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Please tell me its possible to upload my brain into a server in my lifetime, its all I have to live for
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What if I use Feynman technique to question what is my existence?
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Isn't it insane how little research has been done comparing the anatomy of europeans vs sub-saharan africans brains via autopsy or MRI? I feel like these types of studies would be ridiculously easy to accomplish with even the budget of a ham sandwich, but I literally only found four-FOUR fucking articles on the entirety of the NCBI examining this issue (which are all either inconclusive or unrelated to anything relevant). Budget doesn't explain this, difficulty of research doesn't explain this, hell, even ethics don't explain this (studies could be used to help black people with neurological issues etc) Can someone explain to me what the fuck is going?
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What's the science behind boys being cuter than girls?
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I've got quite a small head does that mean I'm a dumb dumb?

I don't think I have microcephaly but it still looks small...
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What is the way which to get good grade at math exam?

I had memorized the mathematical conception related to exam, but I couldn't solve a lot of problems.

Because they need to utilize conception to solve...

It is possible to good at math with this shit brain...?
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When did you understand that a right to live as long as one wishes should be fundamental?
Alex is no longer as enthusiastic:
Our political climate isn't cut out for long-time experimental research necessary for development of new cures for aging. Any field specialists here?
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Will science be able to in the near future be able to change DNA and manipulate it to create or transform into things that we want/need?
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