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Future inventions in each of these eras

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What 10 inventions will be made in each of these eras

1. The Near-Future

2. The Mid-Future

3. The Far-Future

The near future is 30 years from now. The mid future is 100 years from now and the Far future is 500 years from now
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<---So I wrote this shit of a program. when I run my program like this ./program <file.txt it will print everything inside this file to an output.

I really hate programming. I am a newfag programmer and have no idea how to solve this problem because I am the slow one.

If some C expert would be so awesome to explain to me word by word how do I work with data in my file? The idea of this program is to iterate through everything an user types into the command line (argv[]) AND COMPARE IT WITH THE FIRST INDEX OF DATA SO WHEN I RUN THE PROGRAM LIKE ./program B<file.txt

If someone could help me here I would get on my 4 and suck him.
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Is it scientifically possible to turn oneself into a pickle?
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a puzzler from the liberal public radio to-day: move exactly two of the numerial digits in "65 - 43 = 21" in order to make the equation true (the subtraction sign and the equality sign stay put):
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Physics Gravity Problem

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How to do the model check to confirm that during the first 20 seconds of his fall, Felix Baumgartner, the Negro who made the parachute jump from space, was in free fall.
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Math help.
Trig is kicking me in balls, maybe /sci/ can help me more than khan academy is right now.

Right now I'm working on Analytic Trigonometry
Here are the problems I'm working on. I'd like help understanding them as I have the answer sheet in the back of the book, thanks!

1. cos(20+A)

2. sec x cos (-x) + tan^2x

Numbers 61 and 67 in pic provided.

Links to videos will be helpful, too.
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What if it's a mistake in biology to localize organs and organ systems by spatial location? In other words, what if things in multiple locations in the body are better viewed as a single organ, or even as a foreign organism? You could connect them by their chemical and electrical communications systems (are there any other types? temperature? heart rhythm?) by viewing them as embedded in a topologically complex 4D spacetime. What about the human eye? I seriously think there's something relativistic or quantum going on in there and it's connected to the brain by some sort of abstract high dimensional geometry. Same with the ears.

Previous /sci/ threads
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Sci will defend this

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>"fossil fuels" is a lie
>"peak oil" is a lie
>"non-renewables" is a lie
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Since when did NASA become a fashion statement for normies who don't give a shit about space or science?
Everywhere I look at my university people are wearing this shit and don't know the first thing about NASA. It's pretty annoying.
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What Does the Research Say about Reiki?

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What Does the Research Say about Reiki?