Kanojo, Okarishimasu

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Spoilers out
>It's a Ruka chapter
Man I'm not looking forward to another worst girl chapter...

>Kazuya: “It’s not good to make her worried anyway.”
>Ruka: “Chizuru san…”
>Kazuya: “Huh?”
>Ruka: “Did Chizuru san look like she was suffering?”

>Ruka: It’s time for a “truce”. Between myself and Chizuru san.
>Kazuya: “What?”
>Ruka: “Of course I want to be your girlfriend. But I don’t want to complicate the situation at a time like now.”
>Kazuya: “Ruka chan…!!”

>Ruka: “I was able to kiss the person I love. I think our relationship also took a step forward. This is most definitely a progress!”
>Kazuya: “Ruka chan…!!”
>Ruka: “Also, if you wanna do ‘that’, then tell me anytime!”

>Ruka: “We removed the kissing ban, right?“