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How do humans keep up with complexity of science?

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The amount of knowledge keeps doubling or tripling every few decades. We don't have the brainpower to keep up with this. Soon you'll require a PhD to understand only the basics of some of the technologies. Can we educate people for 30 years just to make them do simple things because technology went too far?
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are humans "great apes" ?

what do apes have in common?
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Why are there so few beautiful people and so many average and ugly ones? I thought we were selectively breeding for beauty. What the hell is going wrong?
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Is there a hypothetical way to "cure" sociopaths/psychopaths?
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Hey /sci/
I haven't been there for a long time.
Do you still laugh at the engineers for being gay, or have you moved passed that at last?
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fractal sound

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How he was able to create a fractal sound ?
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Blessings of climate change

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Climate change will alter the balance between energy demands for heating and cooling respectively across the EU. Reductions in heating demand will compensate for increases in cooling demand. As a result, overall energy demand across the EU could decline by 26% under a high warming scenario by the end of the century. Introducing policies that lower energy demand through improved energy efficiency, such as increased insulation, could achieve even larger savings of up to 40%.
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Earliest modern human found outside Africa

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>A skull unearthed in Greece has been dated to 210,000 years ago, at a time when Europe was occupied by the Neanderthals.

>The sensational discovery adds to evidence of an earlier migration of people from Africa that left no trace in the DNA of people alive today.

>The findings are published in the journal Nature.

>Researchers uncovered two significant fossils in Apidima Cave in Greece in the 1970s.

>One was very distorted and the other incomplete, however, and it took computed tomography scanning and uranium-series dating to unravel their secrets.

>The more complete skull appears to be a Neanderthal. But the other shows clear characteristics, such as a rounded back to the skull, diagnostic of modern humans.
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The abysmal quality of papers outside of US and UK

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Ok I am currently a graduate school in economics and skimming through a lot of papers from all around the world. The one thing I notice is that discrepancy of quality of papers between US, UK and other countries is surprisingly large. Even when I search the thesis from countries like Germany , France and Japan, it looks like a meme paper done by incompetent master students. Hell if you look at 2nd, 3nd world countries like Turkey, Russia and India, the papers might be written by undergrads. It could be only in economics, but do you guys observe this trend in your fields?
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