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ITT: wasted potential
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Fate of Jason Todd

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DC is running a poll on whether ir not they should kill off Jason on Titans just like the OG comic one. I was surprised to see that Jason is currently set to live. Go cast your votes!
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How will Prince Adam react when he finds out his twin sister isn’t attracted to men?
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what is /co/ honest opinion on zack snyder's batman vs superman: dawn of the justice™
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Name me a better animation studio than Mir.
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The Better Netflix Show

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Well, it was.
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/co/ blasts from the past

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Post something from when you first came here, whether it be a meme or former flavor of the month, anything that takes you back to a more innocent time in /co/'s past.

Who remembers Dr Dick?
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Who were your first /co/ crushes?
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