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ITT: We come up with ideas for episodes of a Shantae animated series. I'll start.

>Rotty quite literally loses her mind. Without her brain, she reverts to a full-on zombie, turning into a brain-hungry monster that the crew must keep at bay until they find her missing noodle.

>Uncle Mimic is close to finishing his new invention, the "inter-net" but he needs one last part. Unfortunately, it belongs to the Techno Baron, who's not keen on giving it away, so Mimic hires Shantae and Bolo to sneak in and steal it.

>Risky captures Bolo as ransom for one of Skuttle Town's treasures, but while in captivity, Bolo constantly hits on her, driving her insane.

>Shantae realizes she's never actually granted a wish despite being half genie, so she goes about to fulfill her heritage. The problem is, she sucks at it.