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What kind of art do you have saved in a folder?

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Do you keep pictures mainly because they look appealing?
Is your folder used to hold comedic images that you post on social websites?
Is it full of evocative works that remind you of the times you felt alive?
Is it made up of comforting sights?
I seek to know.
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I'm slowly learning how to draw like Kim Jung Gi. What kind of objects/scenes should I practice? I know Gi loves to draw astronauts, a couple types of guns, a few types of cars, tigers, pigs, and women. What should I focus on?
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Battlestation thread

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Post your battlestations.
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Cintiq or Huion?

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Planning on getting one of these monitor tablets. Which one should I get and what size?
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Heyo /ic/, what's your thoughts on nootropics (smart drugs)? what smart drugs do you use? Have any recommendations? do you notice any difference in the quality of your art?

I began to dabble in it about a week ago, starting with Adrafinil in lower doses. I did not notice any increase or decrease in quality of my art, but I seem less focused on the outcome and more so enjoying the process itself. Looking forward to watching some tutorials and really getting drawn in. Also looking to get my hands on a Racetam and trying that aswell

If these drugs are the sort of things that uni students and millionaires pop, why short yourself? you deserve to be smarter and learn quicker
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Anime > Realism
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Brush Settings

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seeing what brushes other artists use is genuinely interesting to me- here are some of my frequent use brushes, what are yours?
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What are your favorite art museums / galleries to visit? Favorite works to see in person?
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Self Promotion Thread

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old one hit bump limit and had the wrong picture. let's see those art pages and what you're working on!
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Comics thread

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Couldn't post for some reason and the last thread died. Bringing it back. Post your comics.
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