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Kii Kanna

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Can we get a Kii Kanna thread going? I absolutely adore her work. Bonus points for Harukaze or Umibe!
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Kohta thread

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I've fallen in love with this fat loser nerd
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Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System / ????????

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>I can't fucking believe Shen Yuan got Isekai'd to a chinese webgame cinematic running at silky smooth 12 fps all this time.
Anonymous, circa 02/19/19
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Mother 1/Earthbound/Mother 3 thread
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The iDOLM@STER SideM #10

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Touken Ranbu

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/cm/ reaction pics #6

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Post them boys in traditional clothes (any culture, but mainly East Asian)
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Why are anime guys so cute and attractive? Wether the anime guy(s) is bishonen, a twink, a trap, or just a regular and average looking guy with or without a stock build.

Why are guys, men and boys in anime so attractive, beautiful and cute? What is Japan's secret in their character design where males are so attractive?
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South Park

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The long wait for its return continues

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