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Supergirl Storytime

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Nick is airing a sneak peek preview of Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty January 27 on Nickelodeon, and the show is premiering the next day on Nicktoons.

What's your thoughts, /co/?
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Is this the only good Boys vs Girls episode in existence?
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People always go on about how ulta badass Donald Duck is. Well, all I ever seen him doing in cartoons and comic books is getting angry and always getting fucked over. What are some examples of him being a not a fucking loser? What are his greatest feats? What was his greatest battle?

No superhero-Donald or Kingdom Hearts autism pls
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Historical animations

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Mutant Lives Matter.

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Why have they waited this long to show her abs?
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ITT: cartoons no one watched but you
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What possible could Lois write in her space book?

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Based on recent Superman, Lois was in space for a day or two. It's not enough time to experience something that warrant a book.
She just saw some space station, went to cantina and was groped by space old lady.
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ITT: bad but plausible ideas

Dark Horse cinematic universe with Hellboy, Weird Detective, BRPD, and Beasts of Burden.

Disney starts making animated movies starring mainstream marble characters.

Floppies are phased out of non LCS bookstores.
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