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Would you watch them /co/?
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What showing are you going to? 7:00 PM here.
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How was Aang able to master the Avatar state if he did not let go of Katara?
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Horrorverse thread. Come on in and discuss all the things constituting the horror genre, from comics, to movies, to novels and beyond. Just remember: Fuck the Ancestor.
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What does /co/ think about Recess?
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Super Hero Girls

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Love, Death and Robots

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What are /co/'s thoughts on it?
inb4 >Netflix
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Venom Thread anyone???
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Miraculous Ladybug Thread

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There is a new episode today: Oblivio. A mysterious villian is loose on the streets of Paris, and Ladybug and Chat Noir have amnesia! Will our heroes recover in time to defeat Oblivio and turn them into a bad memory?
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