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Beamed Power Edition

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Multiverse theory is so fucking dumb

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Why is it that scientists love to find elegant explanations for universal laws, yet reject the elegant explanation of how the universe couldn't logically have popped out of a multiverse but has a fixed point and isn't random?
Doesn't this seem contradictory to anyone?
Is it just me who smells the massive amount of bs? Its similar to how we're told we're the cause of climate change when its basically something inevitable and the result of planetary forces that we have no power over.
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/mg/ - maths general

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Talk maths.
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Is "climate change" just a big industry to make money, create trends, control what people focus on, and give idiots a purpose? Basically like religion and praying?
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Is it worth doing a msc/phd in machine learning?

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At first I should mention that I am based in europe and in a country that is poorer than average in eu. I finished my cs bachelor with good marks (not exceptional, but good, like top 10-20%) and got a dev job which pays relatively well for the area. I was thinking about doing a phd or a masters in another eu country in the machine learning area.

I want to transition to data science jobs, because I find this kind of work way more interesting than classic web apps and shit like that. I think that a bare minimum is a masters but I also think that having a phd gives you an edge. And of course I have heard that a lot of data science or machine learning masters are meme tier.

What are your opinions? Which unis? Phd or master?
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what do you want in the next expansion pack for the dsm?
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What do you think aboutt this book?

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Nature Never Repeats Itself

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The fundamental principle of the universe that Physics still doesn't explain: no two stones are identical, no two leaves are identical, no two cats are identical, no two hands are identical, ... no two planets are identical, no two stars are identical.

There are billions of stars in the sky but there is no geometry. And, if you look close enough, they are all different. Ditto for the rocks of this planet and any other planet, and ditto for everything that nature does. All fundamentally different from each other.

It's a fundamental law of the universe, but it does not show up in the formulas of Physics: how deterministic laws can produce a natural world that never repeats itself.

This is not about randomness. There are very deterministic causes that lead to the shape of a rock or of a planet; but those causes, somehow, always lead to something unique, to something that never was before.

That's why a copy of you doesn't exist and never will: no two brains are identical.
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