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Today I spent five HUNDRED dollars on oil paint stuff. However, I've spent hours online trying to find lessons and tutorials for beginners, and I find absolutely no good videos for helping teach noobies how to begin. Where the hell do I start? I have absolutely no idea of what to even begin with other than to gesso my canvas.
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>No one cares about my original art
>Only get noticed for fan art
>I only get noticed for a very specific anime franchise
>No one even cares about my fan art for any other franchises
Why even draw if I'm stuck to just drawing fan art for one franchise
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Cartoonist thread: When you're not good enough to get by on either art or writing so you combine the two.
My last cartoonist thread died coincidently enough after I didn't post for a day due to a death in the family, but I'm back.
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Artist documentaries/interviews? Any type of art is welcomed.

Just saw this one about the mangaka Shinichi Sakamoto.

I feel like whenever I hear the story and passion of another artist, it just awakens an extra bit of motivation in me.
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>Any beginning artists here? I'm writing a webcomic (first one) and I'm looking for an artist
Are you really now? So what you're saying is that you're a shit writer, and you want to create a webcomic, but you can't even draw, so you actually need to hire someone to do that for you, but you're cheap as well, so you're looking for "beginners" so you can rip that off.

Everyone and their mother thinks they're a "webcomic writer" these days. Actual webcomic creators are going to have to call themselves Master Webcomic Creators to distance themselves from these leeches.
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My friend's drawings

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What you guys think of my friend's drawings
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>start drawing a year ago
>massive improvement in short time
>get comfortable
>lose ability to draw
Seriously I can no longer draw, everything I make come out low-effort looking or ugly as fuck. What happened
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You can't do digital painting without also doing traditional says Proko's video.

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Personally, I'm not going to waste time and money on oils or watercolors just so I can use my wacom tablet. You can do digital without traditional just fine.

P.d Yes I know that guy isn't Proko. But it's his channel.
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Loomis... I'm sorry. You were right.

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At first I didn't like loomis much, because I honestly had a hard time understanding him. Yes I'm a brainlet in art so sue me.

But everywhere I looked for info to learn few could match Loomis(vilppu, robertson and hampton).

It was either a scam, or overpriced garbage, a waste of money and time. Or the few goods ones like watts atelier were just reselling loomis.

Even those like Proko that "explain" loomis just overcomplicate the hell out of his teachins. Ex compare his manequin vs Proko.

What opened my eyes was how indeed the japanese are just using your stuff and adapting it to anime.

Krens Cushart, in particular, opened my eyes. he heavily references Loomis in his lessons.

I'm going to study Loomis more seriously. Loomis you were always there giving the answers for free... and I didn't listen.

But from now on I will.
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