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Is it possible to do a phd in a tough field, let's say maths, and have a full time job simultaneously?
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Reminder that science is a white field and all you minorities, ESPECIALLY the indians, need to politely leave immediately.
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physicists need to listen to Rasheedah Phillips

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in this video she talks about how we still view time in a western linear time framework

starts at 7:00....physicists like Ed Witten etc. need to listen to this
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How do normies categorize things into their largest encompassing concepts?

Trees + flowers = trees + flowers

trees + flowers = forest

Is the inclusivity of categorization better to neuroypical people?

IE “nature” over “forest”
Or putting everything in
good vs bad
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Autism is genetic

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>A single sperm donor is the biological father of at least 12 children who all developed autism
>Studies of Rizzo's children found that they had two mutations tied to autism in genes called MBD1 and SHANK1.

Of course, the media is primarily concerned with making clear that there are many classes of autism, so there isn't some simple "autism gene" -- this is to head off any idiotic ideas like "turning off" autism or whatever brainlets will dream up.
But the simple fact remains that, at the least, this particular form of autism is genetic. Then maybe other forms are also genetic.
More importantly, can we finally put anti-vaxxers on suicide watch for good?
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I have a math fetish. Nothing makes me hornier than calculus and statistics. This makes math class hard for me because I have to sit through the whole class with no way to relieve my urges. Instead of porn, I jerk off to my math textbook and my parents have noticed. They wish I would just watch porn like a normal child but I can't get off without thinking about math. My girlfriend left me because I would shout mathematical formulas during sex. This came to its worst today when my calc and stats teachers were having a discussion of the calculus of the normal curve and I had to excuse myself to the bathroom because I just couldn't handle it. It's ruining my education and my life.
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Mostly low carb and Omad but

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I ate some Italian food yesterday. Felt sick for hours.
Do people live like this?
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>AI will not destroy huma...
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