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Carmen Sandiego

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Sigh.... good morning anon.
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Is he just in Endgame so it's not all white people?
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Now that I think about it, isn't the My Hero Academia world what Captain America wanted to prevent? Because it looks fine to me, maybe Tony was right after all.
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I've been out of it for a year or so, how's the world of cartoons looking /co/? What's your take on the current state? Anything new I should know about? Is TTG still ruling CN?

Watch any good shows or animated films lately? Anything interesting on the horizon or that has aired in recent times? Barring yesterdays sticky of course.
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We did it boys
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Pups of Liberty

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They've started posting on facebook again and hinted that they're working on a third special. Considering the first one was about the declaration of independence and the second one was about the boston tea party, what should the third one be about?

For those unaware, these are educational 2D animated shorts made by all of the artists fired by Disney when they shut down the 2D department.
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What the fuck was his problem?
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