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>Why yes, I do prefer Hogarth over Loomis. How could you tell?
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Just bought the TG Talon. Are there any older model compressors that I can get for cheap that are compatible with it?
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Favorite painter?

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Bacon does it for me. I know it's kinda an obvious pick. Not really well versed in the visual arts.
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Get on my level gays
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What elements separate "good" manga/anime art from bad ones? Is it proportions? Style? What do you like and don't like about anime art?
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T-they told m-me to p-post my w-work

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>someone talks to me about game they made
>be inspired
>havn't drawn serious in 5 months
>spends 2 hours on drawing/painting
>finish painting
>hate it
>self esteem is shattered
>remember why i stopped drawing
>unsatisfactory feeling
>go on 4chan
>post muh work

so? h-how is it /ic?
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Hey faggots, if you want realism? Buy a camera!
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Fuck all that anime shit lets talk about Mike Mignola, Frank Miller, and everyone else who does stuff like this.
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250 boxes ???

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Is this a fucking meme I almost fell for?

Can I just read loomis and practise heads without the fucking boxes?
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