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Clip Studio tips thread

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If you have any tips to share, or questions about Clip Studio Paint this is the place.

If you haven't tried painting with 'on screen mixing' turned off I'd try it now, I much prefer painting without it.
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Some artist put idiotic conditions for their art.

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>Draws DA tier shit like the pic.
>Charges "per hour" or $100-200 for a halfassed drawing with no color (color costs extra)
>Doesn't allow you to put the drawing anywhere or use.
>You can only see it on their art site gallery.
>You can't chose the pose or anything
>You can't profit from the drawing.
>Artists can use the pic whatver they want.

Then why the fuck should I be paying you?


Artists like to bitch that people abuse them, but at last you should be pro level if you want snowfalke treatment. I can and will hire someone else instead

Btw I am not shitting on aku oreo, but artists with shittty conditions in general. That's just a sample picture.
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how do I come up with poses that don't look like complete shit? how do I get around stiffness and the poses looking generally boring?
pic unrelated
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Any tutorials to breakdown the figure like this?

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That. I would like to learn how to draw manequins with cilenders like the pic. Specially for the curve of the legs and limbs.
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/MGM/ - Make Girls Moe

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Draw randomly generated girls!

Make a girl here:

Previous Thread:
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Guys kill me pls I got commissions which I agreed on and overcharged but don't have the skill to complete, fuck
This is an old client, I don't even know why he wants me to be his artist, but last project went for months and was for stupid sketches and ugly illustration.
It's basically fantasy, not a kink, nor a fetish.
Am I retarded? Is he stupid? He claims he likes my drawings and style that's why he's commissioning me.
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How do I improve line control with my tablet?

Recently I meet up with another digital artist and we were drawing together when he noticed that the way I was doing lines was very weird. We digged further into it and apparently I have very poor control over not only the line direction itself, but also pressure.

His suggestion was to use strong stabilizer on SAI, but it really kills my "flow". Is there anything specific for control I can do or should I bend over and just get used to stabilizer?
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Why are mainstream artist not honest about they motivation for creating art? We all know that money & fame are the moving force for us to get better.
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Artists that draw thicc girls?

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It's much easier for me to draw skinny girls in dynamic poses than it is to draw a thicker girl in a dynamic pose. I want to see if there's artists that are known for drawing thick girls really well to see what I could learn from them.
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Need Help/Instructor

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ive tried self studying for years. and ive gotten nowhere.
All the art communities ive joined, they all kick me out and ridicule me. In fact, wouldnt be surprised if a fag or two recognizes me based on this post.

I just want to draw a manga, webcomic, or whatever, not sure.
AND I WANT 1000 FOLLOWERS on social media sites.

I know /ic/ will just say
>update regularly
>git gud
all that. but, im too retarded. Really retarded. And im 20 years old, i cant waste anymore years of my life
And it doesnt help, that i pretty much hate 99% of the artist community.

Soo, heres my discord:


PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE HELP. I might even pay a bunch of money. Im so desperate, i might just pay $100,000 for 10 k followers.
Fuck it, if my investments take off, ill pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS, I JUST WANT TO BE FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!! T_T
And i want to empahsize, I dont want to be taught just how to git gud.
none of the /ic/ people i ever talk to ever teach me how to get a fanbase.... they just, draw.
And people often criticize me for wanting fans and calling me horrible stuff constantly for my dreams of fame

i hope some semi popular artist, takes pity upon my post, and guides me to my dream T____T
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