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Workstation Thread

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Hey /ic/, draw a Kim Jung Gi style fish-eye still life of whatever's in front of you, I want to see your workstations

No sketching, just ink like a superani
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Why are women such a popular subject for artists?
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Commissioning Questions

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How do I go about commissioning anonymously? Is there a do and don't list for commissioning?
I want to do this thing right, so if you've learned anything from doing your own commissions I'd like to know.
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The Soul-Skill Redpill:

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Soul is a skill, it's called design
To have intentional interesting design is a skill
Having the skill to design=/= being good at design. If all your design work revolves around an exploit of a medium then nothing is stopping someone else, better than you, from coming and doing it in your stead. (acrylics pour, resin pour paint splatter etc)
Having good design skills that are real and high quality without being good at drawing qualifies you to be a graphic designer, which is fine, however being able to understand what your'e looking at, manipulate it, and design it is the ultimate skill.
That being said an artist who sucks at design but can create is gonna create something boring and not fun to look at.

>good design < good skillful design
>good design-skill=complacency
>skillful design+no drawing ability = graphic design
>skillful design +drawing ability = art
>drawing ability- design = boring art
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Abstract Jazz Art b/w

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Art like this
Jazz Abstract Black & White
Need inspo and Artists names
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Is post-modernism retarded?
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I tried to make a comic for the first time. Post any comics you've made/share opinions
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How long would it take me to get to this level?
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How you develop your own unique style? Is the influence map a meme?
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Resources for painting environments?

I want to learn to paint environments but I don’t know where to start. I know basic perspective and rendering but not know to apply it to environments.