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Why do people like Doom?

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Is it because he's an Incel Power Fantasy?
>"muh Word of DOOM is LAAAAAAW"; despite not making a lick of sense
>no motives or anything besides "muh Doomworld's gonna be the bestest thing ever"
>momma's boy
>hasn't had a single serious relationship, making it easier for virgins to self-insert
>dicklet rage
>legit autism
>"muh 2nd best at EVERYTHING"; see, he's BOTH reletable AND great!
>"muh faaaaaaace"; perfectionist narcissim steeming from an inferiority complex, which lots of incels suffer from, since they cannot cope with their failures
>"muh Christ"
>"muh European Traditions and Customs are superior"
Literally why do people like such a backwards and problematic character, who's pretty much paper-thin, characterization wise?