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> No Len Thread

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Why isn't there a thread for my boy?
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Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler / Ciel thread

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Can we have Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji thread?
Ciel is especially welcomed. [spoiler:lit]Both real and the fake one.[/spoiler:lit] I can'be the only one here who absolutely loves this grumpy little earl, can I?
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Previous >>3316604
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Father / Son moments

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Post father/son moments.
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Suicide Boi

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Suicide Boy ch37 AND ch38 updated, sorry for the wait!


Also, check out another series we've picked up called "Kingdom of Losers". Not exactly cute boys but has similar themes of being bullied and ostracized.
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Blue Exorcist Thread

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Gimme sum sexy demon Boys
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I just have a question

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I suppose it's best not to beat around the bush w/ this: I'm ftm. I'm currently preparing myself physically to transition and am talking to my doctor and therapist about this. So I just wanted to know if I'm welcome here, and also the general opinion on whether trans characters are okay on this board? I'm expecting something between "kill yourself tranny" or a "whatever", but I just really wanted to know.
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Ensemble Stars!

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Series premiere was like a day ago and I still don't see an EnStars thread on /cm/. Unacceptable. Post cute idolboys.
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Cute boy Komaeda thread
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Schezo from PuyoPuyo

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We need some Schezo in our lives from time to time.
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