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any thoughts on this artist?
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Krita Slowdowns

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This may be a bit off topic for the board, but it's still related to a drawing program (and /g/ would call it off topic, too.)
Does anyone here use Krita for drawing? If so, have you ever experienced this pure bullshit I'm experiencing right now?
I'd love to get into Krita, but this happening on a 144hz monitor (or anything really, its so fucking jaggy) is reallllllly making me want to not use it.
Sorry for taking up threadspace with tech support.
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Why did the old masters use men as a reference when drawing women?
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Reference for traditional art

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Where do you oil painters find reference? Do you take your own images? All the free images online suck and I don't want to plagarise a photographer. I'm a loner so there is no one to pose for me either..
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music for drawing thread

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what do you lot like to listen to while grindan?

jon hopkins, richard d james and brian eno are always good choices for me
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Post your progress
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The best youtube anime channel.

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Imagine payings Watts atelier just so he teaches you loomis...

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Imagine spending thousands of dollars in tuition, flight, apartments, and traditional tools. Or $100 a month for the online course.

... just so you end up drawing loomis anyway. Just like IC said.

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I'm old and lazy with no focus

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Is it too late for me /ic/? Whenever I sit down to draw I give up because of my lack of solid fundies. I can't focus for shit when I attempt to study, I'd rather jerk off or play vidya, or eat. But I still want to get better and make nice things maybe one day.

Can I make it anon?
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Does anyone know what artist drew this? I want to find the full rez version but reverse image search didn't show up anything.
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