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Self-Promo Thread

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You know the drill
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Flat colors

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Looking for some inspiration for this style. I'm not sure if it's called anything, what I'm looking for is just full illustrations with flat colors/minimum cell shading and detail.

I had a folder full of these but the usb it was on got corrupted.
>varguy actually does a little too much detail but it's hard to find this style.
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Studying all Fundamentals

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How should i go by it?

For example, should I study anatomy every day or just a few times a week? Should i have designated days from which i only study this specific fundamental, Eg studying value and colour only on the weekends. Or is it better to study all fundamentals everyday? A bit of this and a bit of that daily.

An idea that i had is that I can organize my study schedule as if it were a school one.
Monday: Value, Anatomy, Perspective
Tuesday :Value, Composition, Colour
Wednesday: Perspective, Anatomy, Colour

where some of them repeat daily and some dont. I dont know

How do you guys organize your studies
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Anatomy of Bodybuilders

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i wanna draw buff guys and i need help i like drawing muscles but i take too much time with them how can improve on not just drawing muscles but training myself to draw them quicker
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Has anyone bought any of this bitch's stuff from gumroad? I'm curious about his process, but idk about shelling out 15 bucks for something that has a good chance of being poorly produced gumroad crap.

Gonna post some of his art in the meantime.
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Price Check Thread

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Pyw and commenters will reply with what they’d pay for it/a commission of that level. No unearned crabbing.
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Brushes that give this aesthetic.

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How do i military girl

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So i had this idea to draw a cat girl with an AK-15, i liked that a lot, but i'm feeling i'm going on the wrong direction with this and no ideas popping up.

tldr how do i fix this
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I’m having trouble figuring out how to color

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Pic related. Anytime I try to finish up a piece I get trapped in the coloring phase because I’ve no idea where to go sometimes. The goal is to achieve cel shading like in anime. Critique is also welcomed.