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Why are tattoo "artists" such pretentious assholes

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No one can tell the difference between your tattoos and the ones you shit on, motherfuckers
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Okay, how good is this painting?
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What skill level do you need to learn from this guy?
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24-year-old anime director made his first commercial anime

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He is an animator, character designer, illustrator, novelist, song writer and voice actor.
His work looks like a rip-off of Shinkai's.
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Oh, hello.
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Why is it when I "pretend" to be someone else or put on an act that I can draw and be creative without worrying if it's good or bad but when I'm drawing "as myself" I just do head and figure studies and sketches.

Does anyone else do this or have this problem?

>Pic unrelated
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How do you draw the vulva pornbros?
Roastbeef or cute cunny?

which one is the most appealing?
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I have passable rendering skills, but i've never really got into color seriously and i want to study it. So where do i start? I'm not asking for a spoonfeed, just point me in a good direction in terms of resources/content creators/books/lectures, etc. Anything, really.
Also, is reading James Gourney a good start? I've flipped through a couple pages and felt a bit lost.
After that, maybe anons could use the thread to discuss about color, i don't know.
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moderndayjames gumroads

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Anyone has all of modrendayjames gumroads as torrents?
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Mental disorder

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Looking for other opinions than mine