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How do we improve the state of serialized animation in 2018?
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/swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons

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Sleep Tight Yoder Edition

>Upcoming Releases:

>Out This Week:
Star Wars #45 (Wed 21)
Poe Dameron #25 (Wed 21)

>Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 Trailer

>Rebels Recon: A Fool's Hope & Family Reunion and Farewell

>Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser

>Solo: A Star Wars Story TV Spot

>STAR WARS: Battlefront II – The Movie (2017)

>Download links: (Check here for new Rebels Episodes + Books, Comics, Films, etc)

>Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

>Canon Guide:

>Legends Recommendation List:
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X-Men General, also EXiles

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I am reading this for the first time and already dreading reaching the moment when EXiles Mimic dies.

What a terrible death, this guys is the best x-men leader after Rightclops and 80s Mohawk powerless Storm. I think it may be even a worse (as in pointless bad decision) death than the Hellions getting killed by Fitzroy.

At what point does this comic get bad? I am around issue 30something

Is there a way to make Mimic happen? 616 one has the problem of being forever stuck permanently with the powers of the original x-men, and he is also quite overpowered (he can fully copy the powers of superpowered beings who are like in a radius of a mile around him), that makes him rather unusable.

He doesnt have the same limits of Exiles Mimic (only 5 and at half their strength, if he learns a new power he has to forget one of the 5 he knew before).

It's a shame the new Exiles book is pretty much no longer an x-men book
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Are lesbians acceptable in /co/ media as long as they're attractive?
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DC Entertainment continues to attract dynamic, top-name talent, announcing today that artists Jim Cheung (Marvel’s Young Avengers) and Jorge Jiménez (SUPERMAN, SUPER SONS) will join acclaimed writer Scott Snyder (DARK NIGHTS: METAL) in launching DC’s flagship JUSTICE LEAGUE comic book in June.

On sale June 6, JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 follows the events of DC NATION #0 (on sale May 2) and JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE (on sale weekly from May 9 through 30). The Justice League is launched into a mystery that will draw out their most terrible foes…in ways our heroes couldn’t possibly imagine! In this debut issue, Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will shatter the world as they know it, while a familiar face strikes out on a dark path…

> “I am extremely honored, and happy, to be able to launch JUSTICE LEAGUE with Scott and Jorge,” says Cheung about headlining the new series. “It has been many years since I've had the pleasure of working at DC, but when Scott first mentioned this opportunity, I knew I couldn't say no. His energy and excitement has been infectious, and I can't wait to share what we have in store! I can't think of a more perfect book to return to DC on! These characters are ones that I grew up loving, and the prospect of being able to leave my mark on them, leaves me thrilled.”

Shipping biweekly, in JUSTICE LEAGUE #2 on June 20 by Snyder and Jiménez, the League is faced with an impossible decision…and now they must face the consequences! While Martian Manhunter and Batman attempt to recruit an old ally back into the fold, The Flash and Hawkgirl are blindsided by new challenges that could rewrite their mythologies!
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Star vs

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If Nefcy won't do anything to improve this show. After it's finale it will be remembered in negative way like Korra and last season of Samurai Jack
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What was the last worthwhile American cartoon you watched?
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The Man of Stone

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How does something like this get published? Does DC just not care anymore?
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>no white male in the main cast
>the token white girl is the bully
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