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please help, im bored, i need to stimulate the meat blob in my forehead with information.

post the most mindblowing information/topics that you know, or could attempt to fathom
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>be senior ME in undergrad working on capstone design project with other senior ME students
>half are chinks that can't speak english, the other two are CAD peons
>none of the 4 have had more than one transient internship
>think they equalized the teams by grades and because of my perfect GPA was punished with the inheritance of shitGPA literal calculators (who can't even get that right most of the time)
>as such, they are ME students at a top 30 school about to graduate and don't know how a lead screw works or is pronounced, despite us all taking the same course on mechanisms

When did engineering become as braindead of a field as some of the humanities? I wouldn't hire any of these kids, even for minimum wage. Do they just "take the summer off" and not try to apply their knowledge at all?
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What's more urgent right now to capture the automotive market:
>battery breakthrough
>autonomous driving breakthrough
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comfy old physics pics

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ITT post comfy old physics photos, preferably 1960s-1970s stuff
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NEET with a math degree here. What are the best books for going back to review Analysis, Algebra, and Topology when you've already had them, but want to really brush up (looking for stuff at the graduate level in particular).

Also, book recommendations general
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I have 70 10mg pills of ritalen, no job and 4 weeks of free time.

Can I teach myself linear algebra?
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Good morning /sci/, who feels like flexing their inorganic chemistry muscles a little?

I am a non-chemist trying to make uranyl nitrate () by dissolving uraninite () in nitric acid. The dissolution was successful, now I need to isolate my desired compound. In case you're wondering, I want it because it's fluorescent.

Here's what I have done so far:

- Dissolved the ore in 65% nitric acid
- Removed insoluble minerals
- Precipitated alkaline earths using sulfate (This concentrated a lot of the radioactivity in the precipitate)
- Precipitated the uranium using ammonia (forming insoluble ammonium diuranate)
- Filtered and washed the precipitate
- Redissolved the uranium using nitric acid
- Let the solution dry in air for months, losing interest in it for a while

The solution crystallized partially, which is where I got pic related. Both the solution and the crystals are emitting a considerable amount of beta-radiation, indicating the presence of .

I have access to mineral acids, hardware store grade solvents and very little glassware. Does anyone want to suggest a next step? Thank you very much!
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Input go in.
Input get calculated into output
Output go out.
When will /sci/ become redpilled, and realize that the brain is essentially just a black-box with no free will whatsoever?
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Health risks associated with long term caffeine consumption?

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What can potentially happen if you consume 50-500mg caffeine everyday for 10+ years?