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Young Justice Outsiders

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I have to say the Triptych episode of Young Justice was really great. All those action scenes and seeing characters like Cassandra Cain, Sportsmaster and Shade was really fun.

The Vandal Savage episode before this one was kinda boring. Too many slideshows of stuff happening and boring training.
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OC thread with music.

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We post our OC and We [the anons of 4chan] are going to give it a theme song.
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What are your hopes and expectations for the upcoming Mario movie?
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Why does /co/ bitch so much about this film? It's the best Spider-Man movie to date. It respects the source material and, at the same time, takes the story to new, refreshing, directions.
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Is this what it's like to love yourself?
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These 5 come to fight the antagonist of the last cartoon you watched. How big do they win or lose.
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What's up. I started reading Hellblazer online after rewatching the Constantine movie.

I was pretty into it, but now I'm in this story line where he is living with these fucking gypsy hippies and its about ley lines and shit and it seems like the story line is going to last a while, and I fucking hate it, so its stopped me dead in my reading progress.

I am reading it because I like mythology stuff about demons and the movie really pulled me in.

So does anyone else hate this storyline?

Is it worth finishing for any sort of important character or plot details later on or can i safely skip it (also if you know where to skip to, it'd be appreciated but i can figure it out)

I had more questions but can't remember them all oh well.

Also is the show and the 2nd version of the comic any good? Not hype about the show since it got canceled before anything was resolved apparently

Hellblazer general?
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So... how did she go from being an evil, murderous sociopath to a somewhat understanding sister just by blushing?
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7 Oscar Nominations for Black Panther

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Best Picture
Sound Editing
Sound Mixing
Production Design
Original Score
Original Song (All the Stars)
Costume Design

Probably won't win Best Picture but will get 1-2 of the others.
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Naomi 1 Preview

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She is Naomi. Say something nice about her.
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