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Could he take a bullet?
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How many self-inserts does one show need?
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Ms. /co/ 2019: Finals (Part 1) Raven vs Spinel

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Ms. /co/ 2019: SemiFinals (Results): >>110223731

>Thread Theme
Jenny XJ9 and Johnny Bravo are our hosts for this year.

Vote Here. Vote Now.


Match 1 is for 1st and 2nd
Match 2 is for 3rd and 4th

>goth vs clown
>old vs new
>tried and true vs exciting yet enigmatic
>good vs evil
>light vs dark

Raven Vs Spinel
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The Hobbit(1977)

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>Literally only turns someone invisible
>Somehow is the most dangerous thing on the planet
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He literally did nothing wrong.
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Madness Day 2019

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It's Madness day, post your favorite:

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Where are the Carol posters?
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TDC COMICS discussion thread

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discuss the COMICS and their relation to the show etc.
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Batgirl Thread

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Post girls who are bats.
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