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can we get a good ol animation error thread?
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Spongebob quotes

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What are your favorite Spongebob quotes?
It can be from any character on the show.

Here's one of my favorites

Who you calling pinhead? -patrick
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Why do all the best girls come from the Earth Kingdom?
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Hell yeah.
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Coolest villain? I mean he had fine taste and his ultimate fate wasn't too shabby .
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Yulschtrix must be altean for penis.
Anyone listening to the Let's Voltron or Form voltron podcasts?
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Marvel’s Fresh Start: Thor

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How has the Thor relaunch been? Worth picking up? I’ve only read things that I’ve enjoyed by Jason Aaron (Thor GoT, Scalped, and The Other Side)

I haven’t read any JaneThor but frankly I’m not bothered by SJW or liberal themes in principle
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more like this please and thank you
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Ol' princess Natasha
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Why are the bad guys on this show the best characters?
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