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Supporting Larger Breasts?

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With advances in things like gene editing, you KNOW that eventually, some woman is going to be modified to have ridiculously large breasts (just look at how we photoshop models if you don’t believe me). But bigger breasts would need more support, right? What would be required for that?
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What's their fucking problem?

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>Have lab instructor that says on the first day of class that she is ok with students "Arguing" with her over points and to contact her about it if we feel so
>Send instructor email saying that I would like to argue my case for a specific problem
>The next day she responds
>"You state in this email that you "argue" your point to me. Theres absolutely no reason that this needs to be done in the aggressive manner to which it was delivered. As you bask in your 3 points of glory, I want you to reflect on this moment and ask yourself if you feel you would have sent this very same email to Dr.___ or any other professor for that matter. The answer is likely no. Consider that."
What do? I didn't want the instructor to fucking hate me. I also don't want lab to be super awkward either.
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How can AI be a threat?
Its a meme right?
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Why hasn't anyone set AI loose on strategy games yet? Why are we still playing with this trash retard level shit whose only difficulty comes from cheating? I want to play an actual fair game against an AI and be outsmarted by it.
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Why is everything so ridiculously gargantuan in space?
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Can we have a mindblow thread? For ex. quantum entanglement, double slit experiment, etc
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What is the evolutionary purpose of depression, self harm, and suicide?
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Why is EE shilled so hard for on this website? And why are electrical engineers predisposed to having massive superiority complexes?
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What are /sci/ approved youtube channels?

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