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can someone explain what could have happened that she needs a colostomy bag and why her asshole cant be fixed surgically
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I'm here to share from /x/ the Snow Globe Flat earth

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The Snow Globe Ice Dome Flat Earth
I'm here to share because I care.
Try on a pair of /x/-Ray Google's and take a peak at what reality is and how and why it Matters
This guy has a fan good reasoning for his claims.
Flat Earth Fact #1 everything is electromagnetic in nature.
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Pretentious intellect: The board
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>literal homo erectus found in brazil
is this the missing link?
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Where does /sci/ think homosexuality originated from? I've heard three main arguments.
>It's evolutionary
>It's genetic
>It's societal (bonding)

The evolutionary argument originates from observation of animals, when under certain conditions they will engage in homosexual behaviors en masse, that's mice, rats and sheep, but not naturally in the wild. Only when we put them in cages together and provide them food.

The genetic argument, which is gaining more traction because of the proof that genetics influence complex behaviors. If your family lived through a famine, you're more likely to be over weight. If you were abused as a child, specific genes activate which reduce the amount of empathy you feel, serial killers and mass murderers exhibit these genes. There are other genes like the "coffee" genes, each responsible for a different aspect, one makes coffee taste nicer, one makes caffeine more powerful and the other gene reduces the jittery effect of the caffeine.

The societal argument comes from the fact that humans are naturally caring animals, we have complex social bonds and the way we bond with each other is extremely important. However, when we can't find a mate or someone to really bond with we move to the opposite sex because usually there are more of them and they're more relatable.

So. My opinion is that it's a mix of all three. We're at a stage where everything is basically handed to us, our genetics are screwed thanks to increasing divorce rates and the bonding aspect in humans is being massively reduced. Especially male female bonding. I read some horrific statistic that says 57% of men in the United States won't open a door for a female because of fear of being called sexist.

What are your thoughts? Considering gay men and lesbian women share only one characteristic, that being they're attracted to the same sex, I don't think you could say the same factors influence both groups, because we know that female and male brains are different.
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I want to teach myself physics and math is this possible if you' don't have an above average IQ? Where do I start?
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Is it possible that "the smallest particle" does not exist because it could be always divided between other smaller particles?
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itt: we send a Polaroid camera into space.

For real though, The most iconic thing 4chan and /sci/ could do in history is send something into space. I'm talking /sci/ could receive academic funding if we achieved such a thing. /sci/ could have a seat at the /un/ and direct resources to researching the questions /sci/ has longed answers for. We just need to break 99.7793 km to reach the low orbit and touch the land of no return. if we estimate the angle we need to launch a rocket at in order for it to fall before activating fuels x, y, z in order to propel at an angle so that it will essentially fall into the orbit we can make this happen.
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