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Excuse me for the low quality pic but i don't have any other one, anyone recognize this artwork?
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>He hasn't drawn for 18 hours a day.
>He hasn't drawn so much he's developed a disability.
>He hasn't drawn so much that his disability makes him eligible for NEETbuxs.
>He hasn't drawn until the government starts paying him to draw.
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Dear friends

A fellow artist is trying to make it in his home country (Chile). However it is not easy to be an artist and survive in this part of the world.

He has setup an ambitious objective, to create 600 stunning pieces of art. Nevertheless he will need money to purchase canvases, oils, brushes etc etc.

That is why the setup a getfunding so can get the money he needs.

Please fell free to donate (already at 1360 of 6000 dollars) and also check his beautiful artoworks:

You are not forced to donate, just a nice support comment to help a strugling artist will work. Lets support each other and achieve our dreams
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What happened to Corel Painter?

A lot of people used to use Painter as their software of choice around 2006-2011. Photoshop was still super dominant, but there seemed to at least be a tiny bit of competition from Corel.

But I haven't come across a Painter user in a long time. Did they all eventually just switch to PS? It Painter still quality? Even here people recommend Painstorm and ArtRage for realistic painting software.
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how do i git gud at clothing aaahhhh there's barely any resources on that on the megas either
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I want to draw a picture of all the people in the world crawling on the ground while I'm the only one struggling to reach the light
too sad I cant draw shit
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What do you do when your hands are always cold even home?
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Advice on improving workflow?

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I've spent two days on this and my biggest problem is running into a shit ton of anxiety when i realize how much further i have to go.
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Sketchbook Thread

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The old one got archived.
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