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Who /finitist/ here?
Fucking lol at the brainlets who fell for the infinity meme.
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Why has science diverged from philosophy?
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Redpill me on why I should learn C
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Statistics is to mathematics as engineering is to science.
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What does /sci/ think about absence of evidence?
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/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread

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This thread is for questions that don't deserve their own thread.

>give context
>describe your thought process if you're stuck
>try and
>How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Previous thread >>9527179
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Anyone got a textbook chart that goes from high school level math to advanced graduate school level mathematics? Asking for a friend.
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Why does evolution make some people attractive and some people ugly? I thought evolution has no concept of “purpose”, and yet attractive people are more likely to survive and reproduce than ugly people as if it was predetermined
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The American and the sciences

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Why didn't the American people contribute to science ?
Why wasn't there any great non jewish american mathematician ?
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Is there any reliable way to increase your IQ?
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