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Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics!

But enough about me, what've you got planned for the weekend?
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Let's say that the creators of both shows switched jobs for a day and wrote a episode of eachother's show, how does each show benefit from it?
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Reminder that Spongebob has an entire episode devoted to Fred and his leg.!
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How would you help her cause /co/?
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which one looks better?
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Captain, I'm detecting a Star Trek comics thread approaching us at Warp 3.
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Will this be enough to kill off the UPA mimic/Tumblr/fake anime shows? We know Disney will kill off the Nick/CN rejects and start being themselves again (aka being 100% like the 9 old men) if this is successful enough.
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Let's do a storytime of a lesser known comic known as Masked Heroes Times Strikes!

This is issue #1
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