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Engineering help: DIN 50150

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As the title says, me, and my peers, have some doubts, regarding the link between Brinell Test and Tensile strenght, as reflected in the aforementioned standard.

I am well aware, this DIN rule has been surpassed by DIN EN ISO 18625.

Shall any engineering anons, provide any further info, it will be trully thanked.

Thanks to all.
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Memory sports

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Trying to improve my memory, an inspired by memory sports. Memory is currently the weak point in my IQ but its perhaps the most trainable. Dont have large index of pop culture to build a pao (dont really watch tv), thus an unable to clearly visualise them, and struggle with spacial memory for loci technique. Additionally I have found the nmemonics difficult in the past as the additional information that seems unrelated just adds complexity and you have remember the image and its cypher to the retrieve the relevant memory. Please help.
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Give me secular evidence for survival of the self after brain death.
Biocentrism,quantum immortality,
Just quote science and not a religious book
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Is race realism real? I am black but I've never felt dumber than my peers/colleagues so obviously I find it hard to believe, without /pol/ clouding your judgement is there any merit to this at all? Or is just pseudoscience.
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Doing the new AQA A level maths and further maths, finished the maths spec and coming up to finishing further (doing discrete and mechanics).

Other than the specimen papers, what's the best way to practice to guarantee an A*?
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I'm trying to do some Classical Mechanics practice problems, and I understand all the math that goes into them, but I don't understand all the obscure processes that go into them, like solving for some weird variable, or setting two seemingly unrelated equations equal to each other. I guess I just haven't developed the necessary critical thinking skills. Wat do?
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Can you solve this?

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I have a theory as to what it is, but I'm not entirely sure; my reasoning is somewhat vague and I can find some holes in it myself.

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post, any suggestions where else I should put it?
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what is it called when you can see the objects trail as its moving fast? like pic related, or if i waved my hand back n forth youd see like multiple hands?
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Delta Heavy launch at 11:05 am PST

First launch of ULA in the new year. The mission has been scrubbed three times before.
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You should be able to solve this.
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