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Art books

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Know any good art books /ic/?
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Russian /ic/

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in a few weeks i will live on NEETbux for about a year to improve at drawing. Any suggestions for a schedule or what to avoid/look out for?
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Ipad pro 12.9 thread — is it the absolute best tablet?

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We need to use our collective mind to determine if the ipad pro 12.9 is the absolute BEST drawing tablet before BLACKFRIDAY

I'll start
>Seems to have the best parallax
>Best colors
>no lag
>Can be used for other stuff
>Pen needs to be charged
>Overall superior pen

>Screen too small to work on all day?(need feedback on that from ipadfags)
>Scuffed photoshop
>No hovering pen cursor
>Still quite limited compared to mac/windows
>Can't integrate 3d softwares into the workflaw
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Guess age,genderand skill level

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Make a collage of artists/art pieces you love and have anons guess you're age,gender and skill level
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critique my work anons

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What art style is simple and liked by females?

I'm planning to impress a girl with an art.

Maybe it's cringe and bluepilled but I'm going to do it anyway. Suggestions welcome.
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How do you anons use paypal to get paid for comissions?

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So I think I've gotten to the point where I can start accepting comissions. I see a lot of people here that do them as well, and was just wondering how to go on about this?

Do you set your account up to be a business account, and use a different name, or do you guys just trust the buyer and use your real name? Complete newbie at this stuff so I don't really know how it works. Really scared that the buyer might be able to see your real name/address and actually be able to find you irl.. Can someone please go into depth and give me some advice on all this? I'm really confused on the matter.
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>nothing but illustrat tier selfies
What am I missing? Why is she so famous?
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