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So Doug Walker just destroyed The Lion King

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Horrorverse Thread

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Choose who you want to kill you this eve.
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What is the best way of collecting comics?
Mainly trying to decide trades vs floppies.
My main concerns are having a good physical form, and supporting the series, because obviously I want to if I am paying for it.
I was nearly set on just buying trades, because floppies have no spines and are a mess to shelf, but in addition to possibly not supporting the creators/voting with my wallet, trades also usually lack individual covers and letters pages, right?
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ITT: interspecies couples

The dog/cat parings are cute, wish we get more of that.
Also pic related comes from:
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Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom

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How would you feel about a Elsewhere Superman tale, where instead of having the humanoid Superman that you know and love. Superman is a symbiotic life form form space, that jumps from person to person to good heroic deeds? Kryptonite is not only deadly to this "Superman", but will drive it out of the host body, which over time is deadly too.
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Post some of your waifus.
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Tangled Hiatus Banter

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I can't wait anymoreeeee
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>everyone starts dancing at the end of the movie
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