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how do you mesure shoulders or anything horizontal in perspective?
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Loomis study thread.

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For all of us following the teachings of Loomis.
Get all the books for free here:


Post your work and hopefully, we will be able to encourage and help each other!

Some people think loomis a meme others see them from the great timeless resources they really.

Even if you're a future anime artists this fundamentals are information you won't want to miss.
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Man youtube artists that make their living talking about drama/storytime, have the worst fundies. It always surprises me when they say someone "stole" their art or style. Same goes with youtube animators they all like first years and some of these people have employees. with that been said im jelly. I would think the bigger they got the more they'd improve,shit at least.

>youtube artists are bad and need loomis do you agree?
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Artist documentaries/interviews? Any type of art is welcomed.

Just saw this one about the mangaka Shinichi Sakamoto.

I feel like whenever I hear the story and passion of another artist, it just awakens an extra bit of motivation in me.
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Hi, /ic/. I hesitated to make a thread and I often ramble about things, so I'll try to be as brief and informative as I can.

I'm an independent and non-traditional college student trying to get some accreditation to facilitate my hopes of getting into the animation industry as a storyboard artist/animator who can also illustrate and paint. Traditionally and digitally. But I've been really struggling as of late. I'm not sure if it's an accumulation of stress, duties, exhaustion, or general complacency, but I hardly draw for my own sake anymore, if at all the when not in class.
When I do bother drawing, I become very irritated with myself. Erasing any and all lines I put down and generally hating how my art is never what I envisioned it to be once I start. I can't even visualize what it is I'm trying to draw anymore, just a hazy blur of a rough sketch in my head. When I buckle under the pressure and give up, I just study, play video games, or marvel for hours at other's work on Instagram. When it comes to art assignments in class, I usually finish them, but they feel soulless. I daydream every minute of every day about what I could draw, what I want to, how I'll do it, and finally getting my portfolio started. I NEED THIS.

Should I just be forcing myself to draw more often to get out of this funk?
Should I study my fundamentals more? Like construction?
Should I just figured on completing my assignments?
Am I disorganized? Am I too meticulous? Too self depreciating?
What's wrong with me?

TL;DR: I hate my art process and don't finish enough of my work.
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Alright /ic/ I have a budget of 10k and I was wondering if computers actually matter. Will I need this computer for rendering digital paintings, better workflow and speed?

>inb4 for you dont need a gayme computer
>alienwares are memes
>build a desktop

I actually like portability and never once liked desktops or should I just stick with my mobile studio pro
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Redraw thread

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This is a thread for redrawing generic art. Give fellow ic artists some pointers to make their art style more unique and better all around.
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Digital painting

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What sould i read first: How to render or Color and light? And why?
I do value studies on a regular basis and i reali but i just realized that the grayscale to color method is bullshit. I can't understand color theory and APPLY IT on an actual original work. Picking pleasing colors that make sense is the hardest thing ever to me.
What does /ic/ say?
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How many followers do you have on each social media page?

Ever since I reached 2,400 watchers on DA three months ago, I've been getting enough commissions to pay nearly all of my living (it falls short on food, but has paid everything else since November). Kinda surprised that's all it took to reach this point
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Mexicans pretending to be Japanese

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What are we going to do about this epidemic of Mexicans and Malaysians pretending to be Japanese on furaffinity? they're giving Japanese furries a bad name by making it seem like kemono art is all about hyper muscular dunce faces