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ITT: Weird crossover ideas

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>House M.D/Steven Universe crosssover
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>when you're so screwed that you start to beg the Almighty to have a quick death, but you already know that what awaits you is an eternity of unspeakable pain and eldritch horror
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Anybody not hyped for KCA’s 2018
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Muscle girls: gay or not?
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How would Zero fare in the DCU?
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Is this a pleb filter? because I stop watching 3/4 into the movie
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is this show calarts?
also hilda thread. i finished it the other day and im very sad about it.
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Post em.
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>industry says action cartoons don't sell anymore

Then why are shonens so popular?

When was the last time a well-animated well-written action cartoon was even made?
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