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Stupid questions thread

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medfags,answer this:
does burning a cut limb stops the bleeding;or does it even work at all?
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Given a competition where each person is judged only by their other competitors, what is a fair way to minimise bias or foul play, and encourage accurate ratings? For example:
>one competitor rating everyone else zero
>one competitor rating fairly until they feel at risk of losing, then rating subsequent competitors zero
>good faith ratings still varying in how they use the scale
>singling out one opponent for an unfairly bad mark

A simple adjustment would be to award each competitor an average of what the scored everyone else. This would correct for constant bias, but not for focussed foul play. You'd need an additional way to weight ratings compared to the group.
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Is abstract algebra the brainlet filter? Sure feels like it.
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True or False?

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Is a cube to the third dimension as time is to the fourth dimension?
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Guys help me out here.

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I'm trying to explain something to someone and it's clear in my mind but i don't know how to put it in equation.
It's about creatine loading phase. there are two ways to get muscles saturated with creatine: either by taking 20 grams a day (split into 4 doses) for 5 days, or taking 5grams per day for 21 day. So either way you get your muscles saturated with 100-105 grams of creatine. Important thing to remember is that before your muscles are saturated you will reap no benefits from creatine. Now this person argues that quick loading phase (4 x5grams x5days) is more expensive than slow loading (5grams x21 days) since "you'll go through the bottle (500grams) quicker", but he purposely ignores the fact that your muscles will already have a 16 days head start when quick loading vs the other option. If one was to put this into a math equation how would it look like?
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If you want to move beyond endless drudgery, you have to have technology (or slaves, servants, or a spouse) to free you from the otherwise all-consuming task of survival. Technology is the least-objectionable way of generating free time, in my opinion. People have a limited mental capacity, so we can't just keep adding on new skills. So irelevant subjects like Latin, square roots by hand, etc. have to go.
Today, it's nice to be able to add small numbers, and larger numbers in a pinch, but the specific mental tricks and habits needed to get the right answer consistently when adding lots of numbers are just not helpful. Calculus classes are focused on drill, computation of integrals and derivatives, etc. While there are some conceptual questions, functions as tables and graphs instead of just formulae. These computations could be done much more easily in Mathematica or with a numerical solver. Calculus classes should focus on modeling and numerical algorithms (e.g. estimating areas using triangles and rectangles). Calculus classes could be more focused on modelling and use of the computer to approximate things (e.g. use of Euler's method in the movie Hidden Figures) : teach how to design, analyze, and run mathematical models on a computer. Furthermore, writing the word "lim" in front of everything but not defining a limit is a silly pretense to rigor, just teach it like Newton did.
If you are worried that your child will suffer by not learning to solve a polynomial by hand integrate, etc., I would suggest worrying more about not learning how to skin a rabbit, or how to start a stalled car.
Even assuming hand computation, most of the problems could have been done using the AM-GM inequality the whole time or are just elementary problems obfuscated with integral symbols, probably so it is easier for the professors and TAs to grade.
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How to excell in Quantum and Astrophysics

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What is the best way to secure a spot in a college that offers a PhD in both quantum mechanics and Astrophysics.
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Why hasn't this been resolved yet?
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Encabators in Education

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My Retroencabulator broke down in the middle of my lab experiment and my classmate only gave me the data sheet for his personal version. Are you expected to service the disambulation system on your own, or to call for service? Please help.