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Will Swing have the balls?
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Usagi Yojimbo #2 Story Time

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Come join us for the new issue of the epic team-up of the rabbit ronin and Sasuké the demon queller!

Things about to get spooky in here.
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Jonhs started writing the shazam sequel just for movie sinergy, now the comic is also getting delayed becuase he is lazy, why do johnsfags keep defending him?
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Monarch High

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Wow, that prom episode was really something...
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Juggernaut shows that (in marvel) the inquisition was 100% right

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Without zealous christian inquisitors rooting out and purging pagan deviants and stomping out old religions, you'd have people just getting super magical pagan artifacts and turning into unstoppable super villains left and right.

The fact that the juggernaut exists shows that the inquisition was a defensive and correct force in marvel!
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They going to change comics Vulture?

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I mean they changed comics loki to be a good boy because Movie Loki was recieved so well, think they'll change the vulture to not be so old and be a cool looking and semi-nice Tacticool looking character?
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Organic webbing>Web shooters
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JSA Storytime: Gen13

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Good evening owls,

the plot marches on
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/co/ sings ruber

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Transformers #9

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Featuring Hank Pym as Sixshot!
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