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Are nootropics a meme? I want to take pills and get big brained.

Gimme some citations for which ones are good and which ones aren't.
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Am I missing anything?
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Astronomers May Have Just Discovered a Super Earth Just Six Light Years Away

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How long would it take to travel 6 light years using current spaceflight technology?
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What do you all think of a Statistics vs Data Science undergrad major.

Also how programming heavy is Data Science? I fucking suck at programming (B- in a 1st year CompSci Java paper) and afraid of taking Data Science if it is a programming heavy major.
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Big Bang Cycle

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How likely is it that once the " Big rip" scenario occurs, another big bang eventually occurs due to quantum fluctuations?
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Are recent changes to kilogram the ultimate proof of imperial system superiority?
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What does /sci/ think about the fact that runaway climate change is going to fuck us all over big time within a couple of years and that no one seems to be taking this grave threat (or even the possibility of it being a threat) seriously?
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do you have any mental abnormalities/diagnoses? do they help you in science? inb4 beautiful mind
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