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When it says E=mc2, how can you multiple something by the speed of light?

Like how can I multiple 3 pounds by 60 miles per hour? How does that even make sense.

To me it's like saying "take six potatoes and multiply them by yellow squared"
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>Why are Giraffes mostly homosexual?

what is the evolutionary advantage of being homosexual? is this not irrefutable proof that giraffes were created by god and not the result of """evolution""" ?
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Spaceflight/Jeff Bezos General /sg/

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NO THREAD edition

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Why is most of /sci/ too retarded to understand the Fermi paradox?
>If aliens exist that could colonize other solar systems natural selection indicates that every solar system should be colonized
>The fact that aliens aren't everywhere proves that they are no where
>"B-But absence of evidence doesn't mean evidence of absence"
>"B-But what if they are hiding"
>"B-But they could be out there!"
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>Claims CS is for brainlets
>Can't even understand the inner working of Count Sort

/sci/lets, when will you learn?
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/mg/- maths general

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Previously on >>10436214

Reddit spacing edition.
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Can anyone assist on the "what are nearest and farthest points from the origin" part? I got my particular solution to be . I think this is correct, you can fact check it if you want, but more importantly, how can I figure out what the nearest points to the origin are? I was thinking maybe using the distance formula then taking the derivative of it to find the extrema, but I don't think I am interpreting that correctly.
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Day by day I am more and more convinced that Atlantis existed. As a preface I do want to say that Atlantis was advanced for it's time (not Disney's interpretation of an advanced Atlantic society but more on par with the ancient Egyptians). They controlled almost half the world with their naval society.

Roughly 10,000-12,000 years ago the Great Northern Ice Age Glaciers are hit by a meteor landing in Greenland, starting a chain reaction of melting. The sheer amount of water entering the oceans makes the ocean bed sink and sea levels rise. What we know today as the Azores Islands was where, fringe heretical Geologists, say Atlantis was. This location also fits into Plato's accounts.

Atlantis from my point of view literally did sink over night from a sinking ocean bed and tsunamis.

There is more and more evidence stacking up everyday, why have we not looked into the Azores Islands? Every major investigation ignores these islands when a simple google map confirms that there is an elevated ocean floor.
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Thoughts on being a weeb in STEM?
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