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>This month, officials said that water pumped into the stricken plant to cool its nuclear cores might have to be dumped into the ocean, due to a lack of storage space for the thousands of tons of contaminated liquid. Around 300 to 400 tons of highly radioactive water is generated every day; it's currently stored in hundreds of tanks at the site, from which there have been multiple leaks in the years since decommissioning started.

/sci/, what are the possibilities of managing to ship the liquid to a large main continent for containment? i.e. States/China for lockdown?
Yes, there would be high cost but would negotiating for assistance strengthen the bonds between these countries?

What is the best solution for something like this?
Article states it would take some odd $50B to fix it, and 40 years.
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What did anime girl in my dream mean by this?
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who had the best phenotype?

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i am gonna go against the grain here and not say ed witten, i'm gonna go with Hans Bethe
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Is this based or what?
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would the salt not end up inside the rice?
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Curing muscular dystrophy

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What's the current outlook for this? I have a rare mild form of MD and I'm pissed there's no research going into it. What PhD would I need to pursue? Genetic Engineering? Biochem? Med chem?
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>prof I took a random elective with years ago did last minute letter of rec for me
>want to email and let him know I finished my master's program, and to thank him again
>search faculty rosters from undergrad university and state college I went to (he taught at both)
>no results
>google name
>no results, like he's disappeared
wat do, /sci/ how do I track this fucker down
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Thoughts on this book?
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