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What happened to Corel Painter?

A lot of people used to use Painter as their software of choice around 2006-2011. Photoshop was still super dominant, but there seemed to at least be a tiny bit of competition from Corel.

But I haven't come across a Painter user in a long time. Did they all eventually just switch to PS? It Painter still quality? Even here people recommend Painstorm and ArtRage for realistic painting software.
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how to come up with my own signature? i just put on my twitter on it, and how did you guys came up with yours?
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Does color matter that much if your values are on point?
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Want to recolor my drawings digitally, is it possible to get the job done properly with a mouse or should i invest into a drawing tab?
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Towergirls Drawthread

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:
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>what kind of art are you interested in drawing
>what kind of art are you interested in supporting

and why is it LGBT art?
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haters are going to die of cancer edition

ITT I'll be posting things I'm working on and soliciting anons to tell me what they'd do to improve the paintings. I'm not necessarily asking for anons to tell me what's wrong with them if they don't have any solutions or ideas on what to do next on them.

Future focused thread. Bing bang bong
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Is Jimmy officially on suicide watch?
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How do you achieve this aesthetic?

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It's Romanticism and Neoclassicism
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