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I want to learn machine learning to debunk ufology.

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No real experience coding. I have a degree in economics, so I have moderate math skills.
What would be the best way to start to learning?
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Taking a fully rigorous class in differential geometry at a top uni (for instance we covered de rham cohomology, gauss-bonet, a classification of 1 and 2-manifolds...). How can I make it feel more like other kinds of maths? There are so many identifications, botched proofs, shitty notations that it feels like physics sometimes. Pic unrelated
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Scientifically speaking is overpopulation real or not? Why do people continue to deny it?
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Nukes vs Global Warming

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A full blown nuclear war would result in a nuclear winter that would massively cool down the earth for decades. So why don't we just detonate nukes in some safe place to cool the planet just a bit to compensate for global warming? You know, not enough nukes to cool the planet too much, just every now and then we could set one off in some place where nobody lives anyways, like a desert or something. Would that work?
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Do numbers exist?

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It makes sense that we invented numbers as tools to understand the world but, in the other hand we also see numbers like pi or e appear in nature or other fields.
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So I found out that one of my old professors has published a complete rip off of a paper I did during my masters.
No citation or attribution to me, even though my work was published over a year ago. I published as a solo author.

He was not involved in the work, be we did have discussions and I did show him a preprint before I published. But he was never involved to a degree where including him as an author was even a question.

He has submitted it to a low tier conference where is a member of the organizing committee.

This is less than a year after I graduated.

What the fuck do I do?
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Mandelbrot set appreciation thread

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Whether you like math or not, you must concede that the Mandelbrot set is pretty cool. Despite being calculated from a very simple formula, it's literally infinite and endless. Even after countless zooming videos are posted on youtube every day, the total amount of set explored will always be 0%.
The set was never invented, it was discovered. It always existed, but we can only see it now thanks to computers, and despite being known and studied since the 80s, there are still some mysteries surrounding it. For example it is known that the set is connected, and it is conjectured that the set is locally connected, but this has never been proven.
Famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was fascinated by it and even made a documentary about it and fractals in general, going as far as adding a reference to the set in it's novel "The Ghost from the Grand Banks".

Feel free to post images and facts about this wonderful set of complex numbers.
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What are some /sci/ approved video games?
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What's the endgame to reality?

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Is it to colonize the multiverse and keep fapping to hentai and fondling VR titties 'till the end of eternity? Like seriously what's the fucking point?
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