One piece 940

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Still no pics so no chapter today.

Chapter 940: Seeds of Rebellion
Cover page:
Bartolomeo is playing with dolls. The dolls look like straw hat crew, Bartolomeo is waving his fingers like doing magic.

More spoilers:
-The events go back to Nami and the rest, there is a talk between Yasu and the rest
-Back in prison, Luffy still tries to practice punching without touching the enemy!
-Luffy uses the conqueror haki again on the soldiers. - The appearance of Caribou and inside of him "Razio inside the body of Caribou". ~ Rayso out of the body of Caribou on the ring ~
-Kawamatsu is still in prison and shows his shadow as happened in previous chapters. Obviously Grandpa hyo is trying to remember the way out of prison. Last Page: Big Mom and the rest in front of the prison mine !!