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Regular healthy person with no apparent mental disorders or complexes that everyone seems to have at least one of these days.
(to make this thread valid: What do you think the cause of rising mental disorders is? Increased diagnoses or is their actually an increase in manifestations?
I think a lot of people just need to feel cared about and after watching how things work, intentionally or unintentionally, they develop something that will get them some attention/affection.)
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Making The Sahara Green?

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I heard somewhere that relatively recently, in terms of that kind of thing, the Sahara desert was significantly wetter and greener than in the present day. What would it take to start making it like that again, and what would be the effects?
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/Postdocs/ general

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I simply want to know if there are any postdocs here or only sophomores with idiotic questions.

Any of you from Germany? Any ideas on how to leave this fucking prospect-less shit hole?
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>psychology is for idi-
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Best tricks for boosting cognitive performance?
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What humanities subjects does /sci/ enjoy? Reminder that if you find humanities worthless you’re an autistic sociopathic tech slave
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Resistance to Radiation

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How does that work? How come some people and/or organisms can handle more radiation than others? How does radiation affect the body and how could we become better adapted to it?
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So I just randomly decided to check suicide stats after reading a depressing thread and while I was aware that males are somewhat more prone to suicide than females, I never expected it to be fucking upwards of 7 (seven) times more.
The more interesting thing is that this is specifically notable in the slavlands which is quite weird as there is no logical reason for that to actually be happening. General suicide due to poorness and gray commieblock theme, perhaps, but why exclusively males? What's the scientific explanation of this?
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I just saw something really weird in the sky.

It was around 12:05. I didn't have a watch on me at the time. I was walking my dog and we were in this big field. I was facing south and turned around. Right in the middle of the sky I saw pic related going by, It was going at a steady pace and was visible for about a minute. It didn't seem to be following the curve of the horizon, but rather moving tangentially to the sky. It continued on Eastward and it didn't disappear behind the horizon but just gradually became dimmer and dimmer until I couldn't see it anymore. I'm half an hour southwest of Minneapolis.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?