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Looking at this I can TELL its ugly. But WHY is this so ugly? The lines are clean. But the art is ugly.Despite all of the detail it still seems somehow flat or unskilled.
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Hey Cup, How's it going?

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Hey Cup,

How's it going?

The ol' Triple X... hashtag Dirty Thirties. "Oh, is this how a dirty boy gets clean?" ahem Whisper Whisper What the title says "Dirty Thoughts" I'm just playing along.

So right off the bat, I like the pose and the bold line making. That's what he/she said... hehehe Whisper Whisper Well I thought it was funny

Well I like the boldness of your lines, I think they would be even more bold if they were a single stroke or fewer than four or so. Even with a quick sketch try to keep those lines clean as possible. While trying to find the form it can get pretty messy with multiple passes. Also try starting with a light underdrawing then throw down those big, thick, bold lines... (I'm sure there's a dirty coffee joke in there some where... )


Which one of you schizos is this?
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4K meme meme arow story

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>using 4k monitor for one year
>noticed just yesterday that my entire op sys is set on 1920x1080
>I was wondering when I bought it why is it so blurry
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Making artwork from imagination is easier than you think but still is difficult

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All you have to do is remember the image in your head and try to draw from that. You look at say a figure and draw it on a plane a4 piece of paper and keep doing it until you at least get it right. Then after you do this every day try to look through multiple pictures and select your favorites to try and remember. Then try drawing things based on what you remember but with your own twist or it could just be on a different angle.
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>in the know about secrets

There seemed to be a couple anons who were quite knowledgeable about it

Is it possible to do a different action by repeating the same shortcut in autohotkey? Example; alternating between two blending modes with the same button (normal>overlay etc)

What code would you need to write to make this a thing? Also is it possible to introduce an additional timer to that action, example; as long as the key is being held down action/state2 is active, while it reverts back to action/state1 if undone. Cheers
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I'm not too aware of this furrry drawing market and the popular underground stuff here that people draw, but can draw nudes - Do people pay for this stuff these days?

Can anyone give me some examples of the sexy stuff people pay for so I know where I am at? and where the forums are
I will draw one so you can to me if I'm bad or not
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I'm old (no, not your typical "I'm 20 am I too old to succeed") and dead set on earning money from drawing. I just need to pay the rent. I'm basically beg level. I have a very good view of how to draw well but I can't juggle all the balls and don't have the mileage yet.
Do you think too late is too late to make it?
I'm going to do it anyway but I don't want to be a retard hitting a wall until I'm dead, so I'm looking for opinions, advices to grow faster when your strong point is clearly not purely technical skills, what areas I could work in freelancing if I'm not Kim Jung Gi, what to prioritize in my learning...
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Characters for my comic

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After nearly two years (or more?) of not drawing, I decided to give drawing a try again. Thought the best way to consistently draw is to have a short comic of some kind.

So here are some of the characters as I try to decide on a style to use.
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