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Putnam Problem of the Night

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What do history and geography graduates do for a living?
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Is going to medical school worth it?
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So whats goin on SCI? How do you feel about this world now?
Earth poles changed
>we have potential solarstorm/micronova

also anyone remember that thread with anomany -20 year solar wind chart ? that shutdown solar observatory, also the server data were wiped for specific time (strange it didnt happen for ages)

news articles

So far we hae:
>strange happenings past year
>humanity changing direction
>people have no respect, are lazy, consumers, dont give a shit about nature about people, do shitty carrier, hobbies, waste this Earth
>lots of people also sleep bad last half year or so
>more and more people getting either red pilled or blue pilled whatever it means everything goes extreme limits

who elese feel the same that the world, without any kek meme additive conspiracy
>is changing

History always repeats so I suspect some either natural disaster, war, civil war, survival, it cannot be a fkin pinky pony cloud heaven all the time
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lads i stabbed myself right in the fingertip a month or so ago
it went basically to the bone and now my fingertip has a pretty big scar on it

am i now banned from voting because of this or something?
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Theoretically, is there a scientific way to induce a new sexual fetish in a person?
Say I wanted to make it so that a person became genuinely aroused by a new fetish. How would I do that?
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Brainlet here, can someone help me understand what the fuck this is?

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Hai guise, /biz/tard stepping in to ask about a project that I'm speculating on. It's called Tauchain and is being developed primarily by an Israeli programmer named Ohad Asor. /biz/ and /g/ are too dump to make any sense of this. These guys look like they're building some kind of AI supercomputer on a blockchain? This is very heavy in the fields if Logic and Functional Programming.
Demo of Tau Meta-Language:

Is this some kind of elaborate scam? I can't make heads or tails of what these people are doing.
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Global warming/Climate change

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So is global warming real and we need to worry about it, or is it just a meme
Because i've seen the data from Vostok but im still confused
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I thought astrophysicists were smart?

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>I'm an astrophysicist and I perform my own (simple) stock analyses based on kinematic principles: comments welcome! (March 25, 2019)
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How the fuck and why would our Sun expand

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to nearly the Earths orbit near its death? How is that possible?

How is it suddenly generating so much more energy to overcome gravitational pressure so much?

How the fuck would the Sun increase its radius nearly 200 fold??

Explain yourselves, physicians.
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