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DC tv wins once again
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i have a lot of faith in these shows desu - I’m excited to see what they’ll do with their premises
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>Sorry to get you up so early.
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>Gets his signature catchphrase from being abused
Now that's edgy.
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So, they banged that night. Right?
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Comic noob here. So what happened to this?
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Legend Of The Three Caballeros Thread

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Ready for those Season 1 HD Rips! Disney Japan just announced that the show will be streamed on the Disney Deluxe Service


Also Tony Aselmo confirmed that the show will come to America to Disney+ in Ontario Comic Con

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Batgirls thread?

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Anyone wish endgame had played out differently? Instead they should have not been able to do anything about what Thanos did to the universe, and instead everythings desolate, they try to track Thanos down, and after a long time they manage to find him, they kill him, but for what? It doesn't change anything and then the movie ends
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So we know both are absolute shit. But which is worse?
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