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Whats the best 3D program to create quick backgrounds to draw over?
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Drawing paper

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What would you say is the best drawing paper for a finished piece using ink / art supplies general
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Nervous before drawing every time.

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How do you get over this?
Every time I sit down, take out a piece of paper and get a pencil to start drawing, I feel a sudden vanishing of inspiration. It’s like my brain is so scared of trying to draw something complicated that it has to scale down all my ideas before I even have a real chance to fail with them.

Does anyone else feel a quasi mind blank right what they start to draw? No matter how vivid or full of ideas I am right before I start this always happens. Is this something you just slowly get rid of over time or is there a way that effectively cuts down on this phenomena quickly?

I could be wrong but I think it stems from some kind of larger anxiety related to art. Nothing seems to trigger it quite like being in front of a blank page. I’m really invested in wanting to become good at some point in the future. I feel discouraged by how far I am from doing even basic things like drawing a person from imagination well or being able to make two drawings of a character look the same. I also always feel like I’m not learning/practicing in the optimal way or worse yet, learning in a way that’s harmful to development. I don’t want to overblow this. It’s not like I’m completely paralyzed by fear. I do still draw a lot, just in a way that feels very restrained and difficult to slip into.

If anyone has dealt with this and figured out how to get over it, I’d genuinly appreaciate any real insight anyone has to offer.
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Crack when bros???
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ITT: Post Your Drawing Requests

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Post something you'd like to get illustrated...
>Nothing sexual please
>Nothing gross
>Lets keep this thread clean
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(Digital) Painting Animations

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Reminder that we will never, EVER watch an animation with the rendering of paintings like pic related. Shit, nothing will even be on the level of:
since it's physically impossible for current humans to do this 1000+ times per project, we'll have to wait until AI develops to such a point where it reproduces the effect flawlessly over a set range of frames.
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Can we do art trades?

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I know requests are off limits. But since most people posting in this board are artists or trying to be, let's have a trade.
Post what you want to see, someone that's willing to trade with you will draw this idea and post their own idea for someone else to draw, and we continue the chain.

Doesn't matter what your level is, you can do it even if you're /beg/. Let's just have fun.
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Charcoal and favorite mediums

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I’ve been having fun trying out new mediums. These two are some recent sketches I have done in charcoal, what do you think? Also post some of your charcoal drawings and share some of your favorite mediums