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Shota Thread

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Because the world needs more cute little boys.
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Good Omens

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Book is pretty old but the show just came out and there is art everywhere. I'm surprised there is no thread yet.

Also fan interpretations of the characters from before the show or otherwise are fine too.
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Gwyndolin thread?
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Inazuma thread
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South Park

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Post cute boys from South Park.
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Post MM characters here
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Fate/Type Moon thread #7

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Throuple or triad relationships

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Suicide Boy/Hooni Thread #??

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Previous thread: >>3317524

General Rundown (read this first):

Link where you can find all the raws:

Parkgee's Patreon:

Parkgee's Twitter (includes links to his Twitch streams):

You can find all of the currently translated chapters here (Thanks LBS!):

>Early Drafts

>Other stuff
Lee Hoon compilation with over 170 images + lewds (outdated):!K3QAzZga!YogrZfMem4_cqP7n-hKLfkBTIlhWmgCf84k4kCI6TeQ
Anon's torrent of all free raws available on the official site:
Small Hooni x Anon greentext:
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