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If they kept Kuron alive Allura could of healed him of Honerva like she did with that Altean and they could of put Shiro into a clone edition.
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Toonami General 8

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Buckle up
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Crack ship thread

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/co/ Christmas Cheer Thread #17

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It’s beginning to look a lot like /co/hristmas.

The days grow colder, the nights grow longer. That means /co/ Christmas cheer is coming to town. Grab some cocoa, turn on the Christmas music, get comfy, and hang out with some /co/mrades as we share stories and get into the holiday spirit.

As previous years, share your Amazon wishlist and some random Anon may purchase a holiday gift for you. Be sure to gift another Anon in return so we can spread the cheer far and wide.

Last year we had 180 gifted anons, some more than once.

Ungifted lists:
All lists:

To get your wishlist code, open your wishlist on Amazon, then copy the number from the link. It will look like this:
We just need the ###########

Missing Address: When viewing your list, click the "…" in the upper right hand corner. From there click "Manage List" which will give you a few options including “Shipping Address”. While you’re here please check “Third party shipping agreement”. That will allow anons to buy you stuff that isn’t sold by amazon.

Lists update: 140 registered and 8 ungifted, 94% gifted.

We've also got a 24/h Christmas cartoon stream here: https://bit DOT ly/2kytMfo

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Toonami General #7

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You somehow get your own symbiote. What would you do? Be a hero or criminal?
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why do manga artists not respect american comic artists?
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How's Your Webcomic? #525

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It's Still Almost Christmas Edition

>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information, etc


Character Design:

Create your own:

Easy to use tumblr webcomic theme:
Dos and Don'ts for starting a site:
Promoting your comic:


John Cleese on Creativity: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Capeworld's Podcast:
Terrible Writing Advice:

Last one: >>104579437
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