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Cass thread

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No selfish lemonhead allowed
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JSA Storytime: Top 10

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Good evening owls,

back to the city
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What if he showed up in Marvel?
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Why do I get the feeling Bendis is now using Action Comics as just a vehicle to push his latest OC creation? How long will this last? What ripple effects will this cause in the DC universe? Will she be as terribly thought out as his past creations ultimately forcing more talented writers to salvage it?
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Fro what purposes professor Utonium attempted to create "the perfect little girl" in his private lab?
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Where are the Carol posters?
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Could he beat Thanos? If he would care about saving the world?
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He literally did nothing wrong.
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Ms. Original 4chan Characters suggestions

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Seems /co/ enough.
Basically this is Ms. /co/, but for waifus created by 4chan. The following will be added:
>Vivian James
>Golden Girl
>Demona & Deelette
>Other /co/ creations
>Some other board-tans, console-tans and channel-tans (suggest them)
We can probably do a 64-person bracket. Suggest other original waifus.
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What's her name again?
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