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I think I've found a way to double computer chip speed and efficiency, and half their size.

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Hi 4chan. I'm here to talk about two circuit component inventions of mine, the Biode and Transratiometer. These inventions are silicon or semiconductor based logical processing elements, which are capable of reducing computer circuit complexity to 1/2 the original number of parts. In addition, computers may become up to 2x as fast and efficient by implementing these technologies. Check out the circuit diagrammes I've rewritten and talked about in my scientific paper.

These devices can be made the same way as diodes and transistors, for the biode and transratiometer respectively, as p/n, n/p/n junctions. Simply put, I promise you they are produced equivalently to diodes and transistors - just with a different number of outputs.

I have produced halfway functional models by modifying transistors and diodes, but I do not have the laboratory to produce real models. I come here today to look for research partners or sponsorship.

Here's the paper:


P.S. A lot of my circuit diagrammes use resistors in the schematics, but as modern computers do not use resistors so often anymore, but rather have diodes doing the work of the resistor, they can be substituted with diodes in my schematics and the reduction of parts and function remains the same.
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Why is everything grouped into groups of three?
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Self-studying and not being able to check your work

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If you are self studying, how are you suppose to check your proofs? Couldn’t you easily fool yourself into thinking your proofs are correct?
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Studying STEM at 25+

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Anyone here start studying STEM at university/college when they were 25 years old or over? How did you fare?
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What age did you earn your undergrad degree?

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Is it acceptable to get my B.S in Aero at the age of 24? I had some financial issues, feel really behind :( I am consistently top of my class, if that's important
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Few years back people were calling this impossible and retarded.

Now we already have a bunch of companies working on them and may see the first operational one in 2-3 years.

Are they really going to be revolutionary?
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post your personality type

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>The vast majority of Mars colonization autists would return back to earth after spending a week on Mars
Prove me wrong
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On what to math

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How does /sci/ do their math/physics homework, problem sets on?
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>be literal discoverer of dna
>all current studies show significant differences in IQ by race
>even in races raised in households of other races this holds true
>brain is the most complicated organ in the body, with all of the observed differences in other organs differing by race it would make sense for significant divergences to occur in the brain as well
>state these facts publicly in a non-malicious way
>get all of my honors taken away from me and receive emphatic slandered across academia and msm

Wow good job guys we stopped this nazi!
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