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SpaceX Launch Thread: Es’hail-2

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LC-39A has new cladding edition

WHEN: Window is 3:46 p.m. EST / 20:46 UTC to 5:29 p.m. EST / 22:29 UTC
Probability of weather delay: 40% (Thick Cloud Layers Rule, Cumulus Cloud Rule)
Backup launch window: 3:48 p.m. EST / 20:48 UTC to 5:29 p.m. EST / 22:29 UTC on Friday, November 16

~ Primary Mission ~
Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida (East Coast)
Booster core number & previous missions: B1047.2; Telstar 19 (July 2018)
Payload: "Es’hail-2" communication satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric for Qatar Satellite Company
Payload mass & destination orbit: 3000kg; 26° (GEO)
Payload information:
>Es’hail-2 will have Ku-band and Ka-band capabilities and support TV distribution, telecoms and government services to strategic stakeholders and commercial customers who value broadcasting independence, interference resilience, quality of service and wide geographical coverage. The satellite will also provide greater capability for anti-jamming protection and redundancy and back-up for Es’hail-1. Es’hail-2 will also provide the first Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) geostationary communication capability that connects users across the visible globe in one single hop and in real-time. It will allow also the AMSAT community to validate and demonstrate their DVB standard.

~ Secondary Missions ~
First stage landing?: YES, on droneship Of Course I Still Love You
Fairing catch attempt?: No

Stay in the loop:

This will be the 31st landed first stage, the 17th re-flown 1st stage, and the 63rd Falcon 9 launch.
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>chick tells me she is one of the 9 daughters of Satan
>laugh at her cringeworthy claim
>we have sex
>the moment I finish in her I fucking saw things
>visions like pic related
>visions lasted at least 10 seconds
>I gtfo
>ever since I've been hallucinating
>random strangers will turn their heads to me and stare
>I know they're not really looking at me it's all just in my mind
I don't believe in any of this bullshit. It's all power of suggestion. it has to be.
Someone here has had a similar experience right? What did you do?
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>1200 pound bear hibernates in winter
>800 pound bear wakes up in spring
>hibernating bears do not eat, drink, urinate or defecate
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To be completely honest I do not know for a fact if heaven does exist I'm mostly taking it on study of other forms of matter and light particles and things that survive as energy not biology. There is a heaven that much I know. What it is I can't exactly say... others call it dimensions I would call it the first? Either way the whole scary thing to me is what will it look like when I see it, and is there a full transfer of consciousness, things of that nature. How was it created is only kind of a mystery. I have seen from observations that these things can communicate with me so my other worry is whether or not I can join them. This is part of why I feel an urge to tell others about it in a world full of depression and rage. Is there an afterlife? Everything I have ever seen confirms this 100%. The only questions for me concern the change, do we stay the same things of that nature /shrug.
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Is artificial intelligence just a meme?
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/gsg/ Gangstalking General discussion

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Artificial telepathy edition


So what's the battleplan to getting rid of these NWO/CIA bastards. They've been ramping up the attacks on me lately, can't even walk in the park without them whispering at me and making fishhook signs. I think they started using the satellite weapons on me now.

You can't keep people from learning the truth about your sick games you play on civilians.
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Can we all agree that without jews and their superior intellect / IQ the world wouldn't be as advanced ? How can /pol/ cope with the fact that jews outsmart white / asian people in every domain.
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Genetic snake disorder

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I would suggest from a self diagnosis perspective that if a person had a balance between these 2 chromosomes in whatever strange pattern would bring forth a human snake/reptilian disability then the male half is not the insecure or unstable one, he is still not immune to emotional abuse but is able to take it way lighter like being teased barely bothers him, the female side however would react very poorly to emotional and sexual abuse creating a huge psychosis and large amounts of unforgiveable ptsd. The male side is the whore the female side is not /shrug.
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