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what is the cutest way to draw kat? post kat drawings and photos
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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the Drawthread with our fundamental exercises.

Previous Thread >>3857613

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

>screenshot the image and post that instead
>change camera capture settings to something smaller
>send to computer and resize in MSPaint

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance when you haven't even started


TRY TO GIVE PEOPLE SOME FEEDBACK - many studies are left unreplied, which is a bit sad and can be quite demotivating for the people that try their best to improve, but are left directionless.

REMEMBER, if you've just started out you work will not be good, it doesn't need to be, just get in to the swing of actually drawing, and learning how to study. Most of all, enjoy it.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."
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Rosstran's gumroad tutorials are a scam.

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For a guy that tries to be chipper and positive all the time, this guy is stingy as hell with art knowledge.

His gumroad tutorials are literal "draw the rest of the fucking owl" tier and he still has the nerve to charge $20 dollars each.

His youtube tutorials are just "use wamr and cold colors" and then "render"

What a scam/waste of time.

Popular artists are stingy as hell with knowledge even if you pay them. Luckily cgpeers exists.
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Why is it that westerners can only make a knock off of anime art?

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They make improvements year by year but can never match up.
Is it the hair strands that cause this feeling?
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Why do so many Asian artists draw predominantly white characters/have white OCs?

Raikoart, Zeronis and a few others spring to mind immediately, why is it so common?
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Alternative Art/Stylization General

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Previous thread: >>3848342

What is /ALT/?
If you're looking for a place to post your cartooning then you've found the right general. This is /ic/s 1st and only merged hub where both Eastern and Western stylization can coexist peacefully, hence the double title. However, by community demand and long history, this is favorably an Anime general.
>Rules & Guidelines
(1) Any form of cartooning is welcome; so submit and receive feedback from others. (2) Please resize your images before posting. (3) Share your knowledge and (4) Remember to not be afraid of asking for critique. Most importantly I encourage you to keep discussion at a civil level, but you're more than welcome to share your opinions.
>I came for anime. Why does the image OP say cartoons general?
To distinguish from the anime study thread (janitor supported). Please post your studies there and personal work goes here.
>Community Resources
Hitokaku Index
List of active livestreams
>Use twitch #art
FellowBro's Book Collection
Tutorial & Reference Collection
Japanese Tutorials & Documentary
> (0033)
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worth-joining discords

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I know this will sound strange but is there are any discord that has an above average skill level requirement?, I am interested in getting critique for people around my level or above.

I used to post here for years but this place is too slow and has too much shitposting, especially when I started to get recognized.

On the discords I have visited the issues I have is that the overall level is quite low, I just get compliments,they fragment their servers way too much or they are basically dead
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Hello I have a question I'm thinking of getting a drawing Tablet. Not to stop paper stuff (Dont worry Paperfriends) but just to be more mobile with my stuff since I travel a lot lately and will be even more soon. Currently I'm about to take the Wacow pill and embrace grand Chinese engineering but first I wanted to ask yall what tablets you use and would maybe recommend. Also Money isn't a concern in reasonable quantities ( I'm not paying 10k for it) so if anything has a feasible qualitative superiority I'll rather take that but I won't pay 2 k for an iPad which is worse then some 100$ stuff.
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I recently created a webcomic, please give me constructive critisism (or just bash it, that's fine too) so I can improve.
Will post some pages.
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/vent/ thread

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Confess your art sins here or vent your worries away
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