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Def comic
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There are some pages that just make you say "M-Mommy!"
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After watching Brightburn I started thinking about "evil superman" stories, which comics did you think did the premise right?
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I don't get it
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Is there any info yet?
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Star and Magic

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So after doing a bunch of reading, It seems that the only thing Star "killed" was Glossaryck and his creations (the magic High counsel) and the wand. As he also created the millhorses and the magical dimension (he created the wand and it's first millhorse). Which also explains why the last millhorse was called the firstborn, as it was quite literally the very first born, and not created by Glossaryck.

So with all of that, it means star didn't kill millions on millions. She killed 1 dude and a handful of his creations that were literally made to guide Mewmans in the use of HIS magic and nothing else. Star didn't kill "magic" she just ended Glossarycks form of it. For those given magic from Glossaryck in some way they were simply stripped of it, not killed. Which means all the ponyheads are still alive, and everything is just peachy. The only thing that is unknown is how the dimension store is going to survive, unless it has a means to travel between them. Which it very well might as H-poo didn't just give out her scissors.
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Female characters you would like to see have more muscle

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Being a heroine/villainess is demanding work after all.
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