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Marvel 2019 Comic slate

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Hickman on X-shit
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>industry says action cartoons don't sell anymore

Then why are shonens so popular?

When was the last time a well-animated well-written action cartoon was even made?
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This show is so fucking retarded. I literally cannot fathom how the writers expects us to root for the protagonists when their quest is so retarded. Are we supposed to assume delivering the baby dragon to the elves is going to end the war? That's such a childish way of thinking.
>Hey guys, turns out Franz Ferdinand was alive all along! Yeah, he was just locked on the Serbs's basement. Haha, crazy, right? Anyway, can we end the world war now?
Also killing animals is okay to eat, make cloth out of their skin and tools out of their bones. But killing animals to extract magic? That's a big no-no. Again, a very child-like way of thinking. Was this show written exclusively by manchildren?
And let's not forget of the most obvious plot twist ever: The bird was the king all this time. It's baffling that anyone can take this show serious.
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simpsons thread

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can we get a quality simpsons shitpost thread?
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Totally Spies

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More like totally babes
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Captain Marvel Storytime in honor of the movie hype
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What went so horribly wrong?
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Young Justice

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Thread Reminder: Bart is straight and Greg already said that anyone using proof of him being gay for the reason of going on the trip to Queen Bee's lair as being wrong.
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New Mickey short just dropped.

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"You, Me and Fifi"

o b s e s s e d
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