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What's /ic/s honest and unironic opinion of using 3D referencing for art?
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This drawing is by Vimhomeless
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drawing with whole arm

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Really confused about this, how is one supposed to draw with the entire arm on a small tablet? at 100% zoom, drawing requires minimal movement, its much more comfortable with such a distance to draw using the wrist, the only time i can even use my entire arm with broad strokes is when the canvas is at 800% zoom. seems unintuitive and weird, im positive people cant be drawing this way, seems retarded..

am i missing something technique-wise, is this a tablet issue, just need more practice? is it acceptable to draw from the wrist? what do to improve line quality.
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My style Your Style

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Alright nerds you know the drill. Redraw this in your style. Can you keep up with me?
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>mfw i found out van gogh was a weeb
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Dynamic Sketching General - Week 2

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Dynamic sketching is a course utilizing observational drawing to understand how to see the world for the creation of design and illustration; developping strong foundation sketching skills through observation

Discord for those interested:
>Link to Dynamic Sketching 1:!whAg2QYD!S6X1smoI1lMNulQmvrMRbQ
>Link to Dynamic Sketching 2:!XRF0iY7Z!VZREnIDndi-z0zphl9dCvg!7AUyiDJD

Last thread >>>3771004
Last week: Line control, ellipses, organic forms and textures
Last week classes: DS1 week 1&2 / DS2 week 1

This week we keep on going with fundamentals then move on to plants sketching.

This week: Form intersection, perspective, plants
This week classes: DS1 week 3,4. Then DS1 6 for plants
This week homeworks:
1-2 pages of basic perspective (1 point and 2 point perspective)
1-2 pages of form intersection
4+ pages of plants
>Optional: Try your hand at a redesign

Suggested location trip: Arboretum

Next week: Insects and Arachnids

Post all your works for feedback and general motivation!
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Cartoonist thread: When you're not good enough to get by on either art or writing so you combine the two.
My last cartoonist thread died coincidently enough after I didn't post for a day due to a death in the family, but I'm back.
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What did you do on your first Figuary
and what you gonna do today
any figure/quickgesture you wanna show
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how to nicely ask a friend whether they completely suck at art or purposefully draw in stylized grotesque style?
pic rel is what their art reminds me of
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this board is not very nice.. what happened?
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