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Which would melt first?

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Is a Physics degree worth it [UK]

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Is a Physics masters degree worth doing in the UK given the low pay and limited job opportunity, as well as having to obtain a PhD to even be taken seriously in a field. Honestly, I love physics but it seems as pointless to do as a masters option as bleeding Literature!
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What does a CS degree offer that a math degree and an afternoon on google does not?
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Where were you when the Elon Musk bubble finally burst?
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Longevity Escape Velocity

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For people currently in their 20s, what is the probability that we will reach longevity escape velocity within our lifetimes, and get to live for potentially hundreds of years, if not longer?
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CompSci to MechEng

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What are some books a brainlet-tier CompSci major needs to get into Mechanical Engineering?
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Is watching video tutorials acceptable?

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If I am interested in learning something and there are a lot of video tutorials and easy beginner guides about it, should I use them? Is there any point in learning about the subject, then?

I feel like I'm being a mental cuckold by taking the easy route and learning from somebody who is specifically trying to teach me and help me understand. But I also don't like wasting time.
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So if 10/0 = 10 since division is just a shortcut to subtraction:
10 - 0 = 10
Then what is the answer to 10/1 and prove it EXPERIMENTALLY. Maths not allowed.
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Why isn't there as big of a focus on biocomputers as on quantum computers?
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this time we are going to make it, aren't we?
the high temp. superconductors and the modular design are very promising
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