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Why aren't you gesture drawing for an hour and a half every day anon?

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Warmup with 30sec, main focus on 2min, end with 5min

Pretty much the best way to improve quickly and get a feel for proportions and flow + better line control

Even beter if you sign up for live drawing sessions. Those are like steroids for your drawing gains
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Stupid Questions Thread + Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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getting into loli art

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is loli a strong niche to get in?
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Post your OC's
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really specific pose i have no idea how to capture is giving me an aneurism to try and figure out

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theres a specific pose i have no idea how to capture and its the pose where someone who just fell on the ground gets back up to run if someone has pics or could model for that pose please post
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/artbook/ thread #138

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#Bye bye SadPanda Edition


Be specific if you request something: post the cover, book's title, artist's name...
Please be patient, board is slow, someone may answer you a week later.
Please search in the thread and links below before asking for something, it may well already be there.
All MEGA links SHOULD be cloned, they die every time they're posted here.
If any of the links expires or breaks, please inform of it.
Can't find something? check vk, rutracker, ehentai, cgpeers, etc

> New thread

> Beginner essentials!sSYAxKqb!f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA
See for details

> Main Book Links
???? (Books):!XRF0iY7Z!VZREnIDndi-z0zphl9dCvg
Miscellaneous (books, vids, brushes...) 38 gigs!BXJkjSKI!ef2mMsm1mkj2nf3amonPEA
https://vk com/topic-4918594_27696136?offset=0

> Various Links from older threads:

> Have you seen them?
Unanswered requests from previous threads. It would make the day of another Anon if you could be kind enough to check through the list and find even one of them.

> Where can I find pic related?

> Previous thread :

> Thread finder :
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creepy paintings

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drop ones you like most
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Porn thread

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Previous thread: >>4049750 #

Disclaimer: Please [-] the thread if you don't want your mom seeing this thread.

Share your pornographic drawings that you're working on and receive feedback, "blog ?" comments, and critiques. Please contain your autism.

>How do I get started drawing porn?
6 Steps to Improve
Read Loomis - /loomis/ link!es1BSKQR!spODyd0iaQmMelGA2GscFw

References -
1. Google is your best friend. So is the Artbook Thread (ctrl+F artbook in Catalog)
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How do you get this sort of soft, blended in, glossy lineart and finish? I really want to incorporate this into my style but it always ends up looking like soulless vectors because my lineart is too clean and a single weight all along, and my shading sucks ass.

(This is not a cumbrain thread I swear, the best pics to illustrate it were porn. The artists I want to imitate have all their step-by-steps behind patreon, too. I'm literally at the end of my rope.)
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