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Skeleton/Bone Boys Thread

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Underrated Pokéboys?

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I know Pokémon characters are pretty popular here, but what about some of the less talked about ones?
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Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler / Ciel thread

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Can we have Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji thread?
Ciel is especially welcomed. [spoiler:lit]Both real and the fake one.[/spoiler:lit] I can'be the only one here who absolutely loves this grumpy little earl, can I?
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Aoba Seragaki Appreciation Thread

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Say something nice about my husband
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Cross-dressing Thread

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Post men crossdressing none of that girly trap shit.
Last thread -> >>3249740
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Golden Kamuy #3

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Last Thread: >>3276681
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Detroit: Become Human #48

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Old thread >>3266309
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Venom #4

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post happy and smiling boys.
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Edward Elric/Fullmetal Alchemist

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I'm gonna post all my pics of best boy. Looking for more pics for my collection but feel free to post any other FMA characters
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