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How is this possible to have an orange like this?
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is khan academy the master race of all educational websites?
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Is this the key to IQ gains? How does one get these "smart drugs"
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I'm in my 2nd semester of quantum mechanics. Last year, I learned nothing, and it's the same this year. My professor's lectures are so hard to understand; he might as well be speaking Chinese. Is there hope for me?
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Am I too retarded to go into a mathematics degree?
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Is engineering management a good major?

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Friendly reminder that this is the only proof you exist

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When did you realize that AI's primary objective will be reduction of entropy, and that all its actions would be based on maximizing that goal?
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Why is it that when you are a kid, hokey TV effects seem more realistic than for adults?
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If you're so smart why do you waste your time here? If you guys are truly scientists that is nothing short of unethica, nothing short of a crimel. We live in a society and society has invested in YOU to solve THEIR problems and you are here, looking at meaningless images all day? I for one am out. Bye.
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