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Daily Lucky Luke Storytime 19

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Lucky Luke Adventures by Morris, Goscinny, and Bob de Groot. Tonight featuring Rails on the Prairie (1957) and The One-Armed Bandit (1981)

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Deception ideology

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What is the Deception ideology?
List it talk about it analyse it.
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Characters with the same job as you
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Here's your wife amigo.
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>ruins your show
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Supergirl Storytime

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21 to 26
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Nick is airing a sneak peek preview of Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty January 27 on Nickelodeon, and the show is premiering the next day on Nicktoons.

What's your thoughts, /co/?
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Is this the only good Boys vs Girls episode in existence?
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People always go on about how ulta badass Donald Duck is. Well, all I ever seen him doing in cartoons and comic books is getting angry and always getting fucked over. What are some examples of him being a not a fucking loser? What are his greatest feats? What was his greatest battle?

No superhero-Donald or Kingdom Hearts autism pls
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Historical animations

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