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Touken Ranbu

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KIRB thread

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Don't forget about his star allies.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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I have a plethora of fanart I've saved and would like to share. If you have any specific pairing/character requests, let me know and I'll dump what I have.

JotaKak Specific Thread: >>3219261
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Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation)

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Last thread: >>3262898

Latest News:
>season 2 confirmed July 2019
>WWX nendo in the works
>MDZS back up on Tencent after being pulled for a short time, fixes include minor edits of the violence and more ads?
>The author's other novels are also confirmed for donghua in the future (The Scum Villain Self Saving System and Heaven's Official Blessing)
>The Untamed to air December 31st?
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Lee Hoon/Suicide Boy/Hooni General

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"Time to say goodbye" edition
Message from OP: Hiya everyone! I'm the OP (call me S if you wish) behind many previous Lee Hoon generals. Due to lack of time and a slight decline in my interest for this general, i decided to step down as OP and let others be able to share the word of Hooni. In this particular edition, i wish to present one final revision of the thread format for this general which should be easily adaptable to future threads. goes!

Previous thread: >>3254267

General Rundown (read this first):

Link where you can find all the raws:

Parkgee's Patreon:

Parkgee's Twitter (includes links to his Twitch streams):

You can find all of the currently translated chapters here (Thanks LBS!):

>Early Drafts

>Other stuff
Lee Hoon compilation with over 170 images + lewds (outdated):!K3QAzZga!YogrZfMem4_cqP7n-hKLfkBTIlhWmgCf84k4kCI6TeQ
Anon's torrent of all free raws available on the official site:
Small Hooni x Anon greentext:
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Cute bois ,w/ animals

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I just love seeing boys, with cute fluffy companions!
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FKMT thread

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Cause I'm feeling Tonegawa
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Cross-dressing Thread

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Preferably no wigs or fake tits as long as they look like guys in girly clothes. Also no traps please.
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Bunny Boys

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post bun boys, that's it
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Summer fun

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Post some summer themed pictures. Bonus points for beach/pool parties and tan lines.
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