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How would we prevent this?

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So how's your research going, /sci/?

I mean, you *are* involved in growing the corpus of human knowledge, aren't you?
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Doing undergrad in math. Seems like doing a ma in cs instead of math is the way to go for job security. Just wondering if there's jobs out the for CS master's without experience.
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Quantum Mechanics Made Easy?

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Are there any websites or other sources allowing one to understand the basics of quantum mechanics in simple terms, without too much math and such involved?
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question for graduate students/former graduate students: is it normal for graduate students to be expected to work on projects during air travel?


i'm "mastering out" of my applied math PhD program because burn-out and fuck school. i've completed my masters thesis and even the powerpoint for my defense, and the only thing left to do for my degree is the defense itself. my committee all seems very pleased and even impressed by the project, which did turn out pretty well. it's a program suite for microscopy data analysis. my adviser and I are interested in publishing my results in a journal. it's more-or-less everything i've written in the master's thesis, but there's a little more work left to be done adding some data i hadn't analyzed in time to include in the thesis.

i have a job interview later this week, and will be flying across the country and staying overnight. i reminded my adviser of this today, and he made a reference to me working on my project while i'm on the plane/at the hotel. i told him that i wasn't going to do that, and he got kind of upset, and told me that whenever he is traveling, he does work on his laptop and expects that from me as well. i didn't say anything and we just sort of left it at that.

the thing is, i just don't want to work that hard anymore. i've finished everything i need to do for my degree, have 2 job offers, and have kind of moved on. i want to publish the paper, but don't want to work on it for more than a few hours a day, and not at all while i'm traveling, and there isn't any real reason to rush. normally, i'd feel a little guilty/lazy, because i know that grad students are supposed to work really hard for little/no apparent reward, but this whole exchange struck me as being kind of childish. thoughts?

by the way i'm NOT being paid or compensated in any way

td;lr finished master's thesis, want to publish results, adviser upset that i don't want to work on project while on airplane/in hotel
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Wtf can i do with a BS in physics...

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Besides teaching, which still needs a pos certificate, what are is possible. I've been told "not qualified enough" for other positions that I was told I can do with a physics degree.

...will I have to be a web developer
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Why is complex analysis so comfy lads?

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When collagen replacement is viable, is everyone (even elderly people) going to have baby soft skin? And when is this happening?
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