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>ends all power level arguments
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>"Frank Miller is someone whose work I've barely looked at for the past 20 years. I thought the Sin City stuff was unreconstructed misogyny; 300 [a 1998 comic book series] appeared to be wildly ahistoric, homophobic and just completely misguided. I think that there has probably been a rather unpleasant sensibility apparent in Frank Miller's work for quite a long time."

Was he right?
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I got your Adventure Time ending right here bro.
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The /co/mic Crypt

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Hey /co/ let's have a fun time talking about horror comics because it's the spookiest time of the year.
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Who is your favorite full-bodysuit female hero? Do you think this look has any chance at becoming fashionable?

I love Spider-gwen's suit so much and wish more heroines would look like her.
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Stand Still, Stay Silent: Living Rent Free Edition

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Welcome back to the very last backlog binge thread of /ssss/ storytime. Yes, that's right, we're finally cruising down the homeward stretch towards the brick wall of pragmatically rationed update schedules. After the ensuing collision we'll be admitted to the hospital of sub-optimal life choices, trapped in semi-vegetative states and sustained purely through the routine administration of 4 ccs of updates per week, our mourning friends and family will gather by our bedsides and contemplate pulling the plug.

For the uninitiated, in these threads I post 120 to 150 pages from the comic Stand Still Stay Silent until we catch up with the lastest update.
Now, some of you might be asking why someone would spend their time doing this, instead of just reading the comic themselves, and to those people I'd say:
How dare you say this to me...
I didn't spend months slaving away in the Vegemite mines, carefully budgeting my measly earnings of 3 crocodile teeth per day in order to trade for the requisite number of AUSnet brand power orbs in order to buy one day's worth of the internet access in order to post an obscure comic panel-by-panel onto a Norwegian sun-bathing forum, just to get sass-mouthed by a bunch of fucking robots! Get out of my sight you little buggers, back to the land of CAPTCHA and autocorrect with you!

Anyway, in this episode of our program our party of battered protagonists (minus one), now separated and gravely demoralized, must stagger towards their extraction point as gaily as their broken ad fatigued bodies can manage while simultaneously fending off various adversaries, including but not limited to: hungry shrubs, spooky ghosts. danger noodles, and the greatest monster of all, existential crises.

Okay, enough of this 'words' shit, let's get to the part that you all came to see.
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I want to believe even though it's a greasy diaper leak

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How would you react if Andrew Garfield came back as Spidey in the current Venomverse? Mouse BTFO
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Why is this show so fucking good? More to the point; why is this show so much fucking better than anything else being made today?
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