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How would (You) make Lisa good again?
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It's Happening.
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Who would be the best BF for each of the Batgirls?

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The differing opinions in the Robins' thread were interesting, so how about the ladies?
>inb4 every reply is just "me"
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Are the Otherkind good villains?
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Imperial citizen, you haven't been viewing any comics or cartoons with xenos, mutants, or heretics in them, have you?
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>when you blow an entire season's worth of budget on a short that will only air once between commercials
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Preview: Uncanny X-Men Annual #1

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What makes Mulan the best Disney Princess?
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remember when Spiderman beat the shit out of Fisk and told him any time their fights seemed close, it was because he was never trying? And that no human can ever match anyone with superpowers if they were serious? That's like implying Superman could kill Lex Luthor any time and he never stood a chance.
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