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Genetic snake disorder

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I would suggest from a self diagnosis perspective that if a person had a balance between these 2 chromosomes in whatever strange pattern would bring forth a human snake/reptilian disability then the male half is not the insecure or unstable one, he is still not immune to emotional abuse but is able to take it way lighter like being teased barely bothers him, the female side however would react very poorly to emotional and sexual abuse creating a huge psychosis and large amounts of unforgiveable ptsd. The male side is the whore the female side is not /shrug.
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The power of God

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(this is not trolling, but rather just speculation)

If in this universe it would be physically possible to actually build an impenetrable defense shield like pic related, how could it possibly be done?

My guess is that it may be possible to emitting some kind of pattern of some kind of field(s), in such a way that at the desired shield boundary the waves intersect causing a constructive interference, in some way that interacts with the gravitational field at the shield boundary, which we know from general relativity bends light, allowing it to stop any kind of radiation, or cause any kind of matter to disintegrate.

>pic related: Atlantis under siege from Je- err, I mean the "wraith"
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What's the evolutionary purpose of cruelty? Why do we enjoy torturing small animals and similar things?
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Scientists discover new branch on the tree of life

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Holy fuck, lads. Fucking Leafs have made history.
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UK Experts call selecting High IQ babies repugnant.

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Designer baby fears grow as experts slam 'repugnant' new test that can predict an IVF embryos' risk of having a low IQ

Clinics in the US are considering screening embryos for 'mental disabilities'
The same method could predict which babies would have lower than average IQ
Experts say it would be 'repugnant' to only select embryos with high intelligence
But it is scientifically feasible and one said 'there are people who would do this'
Experts say it is 'repugnant' to think about terminating embryos because they are expected to have lower than average intelligence.
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Race is a biological fact.

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/engi/ editions are gay

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>Is X a meme major?
Unless it is Biomedical, Mechatronics, or Systems Engineering your major XE major is not a “meme”. Additional meme majors include chemical and nuclear engineers. They are challenging degrees but there are just not enough jobs to keep up with graduating students. Many bitter anons in these threads are ChemE students or unemployed ChemE graduates.

>Why is Mechatronics or Bio Engineering a meme degree?
They are often very shallow degrees at the undergraduate level. Students end up becoming a master of none and are outclassed by the more common disciplines. For the longest period of time these courses were only Master/PHD opportunities. A good undergraduate program is very rare for either discipline. Your meme state school isn’t one of those programs.

>I can’t find a job
What is your GPA? What is your experience? Is your resume shit? Do you interview well? When did you start looking?
A GPA of 3.0 is the bare minimum for most companies.
Experience is helpful but is not needed to get a job. You will have a much tougher time though and will need to grind out applications. College clubs and personal projects are good ways to get at least some experience if it is not professional experience.
Post your resume if you want it to be reviewed. Try and quantify actions at your job, don’t just list your responsibilities. If you have no professional experience emphasize your school projects/clubs/personal projects.
It helps to practice and write down your answers to question that you think you will be asked. Using Glassdoors can be helpful when trying to figure out what kind of questions specific companies ask.
You don’t need to be a 3.9 GPA, 3 internship, non white student to get a job in Engineering. Just keep in mind Apple/Boeing/Broadcom/Google/Intel/etc, don’t generally hire <3.0 GPA no experience autists that are incapable of talking to other human beings.

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I'm making a terrain generator for a game, and I've figured out a good algorithm for blending biomes together, as long as I have a function that rates how well the climate suits those biomes.
Unfortunately, I have so little knowledge of how to make such functions that I don't even know what science connecting climate and biomes would fall into.
Anyone able to assist?
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Let’s cure baldness in this thread

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And I’ll toast first by curing the incurable Peyronie’s disease in the OP: use an electric toothbrushes vibration to break up the plaque. That’s it.

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I'm in linear algebra and Calc II and I havent been going to class since up till now I have been able to learn from the textbook.

My teacher (same for both) said if I got 90+ on the final he will give me my final exam mark. If not he will weigh my midterm and assignment marks (an 80 gives me around a 53)

Can I teach myself linear algebra and Calc II in 4 weeks?
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