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Diego Thread

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Dio-saurus thread!
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>season 2 came out recently
>full of cute boys and theres not thread for it yet
come on now
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Resident Evil Thread

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How did everyone enjoy the new game?

Dumping pics of Leon to apologise to him for the amount of times I ran him into the path of that shipping container.
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Pumpkin Heads and more

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Can we have a pumpkin head thread? I've been craving to expand my collection lately, mega bonus points if they're cartoony.
Feel free to post other object head dudes too.
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Skeleton/Bone Boys Thread

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Houtarou Oreki

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boys in suits

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so i've been falling in love with any boy wearing a suit/tuxedo lately
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domestic life

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post boys who are living together please
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Blinding Bangs Part 2.
A couple of anons expressed interest so here is another Blinding Bangs thread. The objective best hairstyle on boys.
Old thread >>3243916
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Comfy & Scenery Thread

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boys in nice places
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