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You'll never get better at art focusing on bait.
So do you part, ignore and hide their post.
Pick up your pencil/pen/whatever and contribute.
And don't forget to have fun and draw whatever you like, don't let others hold you back. Also drink water.
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alright guys, i have this problem... how can an artist deals with masturbation?
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Shadow banned in social media

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I recently was told I was shadow banned from Instagram and sure enough I could not find my recent post by using tags, It always seemed weird to reach 2k followers on twitter in a few months while I have barely crossed 1.5k on IG after two years.

Has this happened to you?, Were you able to fix it by the usual methods (ex: buy a promotion, stop activity for 2 weeks, not using banned tags, etc...?)

I do nsfw but it is very inoffensive (pinups, figure drawing, etc..)
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Super stylized manga and anime thread

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Post anime or manga artists that have a very distinct style while still maintaining that "anime" feel
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I've been having a lot of fun with primary palettes lately. Can anyone comment on this one? Is it worth dropping the $30 for 3 tubes of paint?
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In all seriousness what exactly are the intermediate steps between these two? It has become a joke precisely because nobody will explain the process.
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Looking for artists to follow that draw attractive females

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Ok, I've been following artists that mainly draw guys. I mainly draw guys myself. Every time I try to draw an attractive/cute female, I fail. I don't know how to make the curves look good, even though I want to.
So I ask you /ic/, show me artists that you think draw attractive females. I want to learn what they emphasize, I want to get better.
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Looking for that anon who made that weird gory furry drawing

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There was this wolf man thing with his dick covered in blood and laying on what looked like a loli cat thing.
I liked it and It gave me tingles
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Why do some people get good really fast and others struggle? I'm improving but I'm not improving fast enough. At this rate I won't be good until I'm very old, if ever. It makes me very angry seeing people half my age who put in no effort succeeding at things which I failed at.
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Alright someone explain this shit to me
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