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Sex boosts testosterone?

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I heard that ejaculating in a vagina causes the testosterone to raise.
My question is wether having sex with trannies and men have the same effect.
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is meditation a meme?
I know there's a lot of research on it, but I'm too dumb to differentiate between good and bad research.
I'd like to know how it affects creativity and anxiety
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/mg/ maths general: 3 edition

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talk maths, formerly >>10973904
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>tfw Homo sapiens are a brainlet human species
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/sci/ I need your help identifying symptoms for me. Friday night I drank about 3/4 of a liter of vodka and woke up with a killer hangover. My stomach was so fucked up I couldn't hold anything down until late saturday night. Then this morning I woke up feeling better, but I have been having killer diarrhea that is almost completely clear. I've been hydrating as much as possible but it hasn't abated. I went to start drinking again but after only a few shots my stomach began to ache so I stopped. I eat about half a dozen raw eggs a day if that helps. Did I fuck my stomach up or something?
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Water vapour emissions?

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I've always agreed that nuclear energy should be invested in and made into our primary source of energy (maybe even using thorium I guess?)

However, I recently came across a claim that water vapor is the most abundant greenhouse gas. Its nowhere near being as efficient as CO2 in the atmosphere when in identical quantities, but my question is, would nuclear energy make a huge impact regarding greenhouse gas emissions(water vapor). Please correct me if in wrong with anything as I am not very confident in my understanding of these topics.
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When will human cloning become legal and affordable?

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i want to clone myself and have sex with my clone but i need to know something first. Can you make your clone female or your clone takes your XY genes too? i dont want to do gay stuff,no thx
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CSfag here

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>Logic / proofs
>Linear algebra
Is this enough of math for CS to get an entry level job? I'm self-studying and I'm currently focusing on practical stuff, but that's nearing to an end.
Please recommend books too. And is this doable till 2020 if I start tomorrow? I already have experience with precalc and logic but it's quite rusty now, I'll start from scratch.
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Manipulation/Control of Gravity

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Serious thread: Don't say it's impossible if you haven't researched this topic explicitly.

Let's share whatever information we have to see if we can learn more about the universe and some of the lesser known or even obfuscated facts therein.

These can get us started, it touches on both small and large abstractions and applications.

>Focus on the science and technology, not on useless conjecture surrounding the topic.
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Does anyone here actually do science?

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