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is there anything redeemable about Supergirl's new outfit?
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Unstoppable Wasp #10 storytime

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Final issue! (yes, again)
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ones you'd never admit to being in love with IRL edition
femanons and my fellow faggots assemble
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>Tony snaps the gauntlet and dusts thanos whole army
>he sits down and makes this face

What was Thanos thinking in this scene?

What was his facial expression meant to convey
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Legion of superheros

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ok Lets try this again

We interupt your regularly scheduled /co/ntent for a legion of superheros thread, mainly becuase bendis is coming and were all very scared so to ignore that we shitpost and talk about which legionaries are fucking and who we wanna fuck
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Am I the only one whose OCD is seriously triggered by her missing shoe.

I am ok with the character, I love tomboy-ish girls. I am ok with the leaves in the hair. But ffs, what sort of intelligent human would stay on one shoe for so long.

Yes I know that it is supposed to be a signifier for quirky, carefree yadda yadda but, has any of the animators seriously ever tried to walk on one shoe.

ffs, either go barefoot (yesplz), or use a pair of the local equivalent. I literally feel sorry and empathetic for the back of a non-existing person.
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Do you think its worth it to go to cal arts for the reputation of the school but risk ending up like RCDart? im honestly conflicted if i should bother trying to get in
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Post interracial /co/ couples
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Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #1 Storytime

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Welcome into the life of the most interesting friend in the world!
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