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Pointing at ourselves

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hey /sci/, I have a question for you.
we agree that when we think of ourselves inside our own body, we feel like if we are inside our head, cause it's where our brain is and our decisions come from and so, right?

then, when it's time to point at ourselves, why do we usually point our chest instead of our head?
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Rotational stability

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>Blue flywheels rotate in the opposite direction of the green flywheels. The black axle itself is not spinning, but its mass is far less than the flywheels. The device is floating in outer space and under its own power.

This isn't one of those retarded puzzles or anything. Does anyone know which of these two is more stable, if they have different levels of stability? I know that there's a huge issue with longer objects rotating due to the tennis racket theorem. Regardless of how stable you want a spinning object to be there's always going to be at least 3 difference angular forces playing upon it.
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What's the best branch prediction algorithm? Do Deep Neural Networks outperform the classic algorithms? Is there anything better than Deep Neural Networks for branch prediction?
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hey /sci/, how do I learn how to learn? I've quite literally forgotten how to properly study and fully understand concepts. Please, I need your help. Are methods such as mind maps the real deal or is it a meme? All I can recall that works is pure repetition.
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Pre-algebra rest in four hours

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I haven’t even studied.
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Why is the speed of light constant in all reference frames?
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Is this true that cortizol shrinks your brain and nothing can fix this? Biologist of /sci/,is this picture true? any sources on this?
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/IQ/ - general

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Now since anyone posting in IQ threads seems to be below the required threshold for making a general thread, I made this one for you.

You're welcome.
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Best and worst ethnicity of professors

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Chinks are serious and straightforward but nobody really likes them. But they are easy to make friends with them and get connections because of their unpopularity

White professors without accents are basically worshipped by the normies, even by foreign students

Jews are also great as long as they can't slip any social justice bullshit in

Eastern Europeans, specifically Romanians, are terrible in every category

There are a few pajeets that everyone loves but most of them mumble in really thick accents and show no enthusiasm

Middle Eastern professors are largely young, attractive women
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In Poland hospitals assume that 450ml of blood (a pint) puts the body at around 4500 kcal of deficit, but on the internet its stated to be around 650 kcal, so which is it? Are the slavic shitholes overestimating or is the internet low-balling it?
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