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I heard Magiswords was bad, but I'm watching it and it's pretty ok so far.
I like how spastic it is.
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Lion King 2019

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I just saw it ama
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Holland isn't the original Peter Parker in his universe. No mention of Uncle Ben, Stark seems obsessed with him, and JJ Jamieson (who already hates spidey for some reason) is literally the same actor from the Raimi movies but BALD . Also note that none of the Raimi villains have been reused. MCU isn't in another dimension from Raimiverse, it's the same. It's just that a lot of time has passed. At some point Tobey calls it quits and starts a normal life. Meanwhile Holland is a clone created by Osborn that Stark rediscovers. Raimi spiderman 1 was in 2002. Guess when Holland spidey was canonically born? 2001. Not far off. And Tobey also could have been cloned before he got his powers (pre-2001) simply because Norman wanted to preserve what he thought to be the DNA of a savant.

Also note that Holland, who is a bit of a loose lips kind of guy, wants a movie where all the Spidermen meet up. Well, that's impossible for Garfield since Sony hates him. So expect a Tobey/Holland team up flick.

Anyways now that we've decoded this mystery, who's ready for a 5-movie adaptation of the Clone Saga? Maybe Holland is Ben Reilly.
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Everyone loves Adora!
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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Tempest
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Canon nudity thread.

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Keep it SFW and only from official /co/ media,no fanart allowed.
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ones you'd never admit to being in love with IRL edition
femanons and my fellow faggots assemble
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Patty Parker is not for lewding, she is only for hugs! HUGS!
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I love Penni from /co/ guys! She's a cute!
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Spider Man movies ranked

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Spider Man 2>Homecoming>Spider Man 1>Spider Man 3>TASM2>TASM1
I haven't seen into the spider-verse or far from home
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