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>told to be myself
>uni group doesn't talk to me
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do you know if this will work (european symboles)
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Why do women not have weird fetishes?

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I'm sure, this being 4chan, we are all familiar with the weird fetishes out there. Inflation, giantesses, feeding, vore, feet, tickling, transformation, petrification, etc. These weirder types of fetishes seem almost absent in women. At most women seem to be into rough sex, BDSM which is sort of an extension of that, and vanilla, normal sex things like impregnation. For example, on /co/ guys talk about getting fetishes from all the weird things on the cartoon Totally Spies. But I rarely hear girls say the show gave them some weird fetish, even though the show was aimed at girls. What is the scientific reason for this?
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Wtf can i do with a BS in physics...

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Besides teaching, which still needs a pos certificate, what are is possible. I've been told "not qualified enough" for other positions that I was told I can do with a physics degree.

...will I have to be a web developer
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Hey /sci/, do you know any cool experiments to grow crystals? Preferably kid-friendly. Pic related.
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/eng/ - Engineering General

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Undergraduates pretending to be $150,000 managers edition.

Engineering Science

Engineering Practice
>The Making of an Expert Engineer - J. Trevelyan
>Firm Handshake

Last thread hit bump limit.
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So um, is us losing 95k tons of hydrogen a year a big deal? What are the effects of this?
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Is the James Webb space telescope really worth it? I'm all for expanding human knowledge but a $21 billion telescope that at best gives us really good wallpapers seems a bit much
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Pros and cons of building tropical beach under the dome in cold climate?
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