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Hi. I have a TI-84 Plus CE and I've spent my four years in high school dicking around on this website and nothing to show for it. I'm now stuck with a bad GPA and mediocre ACT score.
TL;DR: How do I cheat on the ACT?
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A recent study found that women’s desirability on dating sites peaks at exactly 18.
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I made a thread about this yesterday asking what was the scientific explanation for this phenomenom.
It had more than 100 replies. The thread got deleted less than 6 hours later.
Why are mods trying to censor free scientifc inquire?

Here is the source btw:
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/mg/ math general

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Previous thread >>10002000

Trivial proof edition
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Corrected Planck's Errors:

hbar = 9.670554000 x 10^-36 J*s
h = 6.626070150 x 10^-34 J*s/rad

Denke temperature: [(hbar*c^5/G)^1/2]/k = 4.291306104 x 10^31 K
Denke mass: (hbar*c/G)^1/2 = 6.592215290 x 10^-9 kg
Denke time: (hbar*G/c^5)^1/2 = 1.632219516 x 10^-44 s
Denke length: (hbar*G/c^3)^1/2 = 4.893271007 x 10^-36 m
Denke energy: (hbar*c^5/G)^1/2 = 5.924787631 x 10^8 kg-m^2/s^2
Denke density: (c^5/(hbar*G^2) = 5.626438479 x 10^97 kg/m^3

Best wishes, G-D
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NPC thought experiment

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let's say we make contact with an extraterrestrial life form that has very advanced technology and scientific knowledge, etc, etc

furthermore they look maybe like pic related

furthermore, they have no sense of identity, no sense of individual consciousness, don't claim to have any sort of internal monologue, etc.

but nonetheless they're scientifically WAY beyond us and their technology is so advanced that it looks like magic to us

what do the NPC dumbasses think about that? do we somehow say "those supersmart aliens are useless beings, fuck them!!"

or do they instead say "oh wait yeah, the NPC meme is pretty retarded"
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Can you solve the unabomber's math trick? (described on lower half of the page).
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reality appreciation thread

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let's take a moment to appreciate that reality is a very powerful and _real_ thing.

science is our relationship with the mysterious state/thing/being that is nature

we are not apart from it, we are one with it. nature is us, and we are nature, and that's beautiful

ground your thoughts in reality. not fantasy or philosophy or abstractions. we're here, we're real, and so is everything else.

anything besides real stuff is fake
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