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Zenitsu Thread

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I need more of this cute boy. TanZen is welcome too!
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Ensemble Stars!

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Series premiere was like a day ago and I still don't see an EnStars thread on /cm/. Unacceptable. Post cute idolboys.
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Ain't i sexiest guy in the whole universe?
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Husbando Thread #7

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Post that special someone
Spooky Edition!

>Do they like scary movies? Either way how would they react to one?
>Would he like dressing up for Halloween? If so what would he be?
>Is he interested in the occult? (ghosts, Demons, magic etc)
Picture Prompt: Him in costume or the spookiest image of him

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KIRB thread

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Dark Skin Thread #3

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Post boys with brown/dark complexions

Last Thread: >>3331419
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Summer fun

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Pool parties, tan lines, ice cream, sun and fun. Post pictures that give you that summer feeling.
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Humanization / Gijinka Thread
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Cute boys and cute animals

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Can we have some cute boys interacting with animals?
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Akira Kurusu thread. Give the Joker some (if not all) of your love!
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