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Houtarou Oreki

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Height Difference In Couples

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This is a thing that seems to be in 98% of yaoi, but god damn it if it isn't adorable.
Also, no kids with adults allowed.
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Can we have a Giorno thread?

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Also I am desperately looking for a pic of him sucking off a sushi roll. If anyone happens to have it, it'd be much appreciated.
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Red and Blue

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Post your best images of these two!
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Fire Emblem Thread

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Previous thread
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Ultimate Danganronpa Thread

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My fav boys are Nagito and Panta boy but all the cute fellas are welcome.
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Previous thread: >>3282060
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Schezo from PuyoPuyo

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We need some Schezo in our lives from time to time.
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4th Fluffy Boy Edition
Old thread >>3289198
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It's my husband's birthday!
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