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It's been seven years but I've still got some No.6 feels
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Damn, Sephiroth looks like THAT?
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Some more love for trigger's new cute boys who also fit perfectly in each other's arms

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Snufkin Thread

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post cute photos of the little traveller, /cm/. :)
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Kojima Games/Metal Gear V

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Birds of a Feather Edition

LAST THREAD: >>3287170

The Snake Soup and Metal Gear Informer (The latest in Kojima-related news!) -

JUNKER HQ (.net) (Excellent database for Kojima's older games, such as Snatcher and Policenauts) - (Patches and info for the English translations of Policenauts! There is a PSX version and Sega Saturn version available for play!) -

JUNKER HQ Forums (Kojima Fan-forum) -
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Skeleton/Bone Boys Thread

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Boys teasing you

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Showing chest , being playful anything like that
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Sleeping Boys #4

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sleepy males should always have a thread where they can be comfy and look cute

Previous thread: >>3187772
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Post adorable boys in maid outfits.
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Cross-dressing Thread

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Post men crossdressing none of that girly trap shit.
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