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Were H. erectus' arms more evolved that ours?

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Is this graphic really true? What does this mean?
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Humanity is going to die on Earth, isn’t it?

We’re not even going to get onto the Moon, let alone Mars...
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What is the evolutionary advantage in perceiving time as being relative?
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Wouldn't eating stuff dropped on the floor improve your immune system?

I don't go around licking toilet seats but if I drop something on the floor in my house or on my desk I just brush it off. Never gotten sick from it. In fact I rarely get sick at all. Am I retarded or are people seriously over blowing the dangers of germs? You here about how kids eating dirt and stuff boosts their immune system. I don't see why it should be any different for adults.
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is it possible to create a steampunk airship in real life?
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Forget about intergalactic travel even traveling outside our solar system is impossible. We are very much just limited to our tiny solar system in vast Milky Way. This is really depressing
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What the FUCK?!!
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It's ogre.
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What is evolutionary advantage of labor pain? Women know labor is very painful so they would want to have no/less babies?
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