then I have been able to express the equation of the spring or the pendulum using differential equations even though I didn't know how to solve them) but I imagine that it might be related to expressing the difference between a and when they are close enough. And as I'm saying I'm mostly looking for some guidance into this, and to know if I'm following a good approach, and perhaps any ideas as to how I can verify if to curves are sufficiently similar given some table of data.
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When are we going to realize that the only way for us to feasibly colonize space is by becoming bionic?
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/pg/ - physics general

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Dedicated to >>10664726
Talk physics.
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It has come to our attention that many people are ignoring the warning and are continuing to connect into the system for longer than one week consecutively. This is a reminder that failure to disconnect for at least four hours every week can cause the avatar personality to fully merge with the players and cause irreparable damage to their sense of self. When this occurs it can become far harder to disconnect a player from the Vearth2000 system, if not impossible, and the longer the player is connect consecutively the more they merge with the avatar and the harder it becomes. Since the players memory also merges with the avatar it is possible to forget how to disconnect manually. If this is the case for you it is advised you see your local Game Operating Daemon immediately.