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>1'600 cm3
>similar height as early homo sapience
>sapience cucks only 1'300 cm3
Is it possible that they were smarter?
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/pol/ says hi

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/sci/ how do we know the universe isn't a torus that loops itself?

Does that explain why big bangs may occur over and over again?
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motivation for CFT on worldsheet

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string theory question! why is it that the worldsheet is described by a two dimensional CFT? is there some motivation for why it must be, or were they just throwing shit at the wall to see what stuck?
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>Von Braun publicly spoke and wrote about the complementarity of science and religion, the afterlife of the soul, and his belief in God.[79][80] He stated, "Through science man strives to learn more of the mysteries of creation. Through religion he seeks to know the Creator."[81] He was interviewed by the Assemblies of God pastor C. M. Ward, as stating, "The farther we probe into space, the greater my faith."[82]
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He just disappeared.
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Help a brotha learn some SOC Verification

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Need to learn some H/W verification. Came across the blog:
Anyone know how to access it or any other websites/MOOCs/sources that teach the topic with examples and projects ?
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What the fuck is going on?

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"He was initially supposed to speak again at the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing, but his November 29 talk was canceled."

He told William Hurlbut, a neuroscientist and bioethicist at Stanford University, that he moved into the guesthouse "by mutual agreement,"

"He didn't convey to me that he finds the guards a constraining force at all, but instead feels they are protecting him," Hurlbut said

>organizes an "AIDS vaccine trial"
>edits some babies
>makes a presentation about it
>the world REEEEEs so hard that his follow-up presentation needs to be cancelled for security reasons
>He is immediately placed under house arrest, a month until the outside world hears from him again
>He is now under lock and key at all times, barely around to leave his building, and all of his work suspended

Are they going to kill him? vanish him? Force him to do state research? How are the Chi-comms of all people worried about the safety of the embryos of the children of voluntary test subjects? I thought the Chinks didn't care about bioethics and yet here we are.
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Calculator Thread

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