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I do NOT want a Supergirl movie set in the DCEU with the current canon being as fucked as it is.
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>Sandman has been downgraded to elemental grunt (and possible illusion)
Bravo, Disney
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/co/ntrarian thread

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>Batman The Brave and the Bold is the best Batman animated series and probably the best superhero animated series ever
>Garth Ennis is an overrated hack. Only edgy 14-year-old boys like stupid shit like Preacher and The Boys
>Harley Quinn was always just Bruce Timm's waifu and she was never good
>The original Fantastic Four run by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby is the absolute magnum opus of the superhero genre. Shit like Watchmen don't come even close.
>Mabel is the best character from Gravity Falls. Gideon is a close second place
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Someone needs to beat Seth MacFarlane within an inch of his life
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did you like Reign of the Supermen /co/?
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thejeriahoross’ edit thread

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Weekly Bs edit thread. Boobs, butts, biceps etc... Post requests or post edits, you know how this goes. Don't spam requests and try to post the highest quality images that you can. Higher rez stuff is easier to edit. Try and keep things /co/ and try to be specific as to what you want for your request. Non-lewd requests welcome.
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ITT: Video Games that would make great cartoons

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The character dynamics in this game make this a no-brainer
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How's Your Webcomic? #533

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Who or what are your art inspirations?
Alternate Q: What are some tips, tricks, and shortcuts you've learned with your webcomic?

>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information, etc


Character Design:

Create your own:

Easy to use tumblr webcomic theme:
Dos and Don'ts for starting a site:
Promoting your comic:


John Cleese on Creativity: [Embed]
Capeworld's Podcast:
Terrible Writing Advice:

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Favorite origin type?

Been curious for awhile. When it comes to superheroes specifically that have superpowers, what type of origin story do you like them to have?

Do you prefer they were just born with these powers?
Do you prefer they learned their superpowers from someone or something?
Do you prefer they got their superpowers due to some freak accident?
Or is there some other origin type for superpowers that you like the most?
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Please Forgive Me

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Marlon killed a snakeman with his penis sounding pencil
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