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Dragon Ball Super

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Let's record all the guys who have defeated Goku. The rules are simple, no cheap shots, no hitting him and leave, no kick his ass and then let him go, etc, etc. If you and Goku start a fight and the fight ends when he's incapacitated and unable to fight, you definitively defeated Goku and you are in this list, unless it's friendly fire of course (see Piccolo Jr. eliminating Raditz and Goku at same time).

Okay? Right then, the members of the Guys-that-Defeated-the-MC-of-Dragon-Ball Club are
>Jackie Chun, founding member of the club and mysterious fighter rumoured to have mastered UI
>Tao Paipai, who kicked Goku's ass so badly he was only saved by his grandpa's Dragon Ball
>Tenshinhan, chosen by destiny to join this club
>Tambourine, killed Kintoun and almost killed Goku too
>Piccolo the great demon king, actually better than his reincarnation
>Vegeta, will never admit it, but kicked Goku's ass
>Android 19, from the day Goku jobbed to a virus and a fat doll
>Cell, he didn't even have to finish the job, Goku conceded
>Beerus the god of destruction, also god of 2-0
>Frost, because Goku isn't immune to poison like Beerus
>Hit, since Goku will throw the match if you convince him the rematch will be waku waku
>Zamasu, gods of destructions aren't the only deities that can join the club
>Toppo, confirmed better than Jiren
>Moro the planet eater, Goku had to run away to not face another 2-0 against this promising new member
Is your favourite in the club or are you a pleb?