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DC Superhero Girls

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claim your /co/ sons. Sonfus? whatever
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How much will the third season of Wakfu upset me?
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MiB Cartoon

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Was this show as good as I remember it?

I used to watch it along with Roswell Conspiracy on the same block in CN.
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>I'm bored
>my feet are cold
>Why does Sam have to be so annoying?
>Charlie wasn't annoying
>I miss Charlie
>I hope she's happy

Bee had a hard life
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reaction image thread
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Has this moment been recreated in any of the live action X-men material?

Or even in animation?
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Can we also have a thread about the bigger /co/ related boys? Got a favorite? Also equal opportunity.
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>Wakes up, tries to use Omnitrix
>Discover it’s not there, despite having clear memories of using it and pretty much the entire summer
>Ask for help to find it, bring up the stuff you’ve fought during the summer
>Cousin tells you it’s the first day of summer, none of that happened
>Realizes he’s gone back in time
>Arrive at the camp you originally got it
>See the ‘comet’ with the Omnitrix
>Run to it
>Cousin gets it first, and seems to be a quicker learner than him at using it
>Have a big fight with Vilgax, watch removed from cousin
>Grandpa gets it instead of him

I wouldn’t be surprised if this version of Ben killed himself. No magic to rely on like Gwen, and is just a normal kid when he knows he was supposed to get a magical watch.
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