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did you like Reign of the Supermen /co/?
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yee yee
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>does the same voice in your cartoon/video game as he always does
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teen titans go
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Just watched Fireball Humorous and oh my! Loli Drossel is great!

So robot thread? Waifu thread? Any is fine with me.
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Wait What
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>tfw you deescelate a situation but some idiot desk jockey in way over his head nearly nukes an american town while in that town because he's a fucking moron, while also committing treason
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Should covers be done by interior artists? Would you rather have the best art for covers even if they aren't representative of the art you'll find inside of it?

Posting an infamous example from not that long ago.
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Daily Lucky Luke Storytime 19

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Lucky Luke Adventures by Morris, Goscinny, and Bob de Groot. Tonight featuring Rails on the Prairie (1957) and The One-Armed Bandit (1981)

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Deception ideology

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What is the Deception ideology?
List it talk about it analyse it.
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