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Anyone enjoying Out of Places?

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I saw it recommended a few months ago here and finally went to read it. Couldn't really get into it though I guess the world building and creature designs are alright.
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The Girl from Dinosaur Island

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Cute animated short/pilot about a girl who was raised by dinosaurs. I'll post some select screenshots from it.
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Harley Quinn #35 Storytime

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Frank Tieri takes over this series full-time, and time will tell when his ongoing run will be Conner/Palmiotti tier or worse.

Also, the Gang of Harleys returns!
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Our Cartoon President

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So apparently Trump is getting his own "lil Bush" but actually in a timely fashion
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America #11 storytime

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Another episode of modern classic
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ITT: Censor-approved lewdness.

Post things from mainstream comics that just barely get by the guidlines.

Pic-related. Catwoman's shadowed nipples that apparently allowed byeause you can't actually see anything.
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ITT: Discuss anything X-Men or related.

Do you guys think an X-Men general would be a good idea?

What do you think about Gold and Blue, was it good?
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Green Lanterns Storytime

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Superman #39 Storytime

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"Good Night Moon"
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What did she have?
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