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Emet-selch and ffxiv gen I guess

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gimme more rat grandpa I love him

or post other xiv boys I guess if you're weak
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Smash Bros Thread

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The Hero and Banjo are confirmed as playables.
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mother series #4

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old thread >>3325874
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Feet thread

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there hasn’t been a feet thread in a while. Let’s change that.
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Detroit: Become Human #51

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old thread >>3341194
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/cm/ meets /lit/

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What are you currently reading, /cm/?

Also, this comes out today.
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Speed o' Sound Sonic

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I really, REALLY like his hips.
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Psycho Pass thread

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Homos? On my dystopian anime? It's more likely than you think.
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Touching another

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Guys being surprised/unconfortable/embaraased by another's touch
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Risotto Nero #2

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Old on reached image limit
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