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Black Panther #25

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Ponyo edition.

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Golden Kamuy #2

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Detroit: Become Human #48

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Venom #4

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Ok, IDK if this is allowed here, and I am sorry if it isn't.

I'm interested in roleplay. I like being a fat, horny, teenage slob who lays on the couch, belching and farting, playing games and stuffing his face. Wearing nothing but a stained tank top, undies, and maybe socks.

If you like that, and are cool with me playing that kind of character a lot, hit me up

Discord : garrett#5244

No limit on fat.
A lot of fetishes are good by me, some optional that I mentioned.
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Double Decker - Doug and Kirill #3

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Husbando Thread #3

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You know the drill, post husbando and answer questions about him.

>Does he have any gap moe traits or hobbies?
>What's his place in his source material, how does he effect the plot and the other characters?
>Does he have any close friends? If he does, what is their friendship like and how do they treat eachother?
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post men with nice abs
continuing from >>3191566
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Post cutest angel.
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/co/ boys #16

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