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Isekai Quartet

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Did anyone else notice the companionship spoiler between Betty and Mare?

its basically the same thing as when Beatrice and Lewes Meyer when Theta was telling Subaru about young Roswaal, Echidona and Beatrice.

Beatrice was "friends" with Lewes Meyer in the same way she was being friends with Mare.

>offering to accompany Mare somewhere "reluctantly" like she would with Lewes
>saying she "fine" like she did when Echidona asked her about Lewes
>Mare, like Lewes, is also a short, softspoken elf

Most of the dialog between the Mare and Betty in the street scene with Subaru and Rem was almost verbatim with flashback scene showing Lewes and Beatty doing laundry in Arc 4.

This has been far the most in-depth interaction between any of the characters so far.