Shingeki no Kyojin

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>manlet is in pain and delirious
>mommy hange is tending to his wounds
>he grabs her hand tightly
>he has no self-control and pulls her face to him like he needs it
>hange sticks her tongue into his mouth
>manlet's barely conscious but he pulls hange onto himself
>she doesn't want to hurt him but he doesn't care
>he rips apart her shirt and she gets rid of the rest
>hange starts to fuck him
>steam fills the room as they get closer and closer
>Mommy cradles manlet's tortured visage as he cums inside her
>he's holding her so tight it hurts
>the room is foggy with steam
>hange turns manlet over on top of herself
>she puts his mouth on her tits and nurses him
>"I love you, clean freak. Mommy loves you."
I just want them to be okay and for Manlet to give her a tongue bath to lick her clean.