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What do you guys think it is?
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Alcohol's Effect on the Gallon Challenge

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I know that alcohol has a diuretic effect on the human body. I'm wondering if that would change the rate at which fluids pass through the pyloric sphincter relieving the pressure and allotting more space for milk.
Could I put away a gallon of milk if I was already drunk and it had vodka in it?
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>Second year of Mechanical Engineering at Uni
>have mental breakdown the likes of which have never been seen on this Earth
>Make the absolute worst decision of my life and be an accounting fuckass
>20 minutes in and I hate the program
>Hate the entire business school
>Desperately want to go back to Science

Pick a major for me that isn't art, I want to get employed at some point, and isn't business, because fuck that noise
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What science has do say about meditation? The benefits are true? There seems to be a lot of controversies surrounding the practice.
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>fall semester grades thread
Post 'em
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Med school is a meme.
I'm a med student, I would know about it.
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How to make mustard gas? Am from /b/
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Digital Logic

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Can someone help me with this circuit problem pls?

A synchronous sequential circuit that has a single serial input x. The output will be a 1 if and only if the sequence 101101 has been received. Identify all overlapping instances of the sequence. Find the following: the minimum state graph, make a near optimum state assignment, design the circuit using JK flip-flops and analyze your design.
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>junior year EE
>spend summer before sending emails to EE and physics professor hoping to meet when school starts and possibly gain some research experience
>only 1 reply
>go to his office, tour lab, everything going well
>"your not prepared" (need a junior level course which I now have done)
>spend rest of semester studying hard and preparing to apply for REUs and any summer research available
>time comes when applications are open
>fill out all the forms up until recommendation letters
>try to contact old professors through email to meet sometime and ask for letter
>no replies
>ask a few current teachers
>no chance for any of those now
>all the while I never applied for internships of any kind, cant find many within specialization, and get no replies
>mfw this is with 3.9+ gpa, a few projects, experience with relevant software, and with multiple programming languages, clubs, honors, etc...
>mfw I will be working some boring food job again next summer
Next semester I will ask a new professor at the school for research experience and hope something happens. I wanted to apply for PhD programs for free grad school but seems like I will have to do masters because I might have 0 research like an absolute mongoloid...
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/sqt/: when you realize dumb simple stuff and you're impressed edition

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>be at work today, slightly bored, mind wanders

>spontaneously realize that a line is the locus of points which are pairwise equidistant from two points whose connecting segment is perpendicular to and bisected by that line in two-dimensional space

>mfw I realize that the same holds good for "point... one-dimensional", "plane... three-dimensional

>this is simple as fuck and it's literally just mirrors-reflection axes but I never thought about points, lines and planes as being such loci in quite this way before
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