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Bungou Stray Dogs

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It's that time lads.

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/co/ boys

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Can we have one for them?
I had a very colorful picture of I think it was Izaya or Shizuo and I can't seem to find it. neither on my computer or the web, does it resonate with anyone? If you have it could you post it, please?

I'll be dumping some ofc, because Izaya is the best.
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Season two has been announced, so let's celebrate with a thread about our favorite sextuplets!
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Canon gay characters

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Boku No Hero Teacher/Hero/Villians

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Student thread: >>3128559

for something different, starting off with rappa.
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Boku No Hero Student

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Kiri/Baku/Deku/Kami/Todo are pretty popular, Let's give the others some love yeah?
Not to say we ignore the Popular ones!

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Speed o sound Sonic

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I just really like his hips
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FKMT Thread #3

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