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Johan Liebert and other Monsters

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He is beautiful both inside and outside. How can one not like him?
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Catboys / Nekomimi

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cat-ears, feline, collars, paws, tails, nyan.

old threads: >>3252114 & >>3296394 (died)

Today is neko no hi in Japan and the last thread died.

image: @nk_mob512
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Black Panther #28

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Soft T'Challa edition.

Previous thread: >>3286909
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I haven't seen a Red Dead Redemption thread yet. Let's see some cowboys.
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Boys wanting to make love with you

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Post suggestive boys wanting to love you ./////. (sfw!) condoms in mouth are a yes, naked abs are even more yes
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Nagito Komaeda Thread ?

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I know there's a danganronpa one but this cute marshmallow needs some love all to himself
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Final Fantasy XV

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Tasteful lewds

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Post pics that may not necessarily be sexual or show skin but exude that lewd aura.
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2019 is the 40th anniversary of 0079!
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Thigh gap

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Hope I'm not the only one with this fetish.
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