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Telltale will be shutting their doors for good, TWAU will always be one of my favorite noir mystery games out there and I bless them for that hairy, hunk Bidgy Wolf.
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Fire Emblem thread

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I don't know what happened to the old one, so I thought I'd make a new one
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KAITO thread?
Kaito thread.
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/co/ boys #15

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Touken Ranbu

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Previous: >>3246061
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Dead inside edition.
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Yarichin Bitch Club

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can we get a yarichin bitch club thread going? i recommend reading it. cant go wrong with something called yarichin bitch club. its also getting an OVA in september i think
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Torito thread

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Thread for Torito from the latest Pokemon movie!
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Banana Fish #2

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Old thread maxed >>3239754
Banana Fish is a 80's manga by Akimi Yoshida, currently airing.

> Is Banana Fish yaoi?
> Is Banana Fish BL?
> Do the main characters love each other?
> Are they gays?

Please avoid those topics here, it summons the retards. Try to keep this place tidy and peaceful.
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Trap Thread

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>tfw no rich arab trap bf
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