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Is this image true?

How is it any different than the way I was taught growing up here in the Holy American Empire? Would I be better off re-learning how to multiply like this? Also consider re-learning it how they teach ids in Germany how to do basic arithmetic
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Math thread by

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>Life is a random occurrence in the universe. There's no intelligent design behind it. We are lucky to be alive.

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I've got a newfound interest in math for some weird reason and i found this great youtube channel mathologer. So I'm watching this video about "the most irraitonal number", and he explains (fairly well) the difference between rational and irrational numbers by using the continued fractions.

But what i can't seem to figure out is how to use the continued fractions of an irrational number, since they (per definition) don't have two factors to start the continued fraction from.

So: is there another way to calculate the continued fraction of an irrational number than using a predetermined approximation of the irrational number (by using the babylonian method, for instance)? Also, is this a /sqt/ question?
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But make an effort to ask intelligent, novice questions in your field of interest. And avoid making blatant pleas for homework helP.

Question of the day: scientifically speaking, why do I want the pusspuss?
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/mg/ maths general: module edition

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talk maths, formerly >>10129486
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Give it to me straight

Are we really snacking on cloned aborted foetus cells?

If anything, knowing the unborn were sacrificed for my libation would make me thirstier, but I'd like to know
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Tooker <<<< Shiva

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Zero-hat has now been rigorously defined as the first step in my dance.
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>just memorizes positions and engine moves
>considered the greatest chess player of all time
This championship is pretty bad. Maybe Fischer was right, chess is dying. Is 960 the future?
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My friend died I'm having an existential crisis. I want to believe that I'll see him again in some sort of afterlife but when I think about it, it seems more likely that humans, being the only species cognizant of our mortality, created religion (which all have some form of afterlife/rebirth/spirt realm/etc) as a coping mechanism for the fear of death and knowing you'll never see your friends and loved ones again.

So, based on our current scientific understanding, is there any physically possible way someone's consciousness could be transported in another part of the universe or different realm of existence?
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