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What happend to Wacom?

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The other day, I bought an Intous 2 6x8 (made in Japan) from ebay,
now i don't consider myself an expert on tablets
but I was really shocked at how good it is
absolute precision and accuracy, the stroke feels naturally stabilized
that it made my intuos 5 and Cintiq 13 look like toys in comparison
It can't just be me feeling this ... but something is wrong with the new Wacom!
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I made it, /ic/
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Pencil Holding PSA

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Hello I have some important info concerning your pencil grip. If any of you actually DO hold your stylus/ pencil for several hours each day be wary of how you grip it. I was drawing literally 8 hours a day everyday and eventually my wrist began to hurt. This lasted for 10 months. The source of my injury was in my pinky finger. If you are like me and curl your pinky inwards towards your palm. Be sure to stretch or break that bad habit. It can lead to trigger finger or worse. This goes for any other finger as well. Dont let your nerves and tendons get to to tight. People constantly tell you to draw for hours upon hours but you wont last very long if you dont take care of your body. Dont end up like me who had to waste 10 months of his life just to fix this. Part of gitting gud is learning how to maintain balance and not end up with shitty wrist. Good luck everyone.
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What's your favorite piece of art?
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What do I do?

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This is a long rant. Some months ago i tried quitting art, its not the first time but I keep on coming back like an idiot. But that latest attempt i was really serious. At the time i was able to build up my confidence that i never had before, I keep getting compliments and one day one of my idols recognized me and told me i was doing well. I was ecstatic, i tried applying for a job related to game art and got rejected and it crushed me. This was all my fault, I don’t blame the people that rejected me, I had a very weak portfolio with only a few pieces in it so I understand why I wasnt accepted. And despite knowing that all the blame was on me, i couldnt help but feel crushed. I was willing to quit my current job for it, and when I realized how far I was willing to go I got really scared and stopped. I stopped drawing, talking to my art friends, posting, i just stopped. I hate my shitty job especially my boss that would constantly touch me inappropriately and then play it off as a joke. How pent up must you be to resort to someone as ugly as me you dumb fuck go rot in hell. Now even online I pretend to be a guy just so I'm under the radar. Everyday I cry because im a fucking pussy and a coward. But I needed the job so I cant quit. I dropped out of college after my dad got sick, I’m still in my early 20s so im having a hard time finding a good paying job. God Fucking Damnit. And now I’m stuck. But a month ago...I was in a really dark place, and no matter how much I try to be positive it didn't help. I was stressed and whenever Im stressed I do fanart of my favourite stuff to calm me down. I joined a community about my fav. show and started making more fanarts. I met friends that were so supportive to post my stuff in my social media which is something I have never done before despite liking them. And after doing fanart Im back to wanting to pursue art again. Son of a bitch.
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>the art board
>has created no memes, ZERO.

explain yourselves
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Just found this on the side of the road.

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Does anyone have any clues/suggestions as to its origin?
Looks African.
I don’t know if this is the right board for these kinds of questions but I’m really curious.
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Is not having kids an advantage for art?

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I never want children because I don’t like them, and I was wondering if that gives me better chances of making it. Obviously more free time to spend drawing and I have less stress about finances.

Some artists that I know who mentioned kids. Krenz Cushart said in an interview that his wife just takes care of the kids. Proko seems to be posting less since having his kid. What do you think?
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Aw yeah, its time to shill that pokemon fanart and get some likes and retweets.
You ARE trendhopping, aren't you? Don't tell me you actually draw pokemon beacuse you like it. Haha its a franchise for manchildren and babies.
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Animation thread

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