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Time for some existential bullshit.

I have this problem that I can't really come up with ideas for cool concepts anymore and/or I'm too cynical to grab onto any idea I get. It's always like "Nahh... That's too fucking generic" or "I don't think I could make this work".

When I was younger I used to get all kinds of weird and stupid stuff in my head and I'd just do it, but I can't anymore. I'm always worried about what other people are going to think about my shitty art. My head is filled with all the concept art/illustration crap I've seen on the internet during the last ~15 years and that's not helping either! Everything I do just looks like something I've seen before.

My solution, so far, has been to just do fan art of the shit I used to love as a kid but it's getting kind of boring. Is there like a character art idea generation machine that just gives you some shit like:

- Military
- 18'th century
- Steam punk
- Medical officer
- Female

Actually, that could be interesting! But nahh, I can come up with something better... No, I can't. But I probably can. Or not. Not sure enough to start working on it. You see?

I just need a boss nigga to tell me what to do!