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Animation bread

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Music vs Visual Arts

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When listening to good music, it's natural to just groove, be sad, happy etc. In visual arts 99% people have to make a concious effort to have some sort of emotional contact with the piece besides "this is pretty" or "that dragon looks epic"
Music is a more emotionally impactful, lasts longer (in the mind of the person and in history), is more accessible, is easier to consume and understand.
What are the advantages of visual arts over music, /ic/?
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Just draw.
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I am a very beginner. I really can't draw anything well, but I wanted to do a light study, I think it's called
This is mostly about the lights and shadows, but anything else that can help will be appreciated
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>Drawing 60 hours per week
Feels good man
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I am a beginner, and I want to draw in the American comic book artstyle. What are some general tips in getting that style down? I understand lighting and I am working on anatomy, but how can I get that comic book feel?
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Is pretending to be a woman the ultimate shortcut to increase engagement in your art pages? Not like I personally need to uwu
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My mind has trouble grasping leg lenght any help?

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I'm still early stages on studying steve Huston anatomy

I get the theory that legs make half of the body and they are at least 4 heads long.

But my mind has a hard time processing the lenght of them like in the pic.

That is when I draw the torso everything is fine. But when I get to the legs my mind "can't believe" they are as long as they are and I make them shorter than they should be.

pic related as those legs are long and beautifully drawn.

Any advice?
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Comics thread

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Couldn't post for some reason and the last thread died. Bringing it back. Post your comics.
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is this torrent worth risking?

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It's Richard William's survival guide DVD pack and I dunno if it's worth infecting my computer over, again i'm asking if it's worth RISKING... i'm not telling you to test it for me... and it costs OVER A GRAND online to purchase.
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