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Liber Primus

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Has anyone on /sci/ attempted to decipher Liber Primus? I feel like there's enough brain power here to do it. I understand that this puzzle is years old, but I thought I'd ask /sci/ since it requires some intelligence to solve.How would you go about solving this?
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/engi/ engineering general

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Why didn't I go into business edition
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1 dimension has length (x)
2 dimensions has area (x*y)
3 dimensions has volume (x*y*z)
what does 4 dimensions have?
what does N dimensions have?

2 dimensions has perimeter
3 dimensions has surface area
4 dimensions has what?
N dimensions has what?
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Hey /sci/ I've been struggling with this problem for a few weeks. I've been wanting to come up with a way to find out the maximum angle a cup can tilt without losing it's liquid. To my knowledge, the only inputs required are: Dimensions of the cup, and the volume of the water, and output is simply some angle.

I believe you can solve this completely 2-dimensionally. I have no way of proving that but it's kind of just intuition tell me that so I hope it's right.

My initial thought was to vertically integrate a tilted cup (giving us a function with Y's and thetas in it) to tell us how much liquid is in the cup, set it equal to the volume we poured in, then set Y equal to the height of the cup times cos(theta) leaving us with an equation of only constants, and theta, then solving away. I'm running into countless problems and I'm starting to think it's just a bad approach.

How would /sci/ go about this? Can/should integration even be used or is there a much more trivial solution? I'm curious to hear your ideas.

I was going to upload my work, but it's so scattered on paper, and a video of me running through it would probably be just as awful, but I can try if you guys are interested.

pic not my work, just found it on google because it's related. I have no clue if that solution is accurate or even how they got to that point.
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SpaceX Launch Thread - Telstar 19 VANTAGE

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When: Sunday, July 22 at 1:50 a.m. EDT, or 5:50 UTC
Launch Window: Four hours
Where: Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Press Kit:
Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 block five; core B1047 (first launch of this core)
First Stage Landing?: Yes, on OCISLY, 8:29 after liftoff
Payload Destination: GTO, 63° West
Payload Information:

This is the second block 5 launch overall, and SpaceX's 13th launch of 2018. This launch marks the beginning of 100% block-5 missions going forward.

Current weather forecast: 60% GO

Space/SpaceX news:
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I’m thinking rovey mcroveface
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/mg/ maths general: cohomologies edition

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talk maths, formerly >>9837232

picture from
>p-adic geometry
>Peter Scholze
>(Submitted on 11 Dec 2017)
>We discuss recent developments in p-adic geometry, ranging from foundational results such as the degeneration of the Hodge-to-de Rham spectral sequence for "compact p-adic manifolds" over new period maps on moduli spaces of abelian varieties to applications to the local and global Langlands conjectures, and the construction of "universal" p-adic cohomology theories. We finish with some speculations on how a theory that combines all primes p, including the archimedean prime, might look like.
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do you know the answer to question 1? i do.
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Do you feel as though you understand this universe enough for you to consider your curiosity, ''satisfied''? What does make you curious? What drives you?
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