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The Dragon Prince

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I expected this to have ATLA quality writting. What happened?
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*blocks your path*
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/co/ thoughts on Drawn Together?
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This guy shows up in the Marvel universe cranky and hungry, how fucked is the 616?
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It's been four fucking seasons, Why do they keep drawing out the romance drama when Spitz and the Babe are clearly meant for each other?
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Fine jeez

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Fine jeez
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So is stylized animation the best kind of animation?
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Post cartoons that get better with age.
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ITT: post canon weebs
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Alright, egg on my face. I should have considered getting to and from the venue. However, upon arrival, they STILL refused to provide me with a wardrobe. ''Lord, I wish we had something for you to wear,'' the director shuddered, ''but you were hired for voice acting.''
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