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Alternative Art/Stylization General

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>What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title. H?o?w?e?v?e?r?,? ?b?y? ?c?o?m?m?u?n?i?t?y? ?d?e?m?a?n?d? ?a?n?d? ?l?o?n?g? ?h?i?s?t?o?r?y?,? ?t?h?i?s? ?i?s? ?f?a?v?o?r?a?b?l?y? ?a?n? ?A?n?i?m?e? ?g?e?n?e?r?a?l?.? Janitor long time approves an anime study general tailored for anime drawing, I asked him don't bother him about it.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.
>Where do I go to learn to draw Anime?
Read the sticky. ctrl+f artbooks thread. Consult suicide to become Japanese in your next life.
>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #creative
>yoshikadu2011 (youtube, streams daily)
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary
> (0033)
> (one day this link will get replaced)


Keep up the fantastic work. All around great people. Stay cool, everyone.