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The "/i(n)c/el parralels

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>There's no way I can {get bitches} make art, I'm clearly disadvantaged by nature.
>{chads} Pro artists never give good {advice} critiques. They always tell me to do {basic human functions} boring beginner things.
>It's clear I can't {get girls} do art because I'm not {chad} smart enough.
>How do I do this really simple thing?
>How do I do this really complex thing that takes years of hard work to achieve in no time?
>I can't {get a girl} do art... I just can't... I just want to kill myself.
> I have no previous skills but I'm trying really hard to do {this one girl} one pose. Do you know what {car & cologne} Anatomy book should I get to do think thing that I lack basic understanding of simple concepts to accomplish?

Please don't be that guy.
Whether in art or in any aspects of life, don't shift your blame onto others or things you can't control, take people's advice, take responsibility, and do things in proper order.
If you feel like you are done in art, please refrain on making a thread crying about how it's your genes or /ic/s fault for not allowing you to become an artist.
If you feel like you are not progressing, make sure you have the basics covered before you move forward. you wouldn't try running before you learned to walk, you owuldn't try juggling before learning how to hold, catch and throw. be mindful of the steps.
Please remember almost all good artists you see online are half a decade, a decade, 2 decades and above deep in art, and with growing life expectancy you have several decades left to keep honing your art skills (some people pick up art in their 60s, 70s and 80s etc, there's no reason for you to complain in your teens, 20s, and 30s)
Please don't blame younger artists and faster learners for being "more talented" they worked hard for their skill and they don't deserve it being thrown out as "plain talent"
Keep working hard, and don't be an /i(n)c/el

Thank you for reading my text wall