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So I just saw Frozen after putting it off for 3 years and it was just as.. alright as I was expecting.

What I wasn't expecting was for the Hans twist to be so, so terrible. Like really bad. I know that other animated movies have had twist villains recently, but this one's the worst. Mostly because it's just so obvious what they should've done with him that even some random asshole like me can see it-

After Anna got her heart frozen, Hans should've tried to kiss her, only for it not to work because they aren't really in love with each other and barely know each other. Hans should've thought she died and gone after Elsa with the intent of executing her just like he did in the movie. You would have to change almost nothing about the climax of the film, and every character's actions would be understandable and sympathetic.

It's amazing how they could have who knows how many professional writers sitting in a room together without any of them noticing that the villain twist in this movie was the worst possible idea they could have come up with.