Shingeki No Kyojin

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This is a thread of appreciation for both this manga and the three characters in pic related, being the very embodiment of hope and freedom. Thanks to their actions, the story literally moved forward. They did some questionable actions but it was with a noble goal in mind . Without Kruger, Grisha and Eren, Paradis would have been completely defeated with no possibility of fighting back. I wish we could have more information on Kruger, the whereabouts of the Attack Titan, or even more stuff about titan lore in general. Maybe the fan name of "rogue titan" wasn't so off the mark now that you think about what we've learnt in the Grisha flashback, soon to be adapted or butchered in the anime.

Also it makes me wonder if the titan isn't a consciousness all in itself when I look back at that moment in Trost when Eren unconsciously attacked Mikasa while he was transformed. I brushed that off as yet another typical Shonen moment where the MC gets a new power he couldn't control, but we've seen that it works differently with titan shifters. Outside of Eren we never saw a titan resorting to violence for seemingly no reason. Maybe it was just his pent up resentment towards her, or maybe it was his titan's hate for ackerautism/slaves. What are your opinions on the matter, anons?