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Less than two more weeks until Take Your Marks is release

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/pol/ Tan Thread

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/pol/ Tan in all his greatness.
>political arguments not required
/pol/ and /lgbt/ ships also welcome.
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boys of /v/

for boys from /v/ who aren't popular enough to get their own thread
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aka the best thing ever
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Ouma Kokichi #3

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I love to hate you

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Post your only one and true husbando. The one that you love to hate, but wouldn't change for anyone else.
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Hey /cm/, do you remember that thread a few weeks ago where we decided our team for the 4chan soccer tournament against other boards? Well the tournament is on the horizon and we're entered in the qualifying round to make it to the main event.

Our group is drawn and our tiny little board is matched up against the likes of /mlp/, /pol/, and /b/. We have big games in our future and all of them are happening over the weekend.

Friday Oct. 13th 19:30 UTC - vs /mlp/
Saturday Oct. 14th 19:30 UTC - @ /pol/
Sunday Oct. 15th 19:30 UTC - vs /b/
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Yuri!!! on Ice #48

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Sexy gif edition

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Halloween Thread

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Post your cutest costumed boys.
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