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Dragon Ball Super

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Chadren the Lord. The undisputed strongest mortal in the multiverse. Known across the multiverse as "The Invincible Strongest of the Strong". Undefeated 1v1. The only antagonist that Goku couldn't beat. The only antagonist that Goku couldn't eventually surpass.
Three (3) arcs later, his immense might STILL reigns supreme and uncontested. Undoubtedly the GOAT of Dragon Ball (not to be confused with the goat of Dragon Ball).

Chadren is it. The finishing line. The peak. The summit. The apex of power.
Even the "limit breaking form of the Gods" that is normally only accessible to Angels was not enough to defeat him. How do you possibly surpass that? You cannot. Because there is nothing above him for mortals. He's the summit.