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Any Wonderland themed boys? Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit etc.
All adaptations (videogames, movies, regular fanart) are welcome.
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Best boy content pls
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can traps be into girls?

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I'm a girl, 16, and it may sound weird but I'm into traps. Whenever I find a cute trap online he says he's only into guys. It has been two months now and I still can't find a trap into girls or just bi. I find myself pretty cute and I always wear cute clothes when I have time too but no one finds interest in me. Maybe I'm just not lucky, probably too young for this, but what should I do? It's the first time that I use this website and I hope to solve this problem. My discord is: kawaiiwigglytuff#9292
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romance & couples

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old thread >>3189856
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random i know but does anyone have any cute devilman fanart
(bonus if u can find some of violence jack)
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can we have a psychonauts thread? because a trailer for psychonauts 2 just came out and psychonauts is my favorite game
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Black Jack

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I just think he’s really handsome.
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Hello /cm/!

I've come to you with a small request. My best friend is having a horrible day at work and I want to cheer her up. Will you help me? She adores Albert Wesker with all her heart. So can we have a Wesker thread please?
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Fucked up ships thread

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confess your sins, we've all had one at some point
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