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a thread for stupid questions
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Real talk, has anyone been able to archive the site? Deadline is december 2nd and the data will be permanently wiped for good.
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ITT: art that you consider sexy but not overtly coomer degenerate shit like adding dicks everywhere art you all love. something more tasteful(I'm sure there's better examples than this)
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just draw
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Comic Im working on
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Hey /ic/! Show me your pixel art, pixels you've saved and tutorials. Let's get a productive dot-art thread going.
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> What is this?
A prototype/mvp version of an art blog project, started in an old /ic/ thread (

> Where is the timeline, profile, followers, etc?
These features were deemed too out of scope for a minimal version.

> NSFW flagging, anon posting?
These were cut due to not working correctly in time for launch.

> Why is it so slow?
An issue with my host forced me to downgrade to a older and slower version of their deployment system, sorry ^^;

> Rules?
Don't post anything illegal under United States law, don't spam, and don't attempt to access private APIs.

> Notes...
Future development will likely be paused until more developers join. If you are interested in joining the project, contact me at
If you haven't figured it out yet, the keybind to submit a post is SHIFT+ENTER.
Please note that deleting a post does not delete the image from the CDN. Galleries cannot be deleted at this time.
The site hasn't been tested with other browsers than Chrome, so things might look off there.
I may temporarily shut down the site if the storage bill gets too high.
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I’m trying to get back to drawing, I’ve been trying to draw random animals from memory, it’s much harder than I thought, here’s my first attempt. What are other exercises and challenges that would be effective for me to become a better drawer/illustrator?
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Old videogames cover art THREAD

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What do you think about old videogames cover art /ic/? It seems to be a lost art.
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