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Power Rangers

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Storytiming all of Boom's Power Rangers books to date. Even the shitty Pink book. We'll be here for a couple of hours.
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Recent buys thread

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Here's my latest one. Share yours.
Pics preferred to lists but anything goes.
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Superman Unchained Storytime

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OK KO: Let's be Heroes! - Clips from "No More Pow Cards"

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>muh kappas

this episode will be an image goldmine, I already want edits of pic related fukn yesterday
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OK so are they gay or not? Their "relationship" was established to be the two basically playing along with everyone thinking they are gay, so why do they actually refer to each other with terms of endearment?
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Alan Moore's Supreme

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Part 3

Part 1: >>95376572
Part 2: >>95385424
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GODDAMN Tara Strong is hot. I wish she had been in the Fappening
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Neo Yokio

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ITT: Funny webcomics with intelligent humor.
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