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Why no real evil?

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Im sick of seeing generic drug dealers and evil emperors. Why do superheroes never fight child pornography rings or human traffickers? Or snuff film producers. Or some... I dunno. I kinda would relate to a hero who did that stuff. I don't think Batman or Punisher ever touched the subject. Has anyone done it?
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How does one man manage to never be wrong?
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Why, I do believe it's time for early Silver Age comics!

But enough about me, what've you got planned for the week ahead?
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Who was asking for this?
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Tangled Season 2 Episode 4

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What no thread for Tangled?

This week we get to see Eugene get shit on for trying to apply reliable real world survival and navigation skills for travelling through a bullshit magic forest while everyone talks about how awesome Adira is. Probably the weakest episode of the season by far.
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*completely overshadows it’s original series*
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Edd Gould died for this. Animation became profitable on YouTube again, and this is what it amounts to. Fucking vlogs.
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Ugly hardcover or cool paperback

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So, I'm getting From Hell for my birthday, and I'm not sure which edition to get. I like the cover for the paperback, but then the hardcover is a bit cheaper. I don't know of the quality of the pages is the same. Does anyone else have either of this, or which one would you get?

Pic related is the paperback edition.
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What the fuck was her problem?
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How did they get away with this design?
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