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Anyone here read the CTMU? What is the gist of it?
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Have you said hello to the moon recently? You really ought to.
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>do ayahuasca with friends
>you all see the same entities
>materialistic worldview DROPPED
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>sister found stash of neutrinos
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How many people who are admitted to a grad program cannot manage grad school?

I'm talking about real graduate programs, not professional degrees.
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/med/ Medicine general

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"Sexy skeletons"-edition
Last thread reached bump limit.

We discuss research, offer advice (Just see your family physician), make fun of premeds, discuss residency and different specialties but we mostly shitpost

If you want to discuss vaccines, please make your own thread because it takes a lot of replies and the discussion degenerates.

>What's the best specialty for research?
Path, clinical lab, onc, rad/onc, anesthesia

>What are the best specialties lifestyle wise?
Optho, derm, psych and rads
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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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old >>10663235

Starlink passes edition
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I'm so incredibly tired of reading about geniuses and how they were somehow special as kids or how they found their passion for science when they were 0.01 microseconds old. I've read about so many of them and there's almost nothing I've learned. Feynman had his dad, Einstein always liked physics since he was a kid. Newton too. And so on. I've read on so many more scientists and mathematicians past that. I've read about islamic polymaths and chemists like al-razi, al-khwarezmi, ibn-sina. What the fuck are we supposed to do? It seems like every genius just became obsessed with their field at such a young age, managed to not lose that passion after like a year of going crazy for it, and lived long enough to change the world. Literally the only "genius" I've heard of that started to work on their field was in the field of painting and he was van-gogh. He started painting around 28, but I'm not a classical art man.

What the fuck do I do /sci/? There's only so much time I have left to do something great for my life, but every-time I pick up a passion (generally in science, which is why I'm asking you guys) I dedicate almost everything to it for two weeks then get bored and move on. I only have so much time left. Are we just fucked because we didn't start early enough or what?
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Statistics problem

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Hello frens i have a problem for you with added personal spice.

I fucked my gf without a condom.

Her period is late by a week.

We did 2 pregnancy tests, both pregnancy tests claim to be 99% accurate as most modern pregnancy tests.

The first test was done 4 days after her period was supposed to come, the second 6 days, both early in the morning.

Both tests came out negative.

Whats the actual probability of her being pregnant? Its obviously a geometric distribution variable but I dont know how to compute it given that reliability of actually knowing if you had a success or failure isn't 100%
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O'neill Cylinders BTFO by Elon Musk

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