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What is time?

Like, what is it? and don't give me some vague bullshit answer like "time is what keeps everything from happening at once" or some buddist nonsense with that. My teacher does not know what time is and i want to know, we can split the atom but why can nobody just tell me what time is?


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/sfg/ Spaceflight General

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old >>10663235

Starlink passes edition
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Easiest, cheapest, road to energy carbon neutrality

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Easiest, cheapest, road to energy carbon neutrality is to just build an overcapacity of solar and wind and then use less efficient but cheap energy storage like thermal storage in molten salt.
Convince me otherwise.
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Why Japanese students excel at mathematics and science?
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How the fuck does this image work?
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High IQ people prefer instrumental music (eg classical and jazz)

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>ib4 "muh IQ is 130 and I like rap" brainlets
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/phd/ - phd general

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how's research going? how were finals?

come shitpost together with your fellow academicucks

what are you planning on doing after graduating? has it changed since you started?
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How do we improve the American Education system, /sci/? While their Tertiary education remains top-tier throughout the world, their Primary and Secondary Educations is lackluster. How do we fix it? What are our options?
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Kindly explain this to me as if I were an idiot.
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Do you fucking love science?
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