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Hypnosis Mic

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It's been a while. What do you think of the new additions?
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Snufkin Thread

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A thread for Snufkins
Moomins can come too

Joxters need not apply
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Madara Thread #3

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had some to share so figured why not just make a thread.
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Catboy/dogboys thread? All of your favourite manga/anime characters that are feline & canine hybrids!
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Apex Legends

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Noticed that there was no thread for this. Octane pics highly appreciated, but feel free to post any other Apex males.
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South Park #18: Blondes Edition

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post cute blonde boys from south park
all sp boys, regardless of hair color, are welcome as always
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Pre-2010 classics

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A thread for that nostalgic for that golden era between 00's and 10's, but pre 00 is fine too. Post best boys from your favorites
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Shotaro Complex Thread

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boy edition
/v/ and /co/ shotas welcomed!
Previous thread: >>3398810
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Long haired masc guys

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As opposed to the trope where they're andro/fem/stereotypically pretty.
Previous >>3335123
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Tengen Uzui

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It's his birthday so I thought I'd make a thread for him instead of spamming the general Kimetsu no Yaiba thread.
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