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What is evolutionary advantage of labor pain? Women know labor is very painful so they would want to have no/less babies?
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does the human brain function like a worm's brain just with more connections?
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I want to cut my leg off and get a robot leg instead
What innovations have recently came out of the prosthetics fields?
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What's the consensus on this so far? [Brain/Neuro]

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Alright, ever since I played Wolfenstein as a younger person, I've had nightmares and constant terror over the whole trope of "Fate worse than death" because of the ending scene in which it's revealed one of your companions had been removed from their body, and their brain experimented on for years, mostly conscious of it all, and powerless.
Obviously this freaked me the fuck out -- enough where I seriously considered killing myself in order to evade being tortured for enormous amounts of time completely unable to do anything.

So, the question: is this a possible or likely result of a brain being removed and given negative stimuli?

Lets say a mad scientist tries this in the future without altering your brain at all, only giving inputs and maintaining your brain's health: would you suffer for untold amounts of time? Would you fade out over time? Become numb to the pain? Would you stop existing as soon as you're "pulled out"?
Again, this is all assuming there isn't anything administered to change your mental make up; just inputs of emotions,possibly thoughts, and pain -- no expectation your body has to receive them, just that they are sent.

I know we still don't understand a lot, so this is more about if this is even a possible result, not if this is or isn't what would happen.
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What does the comma between zinc and copper mean?
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Meme book thread

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Why the fuck do you retard autists shill this faggot’s shitty book? It’s fucking unreadable and doing the exercises feels like smashing my face into electrified metal spikes.

1/10 avoid like the plague. Also post more meme books to avoid. Anon I hope you dont fall for the shitty recommended books.
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what's the purpose of seeking diverse applicants?
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I'm working on a section about the historical use of 2.4 - 2.45 GHz band (including its use in Nazi Germany to sterilize and induce diabetes), Brillouin precursors with mmWaves, and the Moscow signal event, which was funneled into project Pandora and ultimately MKUltra. Beyond just gathering the data and documenting the real extent of our history, I'm also working on a section about what to be done about it. It's fairly simple though, in all cases you're going to need to raise awareness and have people informed and with you. Providing credible data, and handing out notices of criminal liability to those helping the "deployment" of this purported "communications system" has also been effective in some cases. In Australia antenna installation has been blocked because it constitutes an assault under their laws, as it prevents their "quiet enjoyment".

We have what is likely a brief period remaining to use the internet against them. It is necessary to build awareness in your locality.
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MD 20/20s

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So, let me see if I’ve got this correct: rabies has existed since at least the 26th century BCE, but we didn’t even find a vaccine for it until 1885, we didn’t know that bats could carry it until 1960 when the first tests were done in caves after an entomologist died from it, and the first human didn’t even survive this 100% fatal disease without the vaccine until 2004.

However, there are some people who will argue against vaccines, but just remember this: when mass scale vaccination of dogs began in 1945, we went from an average of 27 people dying from it a year in the mid-to-late 40s, then 12 people on average in the 1950s, and then finally down to 1 - 3 people per year since the 1960s, which it still remains today.

In fact, we eventually eliminated canine rabies by 2004, and America was officially declared a canine rabies free jurisdiction by 2007. The last indigenous case of human rabies from a dog bite in the United States was in Texas in 1994 of 14-year-old Rolando Bazan of Hidalgo County (pictured). Before that, 1991, before that 1968, 1965, 1963, and 1960 - 1962 (3 cases). Every other indigenous case since that has either been from a bat or a raccoon.

But yet there’s still a lot of things about it that we don’t know. Like for example, how it affects the brain. Dr. Willoughby’s theory was that it messed with your brain but not your brain itself, other theories state otherwise. There’s a lot of universally unagreed upon things about this virus. It’s mysterious, because not only have we gone so little in terms of breakthroughs through literally thousands of years, but we still don’t even know a lot about it even in 2019.

How the hell is this possible?
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Give me 1 (one) reason artificial general intelligence isn't possible. What is so special about a brain that cannot be replicated in a computer?
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