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Is it possible to have an image with 8m smallest detail size taken on a camera from LEO? What kind of cameras or techniques facilitate this? Asking for a friend.
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If you were transported back to ancient Greece, with only the knowledge in your head, how long do you think if would take to reach the space age?
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What can we do to help medical students?

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Medical Students face enormous pressure. This is reflected in the high rate of suicide among medical students.

What can we do to support and care for medical students today?
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For any doctors or interests in the medical field, any help?

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Hey /sci/ I know a lot of you genuinely love science and especially the medical field so I was wondering if any of you could help me out with a medical problem I’ve had for awhile since I actually don’t have anymore help from doctors. I have this issue called Palatal Myoclonus where I hear constant clicking in my head because my Palate keeps going up and down uncontrollably. I’ve taken Klonopin and other drugs for it but they don’t work and even had Botillinum Toxin Type A injected into my palate but the clicking sound came back. If someone here can actually suggest a legit method that might even relieve what I’m going through I would be more than grateful. I’m only 18 and this neuro disorder has taken away friends, sports, things I love to do and study, and really my overall will to keep going. Of course this is 4chan though so if this doesn’t interest you, you can tell me to fuck off and whatever, but I’d appreciate any words that anyone can give.
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Aerospace engineering student. Worth it?

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I've been studying aerospace engineering for 2 years. 2 more years and I'll have my bachelor's degree . I wonder if I'm even fit for this . I see y'all are so intelligent and being an aerospace student, I should be able to do all of what you are doing. Test me. Let's see if I should even do this.. ask me questions.
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>Graduate from Diploma 4 months ago
>Already started my Degree in engineering
>My Diploma Still hasn't arrived in the mail
>Got an online copy of it but want to frame it
Anyone else dealing with this
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Exam time

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>Be me >Have a week to do formula sheet >Procrastination_Spongebob.JPEG >*Realize there is one day left* >Dance_till_you_drop.MP3 >*Finds challenges since hasn't reviewed all topics yet* >*Finishes like a hero* >Proud.JPG >*test day arrives* >Intense_music.MP3 >*Pulls out formula sheet* >*Doesnt help cause spent too much time on cheat sheet and not practicing questions* >Happy.JPG >*Fails but is still proud because worked so hard on the formula sheet that has all formulas memorized now even though doesn't know how to apply*
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is ln(0) an essential singularity?

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>hol up
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